21 games like Corruption of Champions (Action|Fantasy|Adventure)

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games like corruption of champions

Corruption of Champions is a one of a kind browser-based flash game consisting of erotic elements. The storyline of CoC is that you have to protect a village as its ancient ritual demands every champion has to fight evil forces and demons and evil forces to protect their village. As a player, you are sent to the cursed Demon Realm via a portal, where you need to fight off all evil forces, however, if you feel like getting your in-game character corrupted you can also join those forces. 

The first thing you need to do when you start Corruption of Champions play is to create your character with specific traits. Keep in mind that the traits you select for your character will be crucial in the latter stages of the game so choose wisely. You can make changes to a few traits and perks while you level up in the game, however, the main characteristics and traits selected at the start of the game remain constant throughout the game.

What are Perks?

Once you start leveling up in the game you receive various types of bonuses in the form of Perks. You automatically receive the starter perk and history perk when you create your character at the beginning of the game. You can also win additional perks as you complete certain in-game events.

If you have transformed your character in such a manner that it is impossible to complete any in-game quests then it is called a “Bad ending”. To avoid falling under such a category, players use “Debug mode” or “Easy Mode”.

Corruption of Champions games primarily revolves around 3 types of characters:

Persistent Character

These characters influence your in-game player in an indirect manner. Your main character will be influenced by the choices and decisions of then persistent characters.

Camp Recruits

These characters randomly appear and are easy to recruit for your in-game camps. In the game, your main character will have several opportunities to interact with these camp recruits. These interactions can be anything like sexual interactions, item collection, events influencing your stat points, or special scenes reserved for specific characters.

Encounter Characters

The characters that you randomly encounter with while you play the game are called ‘Encounter Characters’. You are likely to have limited interactions with these characters because they are random and usually unarmed.

Corruption of Champions game also consists of several different aspects that play a part in the special effects of your character’s magical and physical prowesses. These aspects include weapons, armor, consumables, transformative items, clothing, etc. that unlock as you level up.

You begin the game in the distorted world of Mareth. Your character permitted to travel within a certain radius however, you will have to find a portal in order to travel between places. In order to find a travel portal, you need to explore all the locations within a map. 

There are different locations with different landscapes in the game which is why random encounters are really common in the game. You get forests, deep woods, lakes, deserts, mountains, plains, swamps, and bogs. Along with these different and versatile landscapes, you have a bizarre bazaar, lake boat, cathedral, farm, town ruins, salon, and Tel’Adre that you can explore as you play the game.

It is not easy to find many action-erotic theme-based games similar to Corruption of Champions on mobile as the genre is yet to become as popular as games from other niches. That being said, I browsed the internet, joined some CoC forums, interacted with several action-erotic gamers, and compiled this list of the best games like Corruptions of Champions that you can play.

#1 Kingdom Of Loathing 

If you are looking for Corruption of Champions like games that share a similar plot and background but does not feature erotic elements then this game fits the bill perfectly. Kingdom of Loathing is one of the most played interactive text-based flash games that you can play on your browser. The graphics of this game also get back memories of a certain game called Stickman. 

The game begins just as CoC as you have to create your in-game character with the limited number of options that are provided. After which you need to select your character’s gender along with its role in the game from the below-mentioned options.


Seal Clubber

Turtle Tamer



The Pastamaker

The game begins as you give your character a suitable name. 

#2 Flexible Survival 

Flexible Survival can be called as Nuku Velente’s version of Corruption of Champions. This game has a perfect combination of elements needed to make it a typical text-based flash game.

The storyline of the game begins with a scene of massive destruction that is caused because a deadly virus has been leaked into the environment, sound familiar? 

In this game, you frequently come across combat situations and roleplay according to how you have customized your character. This game is better than Corruption of Champions mobile in one aspect where you also have the option to choose the other world something that most fans have been demanding from the developers of CoC. This game also has various sexual elements and the make aim of the game is that as the central character you have to remain safe until the armed forces come and rescue you.

#3 Trials in Tainted Space

Trials in Tainted Space is marketed as a direct competitor of CoC, making it one of the most sought after games like Corruption of Champions. Developed by the combined efforts of Fenexo and design team of Corruptions of Champions, Trials in Tainted Space is popular for its sexual and erotic elements. This game also offers you the most customizing options than any other text-based flash game on this list. 

