Filmora & Filmora Go 2023 Review: Features, Price, Specs & More


Filmora and Filmora Go are video editing softwares that are provided by Wondershare for different modes of usage while offering an almost similar experience with both of them.

Filmora is a good video editing tool that can help you with making many different types of videos for your work or for your personal projects too.

In this review, I will talk in-depth about the various aspects of both Filmora and Filmora Go and what makes them good video editing softwares for different mediums.

I will also discuss the similarities between the two softwares and why you could choose one over the other for editing your videos.

And in the end, I will give you my final verdict about both the software and give my opinion about whether you should use it or not.

Difference between Filmora and Filmora Go

So, the reason why we decided to club the reviews for both Filmora and Filmora Go is because there are only a certain amount of differences between the two softwares for editing your videos, and you can easily choose which one you would want.

The main difference between Filmora and Filmora Go is the fact that Filmora is available only to be used on Windows and macOS devices, whereas Filmora Go is available only to be used on Android and IOS devices.

Then there is the price difference between the two softwares too. So, you can get Filmora for your computing device for $51.99/year or $79.99 for a one-time payment.

Whereas for Filmora Go, you will have to pay either $6/month, $34.99/year, or $63 for a one-time payment.

Other than that, both the softwares offer similar sets of features with different UI based on the device that you are using their services on.

Filmora & Filmora Go Specs 

Now let’s discuss some of the specs of both the softwares and how they compare against one another. 

Up to 100 video tracksWith Filmora, you can have up to 100 video tracks enabled in its software for editing your videos. 

This is a useful feature, you may not require over a 100 video tracks, but often times there is a need for more than ten different types of video tracks for different projects.

AR camera – In Filmora Go, you have this feature known as the AR Camera that lets you use different types of stickers and emojis in Augmented Reality usage for all your videos, and it is a fun feature to have.

Exports in H.265 (HEVC) Format – In Filmora, you can use it to export your files in H.265 Format. HEVC stands for High-Efficiency Video Coding, and it is said to be a good format for your videos to be exported.

Availability of Filmora & Filmora Go

As I have mentioned above, both Filmora and Filmora Go are similar editing softwares that are catered to different groups of people who use video editing softwares on different platforms.

You have Filmora, which is made for editing videos on computing devices. Because of this, the software is available on both Windows and macOS devices.

Whereas for Filmora Go; that app is made for editing videos on mobile devices, because of which, it is available to download for free on Android and IOS devices. 

Both of them cater to Apple users and non-Apple users, which is a good thing because you certainly occupy almost all the people who use video editing softwares on different devices.

And I am saying this because there are certain applications and softwares that are exclusive to only one type of OS, and that can be annoying for some people.

Filmora & Filmora Go Price & Free Trial

Filmora and Filmora Go offer a handful of different options for subscribing to their softwares. Let’s first start off with Filmora. Over at Filmora, you do get a free trial pack for as long as you want to use it.

However, the videos that you export on it will have a Filmora watermark on them, so if you want to remove that watermark and get some additional list of features that are available in Filmora’s library, then you have two subscription options.

You can either choose to pay $51.99/year or $79.99 for a one-time payment.

Filmora Go, on the other hand, is also avaialble to use for free for as long as you are okay with the Filmora watermark on the videos. Otherwise, you can choose to subscribe to its different pricing plans.

You can either choose to pay $6/month, $34.99/year, or $63 for a one-time payment.

Features of Filmora & Filmora Go

Let’s talk about the different types of features that are on offer on both Filmora & Filmora Go.

  • Simple User Interface
  • A number of different templates
  • Featured music
  • Adjust playback speed of the videos
  • Different types of transitions 
  • Light app and software 
  • Colour Editing 
  • AR camera

So, as you can see, there are many features that are available on both Filmora and Filmora Go app for you to check out, and most of these features that I have listed above are available in the free version of the app as well.

Later in the article, I will also talk in-depth about some of these features and other special functionalities of both the softwares that users can avail to make their videos better.

Pros and Cons of Filmora & Filmora Go

✅Simple UI
✅Easy to download
✅Inexpensive plans 
✅A number of different templates and filters
✅Available on multiple platforms
❌Missing some important functions
❌Many customers report the app crashing while working 
❌Not a professional-level video editing app
❌Watermark on videos exported from the free trial

So, as you can see, the pros and cons of both the software are almost tied up because as good of softwares Filmora and Filmora Go are, there are certainly a lot of things that they can fix up in their apps to make them stand out more.

And Wondershare does know about the cons that I have mentioned in this list, and there have been reports suggesting that they are currently working on providing a big update to both Filmora and Filmora Go software. 

Specific functionalities of Filmora & Filmora Go

User Interface

The User Interface of both Filmora and Filmora Go are fairly simple, and they can be compared quite easily with their other competitors in the market that offer their products in a similar price range.

