Top 11 Best Websites to Download Music For Free

Music Websites to Download Music for Free

There are many methods|alternative ways|other ways} of downloading virtually something from the internet, however, not each way may be a legal way.

An equivalent goes for music transfers as a result of there are thousands of websites providing free mp3 music downloads however none of them looks to own the rights or licenses for the songs they’re offering for downloads.

If you’re the sort of one who extremely doesn’t wish to interrupt the foundations or download any misappropriated songs for private or skilled purposes, we’ve got you concave out with an extended list of the fifteen legal and free music download websites.

Whether you’re an aspiring producer, a social media junky, or a professional on the lookout for a reliable platform to induce royalty-free music, these websites can cater to your desires with ease. Keeping in mind numerous requirements, we’ve chosen completely different sites so you’ll be able to realize the platform which will live up to your “free music downloads legally” purpose.

And yes, we have additionally taken into consideration the taste of these who are keen on specific music like hip-hop and country. So, it doesn’t matter what suits the quality of your clip, or for that matter requirement, discovering a go-to platform at no cost music transfers shouldn’t be an enormous task. Well in mind, let’s explore the highest quality and free music download websites! 

Here is the list of the top ten best and free music websites

Here are all the free and easy-to-use websites for high-quality music downloads


SoundCloud is free and offers the largest assortment of songs to hear online for free. It’s an online music streaming community wherever users will transfer songs and even standard artists share their songs as well. You can stream as several songs as you want but additionally, to streaming, SoundCloud enables you to transfer songs for free.

Just click on the transfer button to download your favorite song on your device and hear it at will even offline. One issue worth keeping in mind is that not all the songs are downloaded.

If the uploader has allowed downloads for his or her songs solely then you’ll see a download button right below the song. So, don’t be shocked if there’s no download possibility below a song.


If you wish to browse through a giant assortment of indie songs or cowl songs performed by aspiring singers then Jamendo is a good place for you. you’ll stream or transfer as several songs as you want from Jamendo and there’s no catch. 

You can discover approaching talent within the music world via Jamendo and support them by listening/downloading their songs. Several top-class singers have uploaded their work on this royalty-free music website like SoundCloud where you will be able to simply transfer any songs that you simply} need with just a click.

As of Jan 2020, Jamendo had a lot of than 600,000 songs offered for download creating it one of the most important music libraries in the world. Also, it’s available in half-dozen languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Polish.

Free Amazon Music Store

Amazon is the biggest online distributor giving a good style of the product on the web. Amazon has additionally started offering digital products equivalent to games and even songs. you’ll buy your MP3 songs directly from Amazon Music Store however you don’t ought to acquire the songs if you don’t wish to.

It additionally offers free songs for transfer directly from their website or their mobile apps. Moreover, it consists of an additional 46,000 free songs available at the time of putting this on ink article that makes it one of the most important legal free music repositories on the internet.

You won’t be ready to notice the most recent songs, however, there are still nice songs on the market for free, all you have got to try to do is rummage around for your favorite tune one of the simplest factors regarding Amazon Music Store is that they need to be categorized their songs in varied genres such as Alternative Rock, Blues, Great White Way & Vocalists, Children’s Music, Classical, Country, Dance & Electronic, Folk, onerous Rock & Metal, International, New Age, Pop, R&B, Miscellaneous, etc.

Overall, Amazon Music is one of the simplest sites for free music downloads legally. 


PureVolume may be a community of music lovers. Artists will signup and transfer their music on the location and listeners can facilitate the creative persons by downloading or taking note of their songs and upvoting them. Every artist has their profile with their basic details, music, and photos.

It’s up to the creative person to permit transfers or not, if the artist has allowed downloads then you’ll download them, therefore. Most of the artists on PureVolume have downloads enabled so you can get pleasure from nice music free.

Some artists have solely enabled online streaming for songs which suggests that you can stream as several of their songs as you wish for free however you can’t download them on your device for offline usage. you’ll get free covers and remixes for the foremost in-style songs as well.  


Thousands of fantastic songs performed by nice artists from around the world are offered at no cost on NoiseTrade. NoiseTrade is a social network for music lovers and book enthusiasts. It lets artists transfer their songs for free and fans will transfer the songs while not having to pay one dime.

