FINAL FANTASY 14: The Best Newbie Professions

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In Final Fantasy XIV, choosing a profession to play can be a daunting task for new players. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to determine which job will be the most enjoyable and easy to play. In this article, we will highlight some of the easiest professions to play in the game, including the Summoner, Dancer, Warrior, and White Mage. Each of these professions has its own unique playstyle, but they all share the trait of being beginner-friendly and relatively simple to master. Whether you’re new to the game or just looking for a change of pace, these professions are sure to offer a fun and rewarding experience.

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Since it was redesigned with the introduction of Endwalker, Summoner has gone from one of the hardest professions in the game to an absolutely easy profession. Available as a starter job, the Summoner (formerly an Arcanist until the completion of the level 30 quest) cycles through each of his summons and drains his abilities before moving on to the next one. As with the Dancer, the abilities will change or stand out, essentially telling you what to press. Each of these phases fits together perfectly, so by max Summoner level you rarely have to play a basic Ruin. Summoner has resurrection and healing like Red Mage, but his healing is very low and without Dualcast ability, he can’t resurrect as often.

To make Summoner even better, it’s technically 2 professions in 1, as leveling up the Summoner will also level up the Scientist’s healer profession, which will also share equipment with the Summoner up to level 50. The scientist is a bit of a difficult healer, but if you want to learn it, then starting as Arcanist is a good solution for passing MSQ; starting at level 30, you will have access to fast heal queues for dungeons and other content, while still being able to quickly defeat enemies in solo in the world and in single instances with Summoner DPS.


The Dancer is the third addition to the roster of physically ranged fighters introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion. The dancer has proven to be one of the easiest professions in the game while remaining arguably the strongest in the ranged physical DPS group. The dancer uses a 2 button combo that can unlock additional attacks to use (similar to the bard’s direct shot), but more important to the job, with the successful use of a standard step and a tech step, it can deal massive amounts of area damage and grant buffs to the entire raid, as well as buffs for his dance partner along with Devilment.

The dancer practically tells you what to do by highlighting the appropriate skills and showing you the step order for your dances. It also comes with En Avant, a 3-charge dash ability that makes the dodge mechanic even easier than it already is for ranged work.


Available as a starter quest, the Warrior (formerly the Marauder until the player completes the quest at level 30) is by far the easiest tank to play thanks to its amazing self-sufficiency. The Warrior has 1 combo with 2 endings that they cycle through to maintain their Surging Tempest buff and increase their beast gauge, allowing them to use more GCD abilities. They will later unlock Inner Liberation, which will offer the Warrior a phase in which they can gain up to 3 free uses of their beast gauge abilities.

But the Warrior shines when he opens the Rough Intuition, and then the Bloodshed; these skills give the Warrior a certain level of mitigation, as well as the effect of stealing life on attacks. This, combined with the warrior healing abilities of Thrill of Battle and Equilibrium, gives them so much self-sustainment that they can almost fully heal themselves in fights. However, tanking can be tricky, and the tank is often looked to guide a group through dungeons. Most players won’t mind if the tank is unfamiliar with some of the content and will offer any help they can provide. But the thought of tanking can still intimidate some.

White mage

The only healer profession available from the start of the game, the White Mage (a former conjurer until the player completes a level 30 job quest), is widely recognized by the community as the easiest profession on the healer list. All healers have very different skill sets than DPS and tanks, completely lacking combos or rotations instead of one DoT ability and one attack, while most of their remaining abilities focus on support and healing. The White Mage, in particular, is a rampant healer who has a plethora of tools to heal your allies quickly and easily, even the Bless ability that immediately restores an ally to full health.

Like Warrior, the job itself is pretty easy, but the role is where things can get difficult. While most people find it easier to heal than the tank, it might be worth letting your group know you’re new to healing if that’s the case, they usually don’t mind adjusting to your preferred pace and slowing it down if necessary.


In conclusion, Final Fantasy XIV offers a wide range of professions for players to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. While some professions may be more difficult than others, there are plenty of options available for players looking for a more beginner-friendly experience. Whether you prefer ranged physical DPS with the Dancer or the self-sufficient tanking capabilities of the Warrior, there is a profession to suit every playstyle. And with the game’s recent redesign of the Summoner, it has never been easier to jump into the world of Eorzea and start mastering your chosen profession.



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