There is nothing too dramatic or different about both of their UI that you immediately see and can tell that it is a Filmora’s User Interface. It is fairly basic, and for some people, that would be perfect.

All the controls and effects are available very clearly on the menu icon, depending upon which software you are using between the two, and you would find the sheer amount of features in it that are available in both the pro and the free model.

And people, especially beginners, wouldn’t find a lot of trouble navigating through any of the video editing apps.

Different Transitions

Filmora has a very strong set of transitions available in its library. There are well over 100 different types of transitions that are available on Filmora for you to choose from. Each of these transitions is divided into ten different categories.

These categories are Basic, Speed Blur, Lifestyle, Slideshow, 3D, Plain Shape, Film Stock, Ripple and Dissolve, Linear, and Slideshow. Each of them has different styles of transitions available; you can even search them up if you remember its name.

Same is the case that you would find in Filmora Go, where you can choose from a bunch of different transitions for your videos and use it as you like. It should be noted that in Filmora Go, if you choose any template, then you can change its transition effects.

Music and Audio edits

There are also a number of different edits available in the Music and Audio department when it comes to Filmora. You get a designated library of copyright-free music in Filmora’s library to choose from for your videos.

The songs are available in different sets of categories based on the type of song and its mood of it, and you can easily browse through them in the music section of the editing app.

There is also a good selection of audio settings, which are also present in Filmora. You have the option to scale and pan the audio from which channel you would like to have more focus on. You also have tools that will allow you to remove background noise from the clips.

And you get a dedicated mic button at the bottom left corner that allows you to record a voiceover to your videos straight from the app itself.


Filmora packs in a lot of different effects in its library, and same is the case with Filmora Go’s library. There are different types of effects and features available that can make your videos even better than you had shot them.

You have effects like the Shake effect that you can use to make your video have a little bit of shake. Then there is also the option of creating PIP modes, where you can have picture-in-picture for your videos. 

You also have the effect called ‘LUT’ that is essentially Look up tables which try to recreate a similar set of a popular movie or series in terms of looks for your videos. You can use this feature to make your videos have the feel and look of Game Of Thrones or Harry Potter.

There are also additional options to add motion tracking to your videos, where you can track a specific object or a person in your video, and align various text and other features with that track. 

Different export outputs

There are also a number of different export files that are available for you to choose from at Filmora. You can export your videos into FLV, HEVC, MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, and even at WMV. 

There are also a number of different options to choose from in terms of quality if you are exporting your videos in bulk mode. So, you can choose the quality of your video ranging from Good, Better and Best.

There is also support for 4K content now, and even the new H.265 code, which is now available on the newer update of Filmora. 

So, in terms of different exporting outputs, there are a bunch of options that you can avail of, and many video creators would certainly appreciate this wide variety of options to choose from.

Templates & Titles

Templates are readily available projects that already have most of the effects placed on them, and you simply have to apply them to your videos to see their magic, and in Filmora, you will find plenty of different templates to choose from.

There are about twenty different templates available on both Filmora and Filmora Go to choose from, and they are all assigned to different categories based on their themes and mood. You don’t have that much control over the templates. 

You are not able to change the background sound or transition effects of the templates, so for some people, that would not work that well. 

There are also plenty of different text options available on both the softwares to choose from for your videos, and you can even export some of the other fonts in the software.

Performance of the software

The software and the app of Wondershare, which is available for both mobile and computing devices, runs fairly smoothly on their respective devices. However, many users have reported that while they were exporting the files, the app crashed sometimes.

The performance of the software also has to do with the type of processor your mobile and computer device has. Smartphones these days have quite powerful chips inside them, so you shouldn’t face a lot of issues with Filmora Go.

For computing devices, the software’s performance does rely heavily on the type of chipset and the number of RAMs on which your device is running. If your overall computer is slow, then the software will also perform as per the same speed. 

But the exporting speed of Filmora, as compared to some other video editing apps, is quite respectable.

Colour correction and Management

Colour correction is also an important tool that you should look into if you are looking for a good video editing app, and Filmora does have a certain amount of tools available in its library that can adjust the colour of your videos to a certain extent.

There is a dedicated preset available in the colour correction tool that has different options for the type of look you want for your video, something that I have mentioned above. It has tones and looks of different movies and themes like Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones, etc.

There are also colour sliders that help you in navigating the right tone for the type of look that you are looking for. Some professional video editing softwares have colour wheels also, and that is something which is missing on Filmora.


The library of Filmora, where you have all your audio and video files available, and some other related subjects for your project, is quite neat and clean. You shouldn’t be finding a lot of trouble searching for up the original file in Filmora.

For Filmora Go, you don’t have a dedicated library because you can simply import the clips and the images for your projects from your mobile’s galley app, and that does make it a lot more convenient for a lot of people and make the app look less cluttered.