The game begins as you explore the map and discover and unlock new characters. The storyline of the game focuses on the life of the main character who inherits a ship left by his father who left in his quest to gain more wealth and power. Playing as the main character you will have to interact and have sexual interaction with many other characters during the game.

Trails of Tainted is a perfect game that demands you to maintain a balance between fantasy and erotic stuff available in the game making it one of the best games like Corruption of Champions.

#4 Torn

Torn offers you a virtual platform to start a new life that is determined by the choices you make in-game. From starting your own company to forming a Mafia the possibilities offered by this game are truly limitless.

This game demands a lot of time, focus, and energy, a truly pulsating game that you definitely should check out if you are bored with Corruption of champions.

In order to play Torn you will have to create an account that is free of cost, you can use the same account to connect with multiple devices.

#5 Free Cities 

Free Cities is a text-based flash game that is based on “Slavery” and comes inclusive of some extreme sexual elements that are similar to Corruptions of Champions. The game revolves around buying, selling, and training slaves as it emphasizes on slavery. In the game you are a slave merchant, thus you control your slaves and they have to do whatever you ask them to do. 

Free Cities overall fits the description of some of the best games like corruption of champions, however, the game often experiences several bugs. This game focuses on high graphics and sexual aspects, although, it does not have any character customization option which is somewhat disappointing for its fans. 

#6 InstLife

Just like any other text-based game, InstLife starts with you being responsible for your character’s development. As the game progresses, you have to make life-altering choices that impact the development of your character. 

InstLife is a free game, so its below par UI and minute errors with translations is somewhat. 

#7 The Poor Whore

The Poor Whore is a game which needs to be downloaded on a Windows device, this sets the game apart in comparison to all other games like Corruption of Champions on this list. While exploring the map in this game you will have opportunities to interact with various other characters.

Unlike other interactive games, The Poor Whore has an essential FPP aspect. The additional features and graphics are not so great but some of its features are unique and not found in other games which is why it has a massive userbase.

As the main character in this game, your objective is to get hired by the brothel house, and along the lines of the game, you will have numerous options to customize your character.

#8 Fall Of Eden

This is another erotic fantasy game developed by the makers of Corruption of Champions. Fall of Eden is a game based on demons and supernatural themes. The game starts as you portraying the role of the main character finds an abandoned house and after inspecting it you stumble upon a portal between the earth and demon world.

The queen of the demon land will try to seduce you as you make the journey in the demon land. You will come across several situations where you will have to interact with the goddess queen Aria in order to complete the game. Once you enter the garden of Eden, the next task will be to find another portal so that you are able to return back to earth.

You begin the game but customizing the main character and as the game progresses you can further customize your character. This game also provides you with a huge collection of exploration options and loads of interactive stuff.

#9 Lilith’s Throne

Lilith’s throne as games like Corruption of Champions is pretty similar to one another. In Lilith’s throne, you can get magical powers, upgrade your armor and magical powers, have sexual encounters with other characters 

The game’s impressive graphics will definitely make you love the game if you like erotic fantasy games.

#10 Cypher: Cyberpunk adventures

Cypher is amongst those few impressive games like Corruption of Champions. With mind-blowing soundtracks and graphics, the game will keep you engaged in it. But in comparison to Corruption of Champions the game is focused more on the text-based adventure rather than the erotic elements.

The game’s location is based in NeoSushi city where you can explore as well as okay the game. As you make progress the game has interactive elements like talking elevators that make this game awesome.

#11 Spider And Web

Spider and Web is one adventurous alternative to Corruption of Champions that is filled with a thriller that was created in 1998. The basic storyline is that your character had been kidnapped on his spy business. You learn more about the situation as you make progress.

However the dialogue options are limited to being pretty normal, but the plot twists and story like will keep you engaged.

#12 Carnal Souls

Carnal Souls is amongst the most popular games like Corruption of Champions. It is a text-based RPG along with various sexual elements. You can create your own in-game character as well as customize every aspect of its appearance. Along with this, you can also choose your character’s combat style and many sexy elements can be added.

