Funimation Free Trial: How to get it, benefits, is it still available?

Funimation free trial

​​Funimation is the go-to platform where you will find thousands of dubbed anime shows, right from classic anime shows like One piece to popular series like My Hero Academia many more shows. Unfortunately, Funimation is not free but if you still wish to try the platform you can try out the Funimation free trial simply go through this guide and learn how to access it.

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Funimation is an anime streaming platform that is available as a website and as an app but to watch anime series and movies you will first have to sign up using your Google id or Facebook credentials.  The online library of Funimation is dominated by dubbed anime content so if you are hunting for a platform to watch anime without subtitles, then you will not find any better than this.

Funimation has different subscription plans available that are quite expensive so to help you decide which plan suits you the best I will first show you how to avail full benefits of the Funimation free trial pack. But if you are still looking for a better alternative, you can browse through these anime streaming sites, some of which are even free.

Is there a Funimation free trial?

Yes, new users from all over the world can watch free anime with Fumination free trial that lasts for 14 days. Yep, Funimation offers anime fans a 14 day trial period.

The trial is available for all plans including the premium and premium plus so you can browse through the entire Funimation anime library for two weeks for free.

What is the cheapest way to get Funimation after the free trial?

Funimation subscription prices differ from country to country, if you want the cheapest plan after your Funimation free trial ends download any VPN service.

Here’s how you can get Funimation for free using a VPN

Step 1: Download and install a VPN service

Step 2: Change your IP address to the country where Funimation is the cheapest

Step 3: Open your Funimation account and purchase the subscription

CountryPriceYearlyAdsFull Library access
New ZealandNZ$7.95NZ$79.95

To sum it up, the benefits of the Funimation Premium Plan are that users can stream ad-free subtitles and dubbed anime TV shows and movies with no option to download for offline viewing and only two simultaneous streams.  

On the other hand, users who go for the annual subscription end up with an overall 16% saving along with additional benefits of download and watch offline, unlimited access to the entire Funimation library including dub and subtitles, and the option to stream on up to five devices simultaneously that are all unlocked with Funimation’s premium plus plan.

Fortunately, with the 14-day Funimation free trial, you can watch anime for free and enjoy the benefits of both Premium and Premium Plus plans.

How to get a Funimation free trial

If you are a new customer download the Funimation app to avail of the 14-day free trial, then you will be prompted to create an account or sign up with Facebook. Then to unlock the subscription trial you will have to select any Funimation payment plan which can be canceled later. 

In order to enjoy the full benefits of the Funimation free trial version, a new user has to go through quite a few steps to complete the signup process. Take a look at these steps to simplify the process.

Step 1: Open the Funimation website

Step 2: In the top right corner of your screen you will see the ‘Try Premium Plus Button’ which will be in Yellow click on it.

Step 3: Now click on ‘Start your free trial 

Step 4: You will be asked to create an account if you haven’t signed in

Step 5: Enter your billing details which you can cancel later

Step 6: Now you can stream 14 days of anime shows with Funimation.

What can I watch with my Funimation free trial?

 Users who have signed up for a 14-day Funimation free trial get access to the entire online library of Funimation which comes inclusive of more than 650 dubbed and subbed anime shows. 

When it comes to anime content Funimation is known as the first platform where shows are first released in English dubbed language. So when you start the free trial of Funimation you can watch all the anime shows available on the streaming service that includes the complete Dragon Ball series, One Piece new episodes, Attack on Titan, Bleach, Jojo’s Bizarre adventures,  Naruto, and many more.

Funimation is filled with over 20,000 hours of anime from all genres including action, romance, dramas, adventure, with new seasons being added every week that users can watch at any time.

For users who do not want to get signed up for a free trial with Funimation, but still want to access its Anime content will have to create a free account where there is a limited number of titles available with the contingency of ads.

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