If you like a certain song then you also can tip the artist a few bucks for their great work. NoiseTrade connects the artists with their fans to build a large audience for the upcoming talent. Just create a free fan account and you can start downloading any song you want with just a single click.

Google Play Store

When it involves providing a lot of cool music for free, Google Play Music is second to none. Yeah, you detected it right! Google’s offering not solely boasts the biggest library of mobile apps however additionally possesses an ever-growing assortment of free music that you’ll use in your fun-loving videos. 

So, following time you wish free music, look no additional than this one. you’ll realize an in-depth assortment of free music that you just will stream, download, and even use in your projects. 

Free Music Archive

The UI of Free Music Archive (a.k.a FMA) may be a bit littered however the location offers a huge assortment of songs that simply} will transfer for free. FMA isn’t just the other music library where anyone can transfer songs, instead of various music enthusiasts, labels, radio stations, and wonderful playlists for everyone. 

These songs may be downloaded at no cost while not even having to register on the location at all. FMA offers access to free music like radio stations. you’ll conjointly contribute to the site by curating your playlists along with your music or from alternative music that you simply own the rights to.  

Internet Archive

This is the largest archive that has virtually everything at no cost. From software packages to music, you get to transfer something and everything for free on your device. The audio section on Archive doesn’t solely bring you free music; instead, it offers a great deal of alternative audio files also that include audiobooks, podcasts, live music, etc.

You can transfer superb music and songs however you may have to be compelled to explore for it. The categorization isn’t as sleek together as I would expect but you’ll still realize some nice songs if you look for it exhaustingly enough. Create amazing mixtapes by downloading free live music or best tunes from radio channels. In a nutshell, Web Archive could be a reliable website for free music downloads legally. 


Although not as giant as different music libraries, SoundClick still delivers a decent variety of free songs to quench your thirst for music. Free music principally depends on the artists. There are thousands of established artists who commercialize their songs on SoundClick, however, most of them are giving their songs for free. 

You will even purchase the rights to the songs if you would like however the free song ought to serve you well do you have to prefer to only download free songs from the service. Most of the wonderful songs are out there as a free download. is an internet radio service that brings you superb tracks as if you were paying attention to a neighborhood radio station. The service additionally offers free MP3 song downloads for its users. The free mp3 song collection, however, isn’t as huge as you’d expect from a service this huge; however, you’ll be able to still realize some hidden gems among these free tracks. 

Notably, you don’t need an associate account on the website to download free mp3 songs, simply click the transfer button and it ought to download while not requiring you to register. 

YouTube Music

YouTube Music or even your regular YouTube application is definitely one of the best websites where you are able to download music for free and listen to them, as well. 

Earlier YouTube did make downloading videos and songs a Premium feature, but given the overall response towards Premium, they decided to make this feature avaialble to normal users, as well, at a lower resolution and bitrate. 

Still, YouTube, as a whole, mostly runs on music videos that are uploaded on it. This can easily be proven by the fact that the most viewed videos on YouTube do belong to music videos, whether that be Baby Shark or Gangnam Style. 

That is why YouTube decided to create a specific medium that will be known only as YouTube Music and users would be able to listen to free music in good quality and views the videos of the songs, as well. 

As I mentioned above, YouTube Music and YouTube Premium do have a subscription cost, especially Premium, but you can still listen to YouTube Music without actually paying anything, as long as you are okay with listening to some ads in between the songs. 

YouTube Music does not directly compete with the likes of Spotify or Apple Music, but it does have a huge library of songs that it is able to harvest from YouTube itself, so users are able to listen to a wide variety of songs. 

Plus, the overall search engine of YouTube Music is quite powerful than its other competitors, as well.


I hope all the sites were very helpful and are now going to provide you with top quality music and that too absolutely free

All the alternatives have some things better than the others so feel free to explore and also please do check out our other articles which will help you to gain access to the world of free sports and live streaming applications for further enhancement of your entertainment goals. 

If you like what you see then please feel free to share with all your friends and family and also comment down below as we love to read your suggestions and options. 

Thank you so much and stay safe

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