You have to level up in the game by proceeding with the research in the game. As you level up you can seduce demons that you encounter and go ahead in the same direction.

The official website has two modes of the game. It allows you to download the demo version or the full alpha version. You get one of the most engaging RPG in the market as it is turn-based gameplay. It is also compatible with the browser.

#13 Fallen London 

Fallen London is an excellent alternative to CoC for those who like action-packed and text-based games on the internet. The great graphics and soundtracks make you love the game.

You can choose the basic traits of your character ranging from persuasive, dangerous, watchful, and shadowy. The game allows you to improve the traits as you go ahead in the game.

You can figure out more about your character as you play the game. With all the adventure and excitement it surely is a great alternative to CoC.

#14 Anchorhead

Anchorhead is a great option as an alternative to CoC as it is compatible with all the major OSs. The game contains elements of fantasy and horror as the game itself starts in the dark dimension. Your mission is to stop a few historical events that will occur as you play the game.

As you are the hero in the game, you will definitely enjoy saving and protecting the universe.

#15 The Dreamhold

The Dreamhold is a perfect alternative to Corruption of Champions for those new to text-based adventure games as it is specifically designed for them. It offers short and simple gameplay that lets you get comfortable with the RPGs.

While you can also disable the tutorial voice to increase the difficulty level if you want a challenge. To get the highest level of difficulty all you have to do is type “EXPERT” to enable the beast mode of the game.

#16 Zork

Zork is one of the most notable text-based games. Zork is a no brainer in any list of games like Corruption of champions gives its text recognition feature and immersive storyline. 

You can also customize how much help you get from the game as it is divided into three parts encouraging you to enjoy the game in your comfort. It is a good game for those who are learning and enjoying interactive fantasy games.

#17 King Of Dragon Pass

King Of Dragon Pass is an immersive game about fantasy and contains RPG elements. It is available for Android devices. It is a very visually immersive and interactive game that offers various graphical elements. 

You collect goods and trade them with others to get gold or increase your powers as you play. As you start your lengthy text-based quest you slay monsters and fight demons.

However, to get the premium version you need to pay $9.99.

#18 My Very Own Lith 

To play My Very Own Lith, you only need a flash player. There is no need to download massive download files as it is a computer-based game. With this browser-based game, you can experience a seamless adventure. With the modifiable visuals and graphics of the game, it is a great contender as a Corruption of Champions and it also offers innumerable options with the Lith. Lith is a shy cat, the main character, who has basic needs and is looking to make a new friend. As you play, you unravel all of Lith’s secrets.

#19 Night House

Night House is a text-based horror game that will keep you on your toes. This game makes a great alternative to Corruption of Champions if you also like supernatural and mystical elements in a game. The storyline portrays a teenage boy, the main character that you play the role of. When you wake up one night to use the washroom you notice that your parents have disappeared. The story is quite thrilling from there. The eerie soundtracks add on to the already chilling experience.

#20 CoC2 (Corruption of Champions 2)

What better for a game like Corruption of Champions than Corruption of Champions 2? As you can already by its name, COC2 is a direct sequel to Corruption of Champions that is set in a parallel world to the original game. 

COC2 is equally as fun as its predecessor as it involves a number of different regions, enemies, different items, dungeons, and a whole lot more. 

The main difference between this and the original game is the fact that this game is not as graphic as its original. 

This can be a good thing and a bad thing, as well, because, let’s be honest, one of the main reasons why the first game was so successful was because of its graphics.

So, you will have to see for yourself if this game works well for you or not. 

#21 Monster Girl Dreams

Monster Girl Dreams is also another game like Corruption of Champions that you can play online. 

The story of this game follows a male adventurer who is a fresh graduate from his school and is on an adventure to travel across the fictional land of Lucidia to fight off an evil demon queen. 

The game is fairly fun to play that does follow some of the common themes of Corruption of Champions, as well. 

It is also a text-based RPG game, which is exactly what Corruption of Champions is also, so there is quite a lot of similarity between these two games, and you can easily try it out.


In conclusion, if you are looking for something similar to Corruption of Champions these are the best text-based games that you will find online. You can enjoy some of these games online while some are also available for offline download as well. So turn your gaming laptops ON and start playing these amazing game

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