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What is goATD?

goATDee is a website that provides you links to watch many different sports and sports programs online for free. There are a number of websites on the internet that provide similar experiences to goATD.

How sites like goATDee work are that they are video hosting/ stream hosting site. This means that they themselves don’t provide any streaming of the games, but they search across the internet for links that stream the actual games.

And sites like goATDee simply find those links and embed them on their website so that people can come in and watch the games when they click on the links for the designated sports program you choose to watch. 

But, there are plenty of other options for sites like goATDee; let’s discuss some of the reasons why you should consider looking at its alternatives.

Reason to look for sites like goATDee

Reason 1 – Terrible web design

goATDee has one of the worst web designs I have seen for any sports streaming site. And trust me, I have seen a lot of sports streaming sites because of the amount of research I have done on this topic.

The web design of goATDee looks like an HTML project that I used when I was in school, and I was not a good web designer and didn’t score great marks in it as well, so that speaks to the level of design that this site has.

It is just so very basic, and users these days have come to expect a better product than all these types of websites.

Reason 2 – Not many links

Sites like goATDee usually offer a lot many links which they collect from the internet for different sporting events. Most of the links provided on goATDee are from a gambling site, and they don’t always work as, well.

The reason why many links are a good option is that some links, like the ones you see on goATDee, usually redirect the user to some other website that isn’t streaming the games altogether.

And for this reason, having many different backup links makes sure that you would be getting one link out of the many that will actually work and provide you with the sporting event that you want to see.

Reason 3 – No Community

Usually, when you are on such sites, they have a community of people who support the website and are monthly active users of the site. For goATDee, there is no such option because there is no community on it.

They don’t provide many of the features that make a great community, one of them being a simple live chatbox. And a community of people is important for such sites.

This is because it is the people that keep such sites alive because these sites are usually shut down by the authorities for illegally streaming the game. 

And if its shuts down, a site with a good community of people acts as a motivation for the site developers to make a new site so that they are assured that at least these community of people would come back to their new site. 

And a website like goATDee doesn’t seem to be having that.

Best goATDeeAlternatives


FootyBite is a website that is also dedicated to streaming sports online for free. On FootyBite, you will get access to a number of different sports, but mostly it likes to focus on Soccer/ Football, depending on where you are.

FootyBite was initially a sports stream that people could find on Reddit, where people used to post links for different matches and games, and since then, it has turned into a sports streaming site as well.

There are also a number of different things which I like about FootyBite, so let’s discuss them all one by one.

What we liked about FootyBite

FootyBite offers its viewers a great website that is really easy to handle and use as well. The website looks quite premium as well, and everything has been organized in a manner that is pleasing to the eyes.

It also offers quality streams from the links that it has on display for the viewers, and the resolution of the links is also great. So, you can use this site on your smart tv as well to access the games on it.

On top of this, FootyBite also offers a no-ad experience on it; at least, I didn’t face any while I was surfing on it, and that is also something that I appreciated.

What we didn’t like about FootyBite

FootyBite, even though the links it offers are still great, offers roughly one link per event. What I mean by this is that whatever sporting event that it has on display, you will get only one link to access it.

Now, thankfully, the links they provide are the links that work well. But, there could be many times when the links they have posted are not working or are proxy links as well. 

In that case, you won’t be able to watch that particular event online, at least on this site, and that is something that they should really consider in the future.

Why did we choose FootyBite as a goATDee alternative?

FootyBite does offer a lot when you compare it to goATDee. First of all, the website design and the overall look of FootyBite’s website is great when compared to school projects like web design for goATDee.

Along with that, FootyBite also offers a variety of different sports on its site when compared to the collection of goATDee. That is also something to look for when you are looking for other sites than goATD.

And lastly, the overall performance of the website is just much better than what goATD offers on its site.

Review and rating of FootyBite

FootyBite is a website that I recently got to know about, and I am glad that I found out about it. Because everywhere I search for any alternatives to a sports streaming site, they are usually the same websites.

This is a website that is different and fairly new as well, but it looks premium and provides premium content as well, and for that reason, I think you should be open to giving it a try.

I liked FootyBite, and I am sure you would like it as well. For that reason and more, I would be rating FootyBite 3.5/5 stars!



720pstream is also a website that I had known about for some time, thanks to the research for all these types of articles, but I somehow forgot about it in terms of other competitions as well.

But, don’t get me wrong, it has lots to offer now, thanks to its recent update, and it would be hard to miss this site more often now.

720pstream, as you would have guessed by its name, is a site that streams links that are in 720p or in High Definition mode as well, and that is a commendable effort from their side as well.

There are more things to discuss 720pstream, so let’s get to it!

