Top 11 best free game streaming sites

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Gaming season is on, and you would very easily be busy searching for different places where you can stream your games, whether it be Football, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, F1, or so many more.

It is not difficult to search through the internet to find a perfect website that would allow you to stream your favourite games for free, and that too without a lot of hindrances in terms of ads and many other things. 

So, below I have listed 11 of the best free game streaming sites that would allow you a seamless experience so that you can enjoy your sports easily.




Twitch is obviously one of the most popular gaming streaming sites on the internet right now. Over here, you will find hundreds of streamers playing various different games.

Twitch has also become a great source of income for many gamers as many companies promote their products on their platform via sponsorship. You would find all your favourite gamers on it.

What are the things we liked about Twitch?

Twitch is a platform where a lot of people come through and can support their streamers as well. Since being a part of Amazon now, people can earn free money from Amazon to support their streamers.

Twitch is also compatible with many devices, so you can watch or stream it from any device of your choice and liking.

What are the things we didn’t like about Twitch?

Twitch can be demanding for new streamers as there is already so much competition on their site that any new streamer would find it really hard to start.

Their monetisation schemes also make it difficult for new streamers to start earning from this platform, and because of this, many channels and streamers fail to continue.

Why did we choose Twitch as a game streaming site?

Twitch is the number one gaming streaming platform available on the internet right now; you have access to so many people and streamers. 

It is a thriving community of people who share the same enthusiasm as you and many more. You will have a wonderful time on this platform. That’s why I chose it for this article.

Our review and rating on Twitch

Twitch is the best when it comes to streaming your games and learning and supporting the creators that you like, especially those who are into gaming.

It is a platform of great versatility and has over 2.5 million regular viewers every day. It can be the site you visit the most. I would be rating Twitch 4/5 stars.

YouTube Gaming


You must have seen YouTube Gaming a lot of times when you must be visiting the ‘trending’ section on YouTube. It is an icon that many gamers use to check out their favourite streamers.

YouTube Gaming is a part of YouTube itself; it is not a separate division they have opened just for gaming. You can easily access it via your YouTube app or on their website.

What are the things we liked about YouTube Gaming?

YouTube Gaming has become huge recently and has seen a tremendous growth in terms of number of people choosing to stream on their platform. 

A lot of YouTubers are available on this, and you can basically watch any of them playing all the different forms of games that you might like. 

It’s YouTube, so you won’t feel like you are on a foreign website and feel at home with its UI.

What are the things we didn’t like about YouTube Gaming?

YouTube Gaming has to come up with different ways in which it can support the streamers and also regard the viewer as well. That is something a lot of people have been complaining about in its gaming section. 

Support in terms of super chat badges that you often in sites like Twitch, where the viewer agrees to support the streamer and, in return, gets back to showcase as well.

Why did we choose YouTube Gaming as a game streaming platform?

YouTube is reported as the 2nd most viewed website on the internet, so it is obvious when they have a gaming streaming section that you recommend it on a list where people are searching for gaming streaming sites.

You get the treatment like any other YouTube video, but at the same time, you also have the ability to watch your favourite streamer play the games of your liking. 

Our review and rating on YouTube Gaming

YouTube has realised the potential that Gaming has for its platform, and they are also researching more and more on how to make it a better gaming streaming site. 

But for now, what it does have is also pretty nice and easy for people to access to. I would rate YouTube Gaming 3.5/5 stars.

Facebook Gaming

facebook gaming

If there was a sign that would say ‘Gaming is a big thing’, this would be it. As so many companies are starting the trend of Gaming, Facebook also jumped on the hype train.

Facebook Gaming, just like YouTube Gaming, also can be accessed via its main website and application. But Facebook also has a dedicated app just for gaming where it keeps all the community together.

What are the things we liked about Facebook Gaming?

Facebook Gaming also has a good fan base since Facebook is one of the key social media platforms on the internet. You are able to stream both mobile and PC gaming on Facebook Gaming.

Since it is Facebook, you can actually invite your friends on it to stream with you simultaneously and also get ad revenue from it, if you are a streamer.

What are the things we didn’t like about Facebook Gaming?

Facebook Gaming requires you to have a Facebook account to access these streams; otherwise, they won’t allow you to view them. 

This can be a bummer for some people because many are deactivating their Facebook accounts because of their recent allegations regarding privacy and data policies.

And since Facebook has so many distractions on its platform that if people don’t find your streams to be a bit engaging, then they can easily scroll you down and watch something else.

