How To Download Paid Android Apps For Free (6 easy ways)


Spotting an individual without a smartphone has become as rare as a unicorn spotting. We use smartphones to send messages, voice notes, make calls, click pictures, watch videos, keep track of our health, build a social profile and so much more. But just like a car needs fuel to run a smartphone needs different apps for different functions. With the increase in app usage, many apps have transformed into paid apps. Even dating apps like Tinder and Bumble ask users to pay to access all premium features.

The alternative? 

There are several third-party apps that release as alternatives to popular paid apps. However free apps usually display heavy in-app advertisements and pop-up ads. So most people decide to go for paid apps. However, that can be a costly affair. Hence you see studies that show that the number of people willing to pay for Android apps is very low.

Here in this article, I have compiled a guide on how to download paid apps for free and paid Android games for free. To ensure it is safe I have shared only legal ways

Legal ways to get paid Android apps for free

App Of The Dayapp of the day

App of the Day is your best bet to download one new paid app for free every day. The App runs a raffle system that randomly picks out lucky winners who can download a paid app for free.  An App of the Day user has the option to download one all for free daily or either unlock paid/premium features of a certain app.

Google Opinion Rewards appgoogle opinion rewards

A smart way to download paid apps for free is by redeeming Play Store credit. I would recommend using the Google Opinions Rewards app as it provides good opportunities to collect free Play Store credit. All you need to do is install the app on your Android phone and answer surveys. Once you’ve filled the survey you will receive credits that can then be used to get paid Android apps and games for free from the Play store. 

Google Opinion Reward issues one survey per week per person. It’s not much but it is an effective way to get paid apps for free legally.

Freapp – Free Apps Dailyfreapp

Freeapp is similar to App of the Day where you can download free applications for your Android app. Along with providing a premium app for free every day, you can also avail of heavy discounts on other apps through Freeapp.

Play Store Salesplay store sales

Play Store Sales is a handy app to have on your device if you need to download paid Android apps for free. The best part of Play Store Sales is that it allows you to try out the premium features of an app before you decide to install it. Play Store Sales also has a website that you can bookmark to find your favorite apps on the go. The platform also offers heavy discounts on many expensive apps. Who doesn’t love discounts, right?

Google Free App of the Weekfree-app-of-the-week-google-play

In 2019 Google announced the inclusion of a free app of the week promotion in the Play Store. The feature is still in its beta phase so it may not be accessible to all. Visit the Family section of the Play Store on your phone and search for a free app of the week.

Honorable mentions

More websites to download paid apps for free. 

  • AppsFree
  • AppSales
  • Paid Apps Gone Free
  • Aptoide
  • XDA Labs


We hope this small effort helps in the reduction of piracy. Do try out these six simple ways to get premium Android applications and games for zero cost. Let us know in the comment section if we should add more ways to get paid Android apps for free. This space is updated frequently with the best Solutions based on user experience and our expert analysis.

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