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FirstOneTV is one of the most searched websites for streaming the latest movies and TV series online for free. The official site of FirstOne TV was launched back in 2015 and back up to 2018 it was working quite well which is why it is still a popular name among free live streaming sites. At one point in time, the developers of FirstOne TV claimed that they had 50,000 global users on a daily basis who used to stream movies on the site.

The reason FirstOne TV is so popular is that it allows a user from any part of the world to browse for live TV channels from all over the world, regardless of their Geo-tag. FirstOneTV had all the latest movies, web series, TV series, Live channels, and much more. It was fast loading and had fewer ads in comparison to any streaming site of today.

However we hate to be the bearer of bad news for FirstOneTV users, but the official website of FirstOneTV has been discontinued until further notice if you browse for the site you will find this written on the homepage. “FirstOneTV has discontinued its services.”

The official FirstOneTV website also displays the message that it will come up with some good news for its users in the future but until then you are better off looking for similar sites like firstonetv.

We understand how hard it is to wait to stream our favorite TV shows and movies. Everyone deserves to binge-watch a movie every now and then at the comfort of your home. So to save you from spending time in finding a streaming site like firstone tv, we have compiled a list of the best firstonetv alternatives which will certainly keep you guys happy.

Latest FirstOneTV update

It has been two years since the developers stopped free streaming services on the official FirstOneTV site. So do not get click baited by opening any site that claims to be FirstOneTV, they are just spam websites and can infect your device with malware and viruses.

The URL to the official FirstOneTV website is which will show you the below screen.

what is displayed on firstonetv website

List of the best FirstOneTV Alternatives


Firstonetv alternative

TerrariumTV App is developed by NitroXenon (Peter Chan). It is a third-party application that is not available on the PlayStore or AppStore. But in case you want to stream a live TV channel directly on the internet, you can do so using the TerrariumTV website. After comparing the UI of the app and site of TerrariumTV we found that they are very similar to Firstonetv.

TerrariumTV App apk is a free site, it is famous for its well-categorized list of movies, web series and TV shows which lets a user find their favorite TV show and stream it for free.

Click here to know more about the TerrariumTV app and its site. 


123movies download guide

Arguably the leading free streaming website in this list and also the most used site on this list.

123 movies are available worldwide as a free content streaming platform. It is fast loading and has an interactive User Interface.

123movies is available for Android, iOS, MAC, PC, Firestick TV, Roku, and Amazon Firestick TV.

You can also connect this lite app using Chromecast.

123movies is available as a website and 123movies also have an app apk. Click here to know more about 123 movies and download the 123movies app apk.


best firstonetv alternative

You can watch almost any or every movie, TV series, regional sitcoms, or web series for free on ThopTV.

ThopTV app is available for iOS and Android devices, for Android users you will need a version which is Kitkat or above.

ThopTV is also available for Roku, MAC, PC, and Firestick TV.

To find out more about ThopTV and download the ThopTV app click here.


Firstonetv alternative

Cotomovies app apk has more than 65,000 downloads, and after using the app I can see why it is regarded as one of the best apps for free streaming services.

The developers constantly get new updates to the app if they find any glitches. Content is also frequently updated.

You will hardly find cotomovies not catering to your desired TV show or movie, it also shows you the best options according to your searches.

Click here to know more about cotomovies and download the coto app.


Firstone tv alternatives

Just like FirstOneTV, TeaTV is available globally and features TV channels from all over the world.

TeaTV is available in several languages and has many unique features where you can choose from several tv channels and news channels and stream live tv for free which is why it is among the best similar sites like firstone tv.

You can enjoy streaming live tv for free or stream TV channels directly on the TeaTV website or through the TeaTV app.

TeaTV app apk does not ask you to sign up or give personal details just download the app and you can watch your favorite TV shows, movies, or live sports matches.

Click here To know more about TeaTV and download the TeaTV app apk.


A bit on the expensive side, but you can use a single Netflix subscription on multiple devices simultaneously.

You can also download your favorite movie or TV series and watch it later offline. The downloaded movie will be available in the Netflix app itself. To access your offline downloads on Netflix App, Click the Menu button>My Downloads.

Netflix has a limited number of TV series and movies on its platform due to Broadcast rights and copyrights.

The monthly subscription model for watching HD quality content on Netflix is higher than the Netflix mobile monthly fees.


Mobdro app apk is by far one of the top firstonetv alternatives especially if you are looking for similar sites like firstone tv that offer TV streams free along with the best stream links to tv channels and movies.

If you are looking for similar sires like firstonetv where you get the best streaming free live tv feature then you certainly have to look into Mobdro.

Mobdro is not just restricted to stream live tv free rather it is one of the few firstone tv alternatives where you can also stream the latest movies for free. This site does not ask you to sign up and also has an app apk in case you wish to save your progress of the tv shows or movies that you have watched.

Click here to find more about the Mobdro app apk and mobdro streaming site.

And with that I conclude my list of the best alternatives to firstonetv, If you still are not satisfied by the sites mentioned above, then you can find similar sites like the firstonetv alternatives I have provided in this list, from this article on the best free streaming sites to choose from.

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