Why did we choose Facebook Gaming for game steaming sites?

It is a gaming site that lets you stream mobile and PC games; of course, I would include it in this article and write about it. 

It has a dedicated app to itself, and if you want to see anything else on its platform, you can simply just scroll through it and find the game of your liking.

Our review and rating on Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming can be a great site for you to check out if you are still using Facebook. It has different games varying from mobile to PC and therefore can attract a good following.

You can check it out right now from your Facebook app, or you can download its Gaming app and have access to different features of your liking. I would rate Facebook Gaming 3/5 stars.



If you confused DLive with DTube, then don’t worry; you are not the only one who made that mistake. When I first wrote an article, I had mentioned DTube as an alternative to YouTube.

Now it seems like DLive is also heading in that direction where it is aiming to act as an alternative to sites like Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

What are the things we liked about DLive?

DLive is an open-sourced streaming platform that was purchased by Bit Torrents in 2019. The site has the function that whatever money it generates, it provides most of it to the streamers itself.

Over there, you will find some new artists and streamers that you can support via donations and other means, and you might end up wanting more from on that website.

What are the things we didn’t like about DLive?

DLive, even though it has been around since 2017, is still a relatively new website, and not a lot of people know about it. Because of this, there are fewer streamers on the platform.

If there are less streamers on the platform, then obviously, there would be less viewing audience as well, and so on the vicious cycle continues on, which is why the site hasn’t taken off yet.

Why did we choose DLive for streaming games?

DLive will surely allow you to stream from streamers who are actively working on that platform, and some of them are good, whom you could also support.

But you do also have to keep it in mind that you won’t have the access and the features that you might be used to getting from sites like YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Gaming.

Our review and rating on DLive

DLive is still new and needs to learn what it can do to promote itself as one of the bigger streaming platforms on the internet. 

For now, it is a new website that not a lot of people might know about, which can be a good thing as well because so many people tend to search or find something new. Maybe this is the ‘new’ you were looking for. 

I would be rating DLive 3.5/5 stars.

Bigo Live

Bigo Live is a streaming platform but also more of a gaming and tournament platform for gamers and streamers. Over here, you get to access to different types of games – both PC and mobile.

Bigo Live helps its creators and streamers earn money from something known as ‘Beans’, wherein the more you collect the ‘Beans’, the more you can exchange it for actual cash. 

What are the things we liked about Bigo Live?

Bigo Live helps and supporters streamers by providing them with a new platform to share their talent. 

You can also have Augmented games on this platform that would surely invite the audience and make them feel a part of the experience as well.

You can make real money from this site by collecting their various ‘Beans’ and virtual gifts as well.

What are the things we didn’t like about Bigo Live?

Bigo Live has some very strict rules that you will have to follow, and you can’t bypass them if you want to. If they catch you by passing them, they can very easily shut your or your streaming account.

Which is not really a big negative on their side. If you run a website that deals with a lot of money, then I feel you should be strict with your rules but maybe have some leeway.

Why did we choose Bigo Live on this list as game streaming sites?

It is a whole new website altogether and something that I feel a lot of viewers would appreciate. Especially their Augmented games would make it an even more personal experience for the viewers and streamers as well.

It could be something that you might really like, and that’s why I recommend you to check it out once.

Our review and rating on Bigo Live

Bigo Live is one of the better game streaming sites out in the present. It has a familiarity to it but also has a new take on what gaming platforms could be like.

I found it really intriguing and wanted to see if you could find the same. I would be rating Bigo Live 3/5 stars.


AfreecaTV is another game streaming service that lets you watch across various streamers participating in various different games on PC or mobile.

It was started as a South Korean streaming service that grew continuously in terms of audiences and now features a lot of streamers on its platform that stream their games. 

What are the things we liked about AfreecaTV?

AfreecaTV will let you support your favourite streamer if you purchase something known as ‘Star Balloon’ from real money. You will be then able to share that with the streamer of your liking.

Through this, they can exchange the Star Balloon for real cash and earn a living through it. 

What are the things we didn’t like about AfreecaTV?

AfreecaTV has a fairly moderate-looking website when you compare it to other game streaming sites. It feels like it has just been made for the sake of it and doesn’t actually have some characteristics to it.

AfreecaTV also can be tough for streamers because they tend to collect around 30-40% of the revenue that streamers make via Star Balloon and also if their video is sponsored by a company.

This makes a lot of streamers not choose AfreecaTV as their platform to showcase their talent.

