Game Hacker Apps for Android (With/Without Root) that are safe and free

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Game Hacker Apps

Gamers all over the world think about game hacking pretty much all the time, when you are not able to complete a particular level or wish to get a battle pack for free for your android game you often wonder are there any apps that can help me for game hacking?

There are many gamer hack apps available on the internet, however, most of them can be dubious and just try to steal information from your phone so if you are a mobile gamer who uses an Android device, this list will be very beneficial for you. I have compiled this list consisting of the best Android apps for game hacking that will eliminate all limitations you face while playing Android games.

This list contains game hacking apps like lucky patcher that is a free app and does not request any in-app purchases.

A lot of games are initially launched on the Android platform and then on iOS and Windows. Something not many people know is that Android is considered to be the best option for mobile gaming when compared to other operating systems.

As we all know, cheating is considered a game killer thing to do amongst pro gamers, but when it comes to gaming, Im pretty sure every gamer somewhere down the line has had to use game hacking apps to try out all expensive features of an android game. (A premium version of an android game can be quite expensive)

Once you do game hacking you can customize how your android game functions on your devices. Hacking apps let you use mods that help you score more and then leveling up easily on any game you play. The perfect game hacking app can also enable you to install paid games for free. So without any further adieu, let us take a look at the best game hacking apps ranked based on their features and use cases.

Note: This article is solely for educational purposes Geekymint or the author does not intend to promote the usage of games hacking apps.


One of the best ways to get a headstart in any game is the ability to be able to access locked accessories and premium features for free, with HackerBot you entitle yourself to eliminate app purchases and pick up any paid features of a game. But if you just randomly search on the internet for ways to do game hacking you might end up downloading fake or unwanted files and malware on your android devices. What’s even worse if you land with a fake games hacking app is that a scammer can use your personal information, by human verifications, surveys, completing tasks.

HackerBot eliminates the threat of downloading a wrong game hacking app as it provides a Search Engine Platform which is powered by Google for enquiring or searching for modded Android games and apps. Along with keeping your devices safe the app also protects your android device from malware and viruses.

The Gamer hack app for Android provides 2 search engines: FreeFinder and ProFinder. While FreeFinder is free and you can use it without needing to sign up, the latter is also free but needs you to sign up to use paid and premium cheats from legitimate copyright 2020 sources. 


One of the easiest and best ways of relaxing the gameplay is with emulators. One of the best emulators for Android or PC in the market is Nox which often overshadows its ability to shine as one of the top game hacking apps for Android. Nox also lets you rearrange the controls of any app or game so that you can use your device for longer periods of time and have efficient gaming experience.

Nox is a free app that along with hacking games also packs the macro functionality of permitting you to fake your GPS location for games that are location dependant like Ingress and Pokemon GO, meaning you can catch Pokes while being at home. Most of the VPN cost a bomb for such features that are offered for free here.

The best part about this game hacking app is that it has no risk of damaging or bricking your Android phone while rooting as it comes with an integrated internal root option. Nox is compatible with other games hacking apps and can pretty much be put to use to hack any android games or apps.


Xmodgames is one of the most preferred game hacking apps that lets you mod games on your Android device. The full-blown app has the ability to modify a few online games like Pokemon GO and COC, along with Minecraft, Clash Royale, etc.

The game hacker app features a very user-friendly interface.when you are playing a game, the app pops over as an overlay but does not contain of any in-app purchases. When it comes to AI-based and automatic gameplay it also offers to operate on Lua Scripts (Bots) to collect rewards or perform raids for free. The developers of this app also make sure that this app to hack games is frequently updated so it is compatible with the latest games.

Cheat engine

Cheat Engine App makes a compiling case for itself as a top game hacking app. Initially, this game hack app started off as a cheat software for PC, which is why it is one of the lesser-known names amongst the best hacking apps available on the web, eventually, it has emerged as a free open-source app for Android.

Cheat engine app can help you customize any features of any paid or free games within seconds. Customizations including adding new characters, new weapons, invisible walls, and a lot more. It is to be noted that the features of its Android app version is not as comprehensive as the PC version once you use it. However, if you’re talking about games hacking on Android, Cheat Engine is a very effective hacking app.


BlueStacks is another great option is you are looking for the best game hacker apps. With BlueStacks you can enjoy gaming without any distractions, eliminate app purchases, occupy lesser memory, lower usage of CPU along with significantly better gaming performance. The app also allows you to remap your controls and choose your GPS location according to your needs. It claims to have 6 times faster performance in comparison to Samsung Galaxy S9+. BlueStacks can also be rooted which allows you to install apps that require root.

Using Mods with Private Servers 

You don’t always need a hacking app to hack apps or games. You can also hack online games that cannot be modded or hacked using any other tools by altering some features of the private servers. Many games are modified to run on their own private servers that basically mock the game is an original game server.

This helps you control the data stored on the server which is usually accessed with the help of a special app that has a different signature like copyright 2020 that’s created by the developer. With that, you can enjoy unlimited gems, coins, resources, and get in-app purchases for free in online-only games such as Clash of Clans.

