Quick and easy way to install Funimation on Roku

Funimation on Roku

Sony’s Funimation is one of the best streaming services for watching anime and with its latest acquisition of Crunchyroll the quantity of anime content will keep on adding to the platform. The app is available on several media streamers including Roku that are listed in my review on Funimation

So if you have a Roku device along with a Funimation subscription then you are in the right place. In this article, I will show you how to stream Funimation on Roku so you can watch all your favorite anime movies and series including the likes of One Piece and Attack on Titan.

Is Funimation available on Roku?

First things first, yes Funimation is available on Roku so you can watch all your favorite anime on your TV with Funimation on Roku. Furthermore, the Funimation app is compatible with all Roku streaming devices including the Roku Express, Roku Streaming Stick+, and Roku Ultra. 

Just like Funimation, there are hundreds of channels available on Roku devices both free and paid which enables Roku streaming players to watch live TV, movies, web series, and even radio channels all in one place. To sum it up, with Funimation on Roku you can watch HD anime and movies, the hottest, top-trending shows, OVAs, extras, and subbed animation content.

How do I get Funimation on Roku?

Follow these steps to install Funimation on Roku. 

  • On the Roku remote there is a Home button, press it
  • Then open the Channel Store to chose any Streaming Channels 
  • Now click on ‘Search channels’
  • Here type ‘Funimation’
  • Once you see the Funimation icon in the search results, click on it and then press ‘Add Channel’
  • Wait for a couple of minutes until Funimation gets installed on your Roku account then you can add it to the list of channels on the home screen
  • Now you can open Funimation but before you start streaming you will be prompted to the Funimation sign up page. If you already have an account then great , simply use your login credentials and start streaming your favorite anime. If you are a new user you can try out the 14 day Funimation free trial and check out its anime library before deciding if this is the right anime streaming service for you.

What can I watch with Funimation on my Roku device?

Once you get Funimation on Roku you get access to well over 630 popular anime shows and movies which is no surprise since Funimation is one of the few anime streaming services where you can watch most anime titles legally. 

If you look at Funimation’s library it has a diversified range of anime genres including action, romance, yuri, light-hearted comedy, live-action, or relationship-based shows. The app mainly has a global userbase mainly because it is the best streaming service for dubs and subbed anime TV shows and movies from East Asia, particularly from Japan.

If you love to watch the best anime of the 2020’s era on the big screen like My Hero Academia or Attack On Titan then you definitely should get Funimation on Roku. You will also find other trending titles to stream like One Piece which is on its 1000th episode and still going strong, Naruto, and Rurouni Kenshin, with Toradora!, all on the Funimation recommended tab for anime lovers.

The only drawback of the free subscription option is that you are restricted to a small part of Funimation’s entire library along with the occasional ad breaks. So if you are looking to watch the latest shows from Japan on your TV with Funimation on Roku then I’d recommend you upgrade to a Premium Plus plan of Funimation which is inclusive of ad-free viewing and gives you access to the entire Funimation streaming library.

What other streaming services are available on Roku?

Funimation is a pure anime streaming service so if you are looking for a streaming service with live TV, blockbuster movies, and trending web series check out this list of compatible streaming services on Roku: 

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Peacock TV
  • Disney Plus
  • Hayu
  • Hulu
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Now TV
  • YouTube

Final Thoughts

To sum it up if you wish to get Funimation on Roku all you need to do is follow the above-mentioned steps and ensure that you have an active Funimation account. In a rare case that you cannot find your favorite anime show on Funimation then here is a list of some more anime streaming sites that come with a humongous anime library.

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