What we liked about 720pstream

720pStreams, like I mentioned, has High Definition streams for all of the links that it has to offer for many different sporting events on its catalog.

This is a particularly difficult thing to do because finding good quality streams for a particular event is hard, but finding good quality, high-definition streams for all of its sporting events is next-level difficult.

Because there are multiple different streams available on the internet, and not all of them provide you with the same quality, some of them lack basic resolutions as well. So it is quite commendable from their side to put all of their links in High Definition.

What we didn’t like about 720pstream

720pstream, although it has great streaming links, but seems that the people who are running those sites put more of their effort into finding great links than making a good website that is easy to access.

Don’t get me wrong; it is not all that bad as something like goATD’s website; it is a fairly decent website, but when you compare it to the other websites for other streaming sites, it does look quite pale in comparison.

Also, there are many pop-up ads on its site which can be very annoying very quickly because of the frequencies with which they continuously come on the screen.

Why did we choose 720pstream as a goATD alternative?

720pstream has lots to offer, and its main highlight is the fact that it has high-definition streams on its site, something that you can’t say about goATD’s links.

In fact, goATD links don’t always work as well, so the fact that you are getting a website that is providing you with working links, and also those links are of good quality, makes it worthy of being considered as an alternative to that site.

Plus, the web design of 720pstream is still much better than what the goATD website has to offer, so that is always a plus.

Review and rating of 720pstream

720pstream does have some room for improvements on its website, particularly with how it manages its pop-up ads, and the overall look of the website needs to be updated to be more appealing to the general audience.

It has some great streaming links available on it and also has a wide variety of sports as well on its site, which is always a welcome addition and a great thing on such a site like this.

You will have a great time surfing on this site, and because of that reason, I would be rating 720pstream 3/5 stars!



VIPRow is another one of my favorite websites online that provides you with the service of streaming sports for free. VIPRow has a number of different sports and sports programmes available.

Along with all this, VIPRow also has some additional features, such as trivia, for all the sports that it covers on its site. This allows the website to be a lot more interactive and for people to have more fun while they are using it.

It has a couple of other features and tricks, about which I’ll talk in the next segment!

What we liked about VIPRow

VIPRow has a great web design; everything seems to be placed where they need to be. By that, I mean everything is very well organized on the site, and you wouldn’t find random distractions on it in terms of UI design.

The overall look and color palette of VIPRow is also quite good, and it makes it very pleasing to the eyes of those who are coming to the site for the first time. 

As mentioned before, VIPRow has a lot of different options when it comes to streaming sports because it features many different sporting activities on its website so that people from all across the world can access the site.

What we didn’t like about VIPRow

VIPRow doesn’t have any major negative points, but it does have a few points that it can make sure to do better. First of all, the website is hard to find; there isn’t a single locked-down URL for the site.

So, it gets very difficult to find the website, and on top of that, there are a number of different websites that has the word ‘VIP’ in them, which also provide a similar experience to what VIP Row has to offer.

Doing this makes it difficult for people to use this website and avail of its feature. If it can inform people which is their official website, something which they do on StreamEast’s site, then it would be a lot more helpful.

Why did we choose VIPRow as a goATDee alternative?

VIPRow is a total boss-level website when you put it toe-to-toe with goATDee. It simply is better in everything that goATDee does. VIPRow has a better web design that allows its users to have a much more interactive experience on it.

VIP Row also offers some trivia that is a useful tip and trick to have on a website that is all about sports and nothing else. 

It also has a wider variety of options when it comes to sporting programs and events. 

And overall, the performance and usage of VIPRow are just much better than what you get on goATD’s website!

Review and rating of VIPRow

VIPRow is becoming my new one of the favorite websites online that allows you to watch the sports that you have wanted to watch for free. 

It is a great website to use and has some neat little features on it that make it even better, especially when compared to other sites like goATDee. 

If you haven’t used VIPRow till now, then you should definitely give it a try. I would be rating VIP Row 4/5 stars!



Up next on the list we have a website called MAMA HD, and it certainly has one of the weirder names; I would give it that. But I didn’t put it on this list just cause of its name; it has a lot more to offer than its name.

If you are getting confused about its name, it is mostly derived from MMA or Mixed Martial Arts, and the site can lean on that a little bit, but along with that, it also streams some other sports as well!

What we liked about MAMA HD

MAMA HD is a site that offers wide variety of popular sports such as Football, Basketball, Rugby, etc., and all of this comes in a website that is pretty easy to use as well.

The icons size on MAMA HD are big and very easy to read and follow, so you wouldn’t find a lot of trouble while navigating through the site as well.

Plus, the site has a load-up time that is pretty quick as well; this is a good sign for any website, but more so for such sites that offer the service to stream live sports for free.

