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What is TeaTv app Apk

TeaTV Apk is a third party application that lets users watch hours and hours of video content for free. TeaTV App is available for all platforms including Android, iOS PC, and MAC. Additionally, the App Apk can be downloaded and installed for Firestick TV and Amazon TV as well. You can also watch movies and TV shows for free on your Smart TV or Chromecast through the app.

TeaTV App Apk is not available for download on Google PlayStore or iOS AppStore since it is a third-party app, below in the article we have given a step by step guide as to how to download the app Apk for Android, iOS, PC, MAC, and Amazon Firestick.

Features of TeaTV App Apk 

Before we get into the details as to how to download TeaTV App Apk for your preferred platform, let us look at some of the features of the app which gives it a unique identity amongst some of its competitors like CyberFlix TV, 123 movies or Cotomovies.

Preview Version

In the latest update of TeaTV Apk which is released for iOS, Android, PC, MAC, Amazon FireStick and FireStick TV, it allows a user to watch previews of TV Shows and movies which allows a user more convenience and quickly choose if they would actually enjoy the movie before even watching the movie.

Supports Multiplayer

You can play multiple videos at one time or even integrate another app meaning you will not have to pause a video or movie for replying to a text or check a notification. However to enjoy this feature of TeaTV Apk a user has to download an additional app called Tplayer which is available on Playstore. If you wish to download Tplayer on an iOS device you can do so by using a suitable android emulator.

Supports MultiLanguage

Unlike most of the options available which provide free movies and TV shows, they do not have an option to feature content in multiple languages, however, the App Apk being as awesome as it is, comes to the rescue, as it has content with subtitles in almost 40 languages so a user can enjoy regional programs with subtitles of their choice.

Safe and Unsafe Mode 

This is a rather interesting feature as a user could easily find it suspicious as the term says ‘unsafe Mode’, to clarify why we added this as a feature is because in safe mode Apk filters out all adulterated content so users can freely surf for family programs as well. A feature that has made App Apk quite popular among parents.

Live TV

TeaTV App Apk not only provides free movies and TV Shows but also saves you another expense of monthly cable subscription. There is an option of LiveTV in the app through which a user can easily watch the latest news or sports for free on any device at any place or any time, however, you would need a strong signal to do so. 

Simple and elegant User Interface

A majority of the users have given TeaTV Apk a big thumbs up because of its simple and elegant UI, it has a smart interface which has smart predictions that helps a user find their desired movie of TV show easily. Also, everything is very elegantly placed in the TeaTV app right from categories to featured movies.

Steps to download and install TeaTV App Apk on Android

Step 1: The first step is to download the Apk with this link

Step 2: The second step is to accept the download of an unknown app on your android phone. For you go to Setting>>Application>>App access>>Unknown apps>> Allow the app 

Step 3: Install the app on your phone after you have accepted the app

Step 4: Open the app and create an account. Once that is done you can enjoy the free content on your android phone 

Steps to download and install TeaTV App Apk on Apple iOS/iPad/iPhone

Step 1: Open and download the Apk link on your Apple device 

Step 2: After you have downloaded the  app Apk link you would need to verify the unknown app. Go to Settings>>>General Settings>>>TeaTV app>>> Turn on verification for that app. 

Step 3: After the verification, you would be able to install the app on your device. 

Step 4: Open the app and create an account.

Steps to download and install TeaTV App Apk on PC/MAC

Step 1: The first step is to download an Android emulator on your PC or MAC. If you are getting confused about which  Android emulator to download I have written down an entire article for the best android emulators. 

Step 2: Open the browser on your PC or MAC and download this Apk link.

Step 3: Open the Android emulator and go to the app.

Step 4: Create an account and login. You can now watch free movies and shows with the app. 

Steps to download and install TeaTV App Apk on Amazon FireTv/Firestick

Step 1: Open the Amazon FireTv/Firestick on your TV and download this App Apk from the browser of FireTv/Firestick.

Step 2: Second step is to go to Setting >>> Device options >>> Developer options >>> Unknown applications >>> Download and verify the Unknown app

Step 3: After you have accepted the unknow app. You can create an account and login to watch free movies and shows.


This article about TeaTv Apk is strictly for educational purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q- Is TeaTv App safe to use?

 A- After installing and running Apk on our devices we can say it is safe to use, however, do read all terms and conditions carefully before allowing permission to any third-party app. 

Q- Is TeaTV App available on Google play store?

Answer – No, it is a third-party app that can be downloaded using the steps listed in the article above.

Q- Can I watch TeaTV online on the website?

Answer- There is no website for TeaTV it is a third-party app that can be downloaded through an apk link.

Q – Is TeaTv App available on iOS?

Answer – Yes it is available for iOS users, follow the steps given above to download App Apk on iOS.

Q – Can TeaTv App be used on Chromecast and FireStick TV?

Answer – Yes, it can stream content on Chromecast and FireStick TV.

Q – Can I watch TeaTV offline?

Answer – Yes you can download your favorite movie or TV show and watch it offline.

Q- Does TeaTV App provide HD quality content?

Answer – Yes you can watch and also download movies for free in HD.

Q – Does TeaTV App display Ads?

Answer- Yes, the app does display ads in its app but they are comparatively fewer.

Q- Is TeaTV App free?

Answer- Yes, the app is free of cost.

Q- Do I need to subscribe to use TeaTV App?

Answer- No you do not need to sign in or subscribe to use the services of  the App.


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