Why did we choose AfreecaTV as a game steaming service?

AfreecaTV does have games on it, and since it is a South Korean website, maybe you will find some new foreign international players whom you wouldn’t have heard about it.

And if you really like their gaming, then maybe you can find some other way to support them, and they might also appreciate that.

Our review and rating on AfreecaTV

AfreecaTV is not a totally different gaming streaming site per se. It has some features that can work to make the viewer experience much better than it already is. 

But for what it’s worth, it’s a nice streaming site where you can meet and talk to new players. I would be rating AfreecaTV 3/5 stars.


If not for anything, GosuGamers has one of the most intimidating names compared to any other streaming site on the internet. GosuGamers is a proper E-Sporting website where you can even access live tournaments.

You have access to all the player’s data, their ranking, and so much more! You can also buy esports merchandise on this platform and do a ton of other things as well.

What are the things we liked about GosuGamers?

GosuGamers is a dedicated site for Gamers. You have all the necessary information you need on that platform. It has so much stuff, even articles; it is basically like ESPN.

They even call themselves out as ‘The World’s Premier Esports portal’, so that sets the bar pretty high for themselves, and they claim to achieve that bar.

What are the things we didn’t like about GosuGamers?

GosuGamers takes some time to load on your browser; at least it did on my mine. Maybe they have fewer servers, or maybe it is just the fact that it is just loaded with too many things that the site can’t quickly load.

You also would be overwhelmed and a bit confused when you first enter the site because there is just too much information, and for a person who is new to all of this, they might find it to be overwhelming.

Why did we choose GosuGamers for game streaming sites?

GosuGamers is the go-to place if you are really into everything esports. It has all the information that you could possibly ask for, and that is a great thing.

Because so many people tend to not know about esports and its true potential and GosuGamers helps to understand in a linear fashion.

Our review and rating on GosuGamers

GosuGamers is a true platform dedicated to Esports, and if you are a fan of esports, then I think you should check it out and see for yourself what I am talking about.

It is a site dedicated to streamers and gamers, and for that reason, I would rate it 4/5 stars.


Caffeine is something different when it comes to esports streaming. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it is an esport streaming site. But it is actually a software? 

Let me explain. Caffeine is a software that comes in-built on some laptops but can also be used as an extension on software like OBS. Through this, you would be able to stream directly to a site called Caffeine.TV. 

You got what I am saying? It took me a while to understand it as well.

What are the things we liked about Caffeine?

If you are a viewer, then it is a great site for your to check out some new gamers on this platform. It has a neat little UI that is very easy to understand for anyone.

If you are a user, then I think it should be easy for you to use? Because it has a good third-party extension that lets you easily stream your gaming on the platform.

What are the things we didn’t like about Caffeine?

Caffeine is, I think, a fairly new platform, only launching in 2018, because of which not a lot of people know about it. Hence, the average views on any stream would be around 50-60 views?

Because of this, not a lot of streamers may choose this platform to showcase their talent, as they know that there isn’t a big audience for them, and if there is no audience, then there are less chances of monetisation. 

Why did we choose Caffeine for game streaming sites?

Caffeine is a site dedicated to gaming and streaming. It is new, so that would make it less than approachable for some gamers. But the great thing about it is that you would be bombarded with less ads.

You could enjoy the streams and the gaming of the player and not get distracted by anything else. And I feel that’s a great feature.

Our review and rating on Caffeine

Caffeine can be a great site for people who are new to esports and gaming because it doesn’t overwhelm you with everything. 

It has its neat little UI, and for people who are approaching esports, that would be more than sufficient. I would be rating Caffeine 3.5/5 stars.



Owncast is not necessarily a streaming site; it is more of a streaming platform where you can build your own website or URL and self-host yourself. 

It is a non-centralized platform, which translates to no ads on it. It is not owned by a specific corporate like Twitch or other sites. It’s very much its own thing.

What are the things we liked about Owncast?

It is a non-centralized platform, so you can very much create your own website and self-host your streams and games. 

For viewers, you can explore the page; it has a ‘video game’ icon where you’ll find most of the esports in there. 

What are the things we didn’t like about Owncast?

It’s not for everybody. It can get very complicated just to make a website or self-host platform of your own. And it is not a platform, like Twitch or YouTube, where you can just watch players play.

There aren’t a lot of streamers also on this platform that plays esports. The maximum number of people I could find who stream video games on this platform is twelve! That is very low for any platform.