However using this method to hack apps or games has certain limitations as all the players including you running on the same server will get access to all the cheats making everyone run without limits. If this does not satify you. stick around and check out another hacking app on this list, you will surely find the ideal app for your needs.


GameCih is another great option if you are looking for the best game hacker apps for Android. An open-source free Android app that enables users to modify and hack most of the online and offline Android games.

But GameCih has a disadvantage of requiring Root access for the app to work on your device. In other words, your device should be rooted to be able to hack any games with the GameCih app. However, the app is quite a powerful Android software that is capable of providing a variety of features letting users hack games easily.

Lucky Patcher (with/without Root)

Lucky Patcher is without a doubt one of the best game hacker apps for Android and is definitely not new to Android users. It also does a lot more than just hacking Android games.

With Lucky Patcher, you can remove ads, license verification, modifying the memories of games or app in a few seconds, and endless possibilities. It also has it’s own database of pre-coded mods which the developers update regularly. These modes can be applied to apps and games to get access to unlimited resources and valuables.

This is good enough for most of the non-root users but if you do have root permissions, you get the advantages of better mods and quicker operation including modding Play Store and other system-level apps for purchases.

LeoPlay Card 

LeoPlay Card, a game hacker app for Android that is white similar to CreeHack that lets you play Android games for free. It allows users to hack only offline games. On the bright side, your Android device doesn’t require to be rooted and you can control objects in the game through the app.

If you are looking for an app to hack a game for free then there aren’t any hacking apps on the internet that are as effective as LeoPlay Card. If you look at the sb game hacker apk, it is pretty effective with android devices, but with LeoPlayCard you get games hacking app that is compatible with almost every device. The only thing that I feel is lacking in this game killer hack engine is that it can only hack offline games. So if they add online games hack to their arsenal of feature, the app will be well on par to compete with the big-time game hackers.

Game Guardian

Game Guardian is one of the best options as game hacker apps for Android as it allows hacking or modifications at it’s best. Game Guardian is a game hacking app that can hack almost any android game be it offline games or games that require an internet connection. This game killer app is compatible with Android devices as well as other devices.

Considering its features it’s the best alternative for the Cheat Engine App or sb game hacker both of which are mentioned earlier on this list of the best hacker for games.  I personally feel that Game Guardian has one of the best cheat engine that you will find from a free game hacking app. Game Guardian is literally like an online guide for hackers for games that have all rights reserved, you can hack pretty much any android game if you use this game killer app to its full potential.

The numerous features offered include searching for hidden or encrypted values, speed hacks, remove ads, an amazing interface, and a lot more. It supports x86 and x64 devices. You do not have to make any app purchases, although to use this app efficiently one must know the basics about how values and everything works in a game.

File Manager

Game hacking does not always have to be a complicated skill, all the hacking apps mentioned here can be used for games hacking, however, even your file manager can be a cheat engine for hacking any app or game. The best part about using this trick is that you do not need to download any hacking app, simply enjoy free hacking as you will use an inbuild tool.

If your Android phone is rooted then it will be easy to play with game files that are stored in the root folder. You can edit files on your device’s root storage at a granular level with a few file managers like ES File Manager and Root Explorer.

By doing this you can change the saved game files, decrease the difficulty level, and modify the values within your device. You can also search for editing tactics for a selected game on the web. Additionally, it allows you to modify .sql and .db databases through specified apps for the same or even your PC.

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CreeHack is another thorough game hacker app that you will love if you like hacking. With the app, you can get unlimited coins, gold’s, scores, points, etc in offline as well as online games. CreeHack is not only a game hacker app, but it also helps you to bypass any editor’s security for any Android games and apps. Since it is an open-source you can download the app for free on any Android device.

Game Killer

Game Killer is a free game hacker app for Android that allows you to modify aspects of video games by using cheats. By inserting codes from the background while the game is running you can modify values you want in the title in question.

The app also comes with features like being able to be accessible from a semitransparent icon that can be placed anywhere on your screen once you open the app. This makes it accessible whenever you want and choose the game from the running services list.

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SB Game Hacker

SB Game Hacker is another notable game hacker app for Android that lets you have more freedom towards apps and games. With the app, you can hack into the systems of any games and increase your scores and points easily. You can also modify the system of any games for unlimited resources of money, coins, golds, and more.

With the SB Game Hacker, you can bypass license restriction, get rid of any ads, and a lot more. Apart from these features, the app allows you to adjust the speed of the games which comes handy in games like Flappy Bird.

And that’s all we have on our list of best game hacker apps for Android. With these, you can have the edge over other players or your contenders and improve your gaming experience. 


If i had to handpick an ideal hacking app that I would use, I would try lucky patcher as has all the features that you would look for from a game hacking app. However, lucky patcher will not work for all android games so in such a situation you now have a huge list of apps for game hacking. Feel free to comment and let us know if I have failed to mention any games hacking app or what more features would you like from such apps.

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