Disadvantages of Filmora & Filmora Go

Both Filmora and Filmora Go have some disadvantages to their side as well when it comes to being a good video editing application.

Let’s talk about Filmora first. Filmora offers a bunch of different effects that are available on some higher-end video editing softwares, which is great on its part, but it seems like it has taken a shortcut approach to it, and those features work only half as well as they can.

One of the features that I am mentioning is its stabilising effect, it is available on Filmora, but it doesn’t work as well as it does on some other softwares like Final Cut Pro, Premier Pro, etc.

The same is the case with Filmora Go, it offers a handful of great features, but they all fall a bit short when compared to its competitors like Inshot or Premiere Rush. 


Is Wondershare Filmora the same as Filmora Go?

Wondershare is the company that runs and operates both Filmora and Filmora Go. Filmora is a video editing software that you can use on for editing on your computer devices like Windows and macOS. 

At the same time, Filmora Go is a mobile editing application that you can use on your mobile devices, like Android and IOS devices. Both of them offer a fairly similar experience in terms of video editing, as they both offer similar sets of effects.

If you are a user of one type of software, then chances are you will feel quite at home with the other editing software because they both share the same base.

But Wondershare Filmora and Filmora Go are not the same, as they cater to different sets of devices and groups of people for editing videos. 

Are Filmora & Filmora Go good for editing? 

Filmora and Filmora Go are aiming for different sets of people and goals. Let’s talk about Filmora first. Filmora is a fairly good video editing software that you can use to edit your videos and create a lot of different video content on it.

It has got tons of different effects, and its UI is also quite useful and easy to understand. The cost of Filmora is also fairly moderate, depending on the type of usage you have with the particular software.

Whereas Filmora Go, on the other hand, is a video editing app that is best used for creating reels and posting some content on other social media sites. It is targeted and designed in such a way. 

You can certainly edit high-quality video on Filmora Go as well, but there are other better video editing softwares for mobile users, such as Inshot.

Which Filmora version is the best?

Both Filmora and Filmora Go are fairly decent video editing applications that you can use to start editing your videos on, and most of the users would walk out quite satisfied with the end result. But, if I had to choose between the two, I would go with Filmora.

My ideal way of editing videos is on a computer because you have access to a larger screen, there is more room to play around with different settings, and everything is a lot more comfortable to edit on when you use your computing device.

And you can find a similar experience with Filmora as well when compared to Filmora Go. You have access to a lot more effects and features that you don’t have on Filmora Go, and the price difference between the two is also quite similar.

Is Filmora & Filmora Go the best video editing software?

Both Filmora and Filmora Go are fairly powerful video editing softwares that you can start using instantly for editing your videos. They are both quite easy to use and have a simple UI that even beginners can understand.

But I wouldn’t go as far as calling them the best video editing software in their department because there are plenty of features that both of them are missing out on that their competitors have, which they don’t. 

In fact, I have listed down an entire article based fully upon the best video editing softwares for different groups of categories. That article will provide you with a detailed explanation of what makes video editing software considered the best in the business.

What is Filmora Go used for?

Filmora Go is an application that is available to download for free on both Android and IOS devices. You can use that particular software for editing out the videos on your mobile phone without having to bother about editing videos on your laptop or other computing devices.

There are a number of features and effects available on Filmora Go which can be very useful for a lot of people, especially in this day and age where everyone is after creating content on the internet; you can use this particular software to make quick video edits.

Filmora Go is best used for creating content for social media such as Reels, TikTok, YouTube shorts, etc. it has all the required and necessary tools you would be needing to make those sorts of content.

Final verdict and Review

So, what’s my final verdict on Filmora and Filmora Go? Well, both these softwares are fairly good, and they actually would make your videos turn out pretty good, but they always feel like a lower-end version of some other video editing softwares present in the market.

It seems Wondershare is trying to please in everybody, and because of this, it is including all sorts of features and effects in these both editing softwares, but it ends up being neither here nor there type of situation.

The best target audience for Filmora and Filmora Go are the people who are new to video editing and haven’t tried it before. It is simplistic enough, with some pro effects available. 

But if you are looking for video editing software for professional work, then these are not the softwares for you. I would be rating Filmora and Filmora Go 3/5 stars.


Well, there you have it. An in-depth analysis of both Filmora and Filmora Go, where I talked about its list of features and effects, price range, compatible devices, and a whole lot more things.

I have used Filmora on certain occasions, and the review that I gave for it is exactly how I feel about it. It is a good video editing software, but not the one that I would use for editing my videos. 

It just doesn’t feel professional enough and feels like a lower version of some of the other video editing apps and softwares present right now in the market.

But, as always, these have been my thoughts regarding this particular software. What about you? Do you agree with my take on it? Or do you consider Filmoara to be a video editing software that professionals can use?

Do let us know about it in the comments down below!

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