Why did we choose Owncast as a game streaming platform?

Because it may not be for everybody, but if you are into self-hosting platforms, then maybe it can be for some streamers and gamers.

And if the trend continues, then this site could reach its potential, and you would be the first one to know about it.

Our review and rating on Owncast

Owncast is a totally different platform and sort of redefines what a gaming streaming site could also be. It is unique, and maybe some people wouldn’t mind it.

I would be rating Owncast 3/5 stars.

Stream East


If you are an avid reader of this website, then you would have seen me mentioning Stream East multiple times in various different articles. 

I do this because I genuinely believe and love this site for what it has to offer. Over here, you will be treated to sports of many kinds, such as F1, Basketball, NFL, and they are soon to delve into the world of Esports as well!

What are the things we liked about Stream East?

The main great thing about Stream East is that you are able to watch the games without much interruption of any ads.

The site itself runs on a smooth platform, so you are able to access it easily on any browser of your liking. You also get a nice and easy UI to navigate through.

What are the things we didn’t like about Stream East?

Stream East often requires you to sign up on its site; they don’t ask for money or anything. Just a normal login on their website to check out their streams.

They also have some clones websites, so chances are that sometimes you will fall prey to a different site, and that might compromise your experience. 

Why did we choose Stream East for game steaming sites?

Stream East has a great collection of sports on its platform and just doesn’t specifically focus on one sport. 

So chances are that you will be able to watch all of your favourite sports on their website, and I feel that qualifies it to be on an article talking about various game streaming sites.

Our review and rating on Stream East

Stream East is one of the better platforms where you will be able to stream games and have a great time watching there. 

It has a simple-to-use User Interface and also has a one-of-a-kind website where you will be able to access different games. I would rate Stram East 3.5/5 stars. 



If you are into streaming games online, then you surely must have heard of Stream2Watch. It is one of the well-known websites that lets you stream the sports of your desire. 

This website has other sports, as well like football, soccer, and so many more. It is actually among the top-most visited sites when it comes to streaming sports.

What are the things we liked about Stream2Watch?

Stream2Watch has a plethora of content on live sports. You can basically binge-watch any sports that you love, including games. 

The site also features tons of different links, so you won’t have to worry about getting to watch the match if one or two links don’t work well. 

What are the things we didn’t like about Stream2Watch?

I am not a big fan of the user interface of Stream2Watch. It just feels very outlandish and not very pleasing to the eyes. 

It has a fairly muddled theme of black that it doesn’t fully justify using. On top of all that, it is not easy on the eyes, as well. 

I know, it is a very personal gripe, but it is something that I personally am not a big fan of Stream2Watch.

Why did we choose Stream2Watch for game streaming sites?

If you are looking for a place where you can easily stream your game matches, then look no further because, on this website, you will find the links that will redirect you to the game that you want to see.

The links are also pretty good as there are loads of them so you can choose from them and enjoy the sports in the best quality possible.

Our review and rating on Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch has been reviewed and mentioned a couple of times on this website. This is because it is a site that is well-known, and because of this, its popularity is very high among the people. 

You can check out Stream2Watch and decide for yourself if you think it can be the sports streaming site for you that will allow you to stream your game matches for free. 

I would be rating Stream2Watch 3.5/5 stars.

Our recommendation on the best game streaming sites from this list?

Esports is something that is taking on the world slowly and steadily. You now have big tournaments that can rival any other sporting event as well. 

Colleges are also giving in scholarships to students who are from esports. So it is clear that there are a new sporting event and a lot of people would want to know about it.

When it comes to me, I am still a new person in this whole world, and I really don’t use any of the sites. But if I had to, I would either go with Twitch or Caffeine, for that matter.

Why did we choose Twitch and Caffeine of them as the best gaming streaming site?

I chose Twitch because it is the most popular among the bunch, and I would be able to know about the main players because most of them stream on Twitch itself.

And for choosing Caffeine, my reason was that it is not overwhelming. It is relatively easy to watch and understand what is going on. 

And if you are new to this world of gaming, then I think you can choose that as well. But what is your choice regarding this? Which platform do you use? Do let us know down below.

Sanjit Mansingh

Sanjit Mansingh

Sanjit Mansingh is a Journalism and Mass Communication graduate. While studying in this field he quickly realized what he wants to do in his life: Filmmaking. His interest in writing scripts is what made him give a try in the world of content writing. Sanjit's an avid Movie Geek and is an award winning Director as well.

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