What we didn’t like about MAMA HD

MAMA HD has many people reporting about the site’s overall performance from time to time. On a daily basis, the website runs pretty smoothly, and there aren’t many problems with it.

But on a few occasions, the website has reported being crashed midway through streaming the sporting events live, and that is not good.

Imagine you are watching the game, and it is at the most crucial point, and all of a sudden, the website crashes, and you suddenly lose the connection to the live telecast of the sporting event.

Why did we choose MAMA HD as a goATDee alternative?

MAMA HD focuses on many different sports but also has its attention on MMA as well, which is a really great thing as not a lot of websites focus on just MMA sports, and for that, it gets extra brownie points.

But overall, when you compare the site to goATDee then, you would see that there isn’t much competition between the two. MAMA HD has a better performance site that also provides great High Definition streams.

And plus, the overall look and feel of the MAMA HD website are better as well when compared to goATD’s website.

Review and rating of MAMA HD

MAMA HD has great high-definition links for almost all the links that it has available on its site, plus the overall design element of MAMA HD is also pretty decent looking as well, compared to other sites that provide similar content.

MAMA HD isn’t a perfect website, but then again, it is also not trying to be the best sports streaming site; it can if it improves on some points that I didn’t like about it, but overall it is a site that is easy to use. 

I would be rating MAMA HD 3/5 stars!



Feed2all is another site that claims to deliver on providing the best links on the internet that stream the games and matches for free online. And, spoiler alert: it fulfills the promise it made.

Feed2all is also a website where you will be able to watch many different sporting events being played because it has access to a lot of sporting events as well and has a robust content library.

There are more things to discuss Feed2all, so let’s get started!

What we liked about Feed2All

Feed2all’s website has a dark mode available, which is a feature that, surprisingly, not a lot of websites have, especially in this category of sites, and I have seen very few websites have this feature.

It is an essential feature as it allows you to save some battery life as the black screen requires less light output rather than a full-blown white screen, like many websites, especially the website of goATDee.

Feed2all also is available to use on many other devices’ browsers, such as smartphones, smart TVs, and more.

What we didn’t like about Feed2All

Feed2all website, even though it has a dark mode feature, it still isn’t that dark to hide away how basic the website looks. If I complained about goATDee’s website, then I can’t let Feed2All get a pass as well.

The overall web design of both the sites looks identical, and that is kind of sad because Feed2All is an overall better website than goATDee, but the design element on it really needs to get a makeover from top to bottom.

Plus, the website is also fairly difficult to find and navigate through as well, so that’s also a negative point for it.

Why did we choose Feed2All as a goATDee alternative?

Apart from the similarity between their web designs, Feed2All has an overall better service when compared to goATDee. The streaming links on Feed2All are much more reliable and less bothering.

The ad frequency on Feed2All is also fairly controlled and monitored, it is not like you won’t find any ads on it, but you will see a limited number of them. 

And if you are using an ad-blocker, then it would be more effective on the website as well.

Review and rating of Feed2All

Feed2All needs some immediate revamp in terms of its web design because when you compare it to other sites that have the same content library, you will see that it stands at the bottom.

And web developers should also notice such things because it would be one thing if all sites like these had similar designs, but they don’t, and most of them do offer a better design as well!

For that reason, I would be rating Feed2All 3/5 stars.



FirstRowSports is also a website where you can watch many different sports such as Basketball, Football, Rugby, and more while you are on it.

It is also a video hosting website like all the other websites on this list, and it shares some common plus and negative points like the other websites on this list.

What we liked about FirstRowSports

FirstRowSports is a video hosting site, and it hosts fairly well in terms of the links it embeds on its website. The links have decent viewing quality to them, and it’s not like they will break your eyes when you use them.

The library on the website is also something that you can find some assurance as it targets most of the popular sports that many people would love to see.

What we didn’t like about FirstRowSports

First Row Sports’ web designs look like the next version of sites like Feed2All and goATD, and that is somewhat of a compliment, but it definitely can improve a whole lot more as well.

The links provided on it also go live very close to when the actual match goes online, so you can’t bank it all the time for reliability in terms of getting to watch the games as they start.

Why did we choose First Row Sports as a goATDee alternative?

First Row Sports, as I mentioned, has a better version than goATD’s website, plus it does offer its users the option of watching from many different links as well, which is something that goATDee doesn’t. 

Plus, the overall usability of FirstRowSports is better than goATDee as well.

Review and rating of FirstRowSports

First Row Sports is a decent website that certainly can improve a lot more as well, starting with its web design. But, if you don’t find any other site, then you can use it as a backup site for viewing your sports.

I would be rating First Row Sports 3/5 stars!  

Our recommendations on the best goATD alternative?

You can literally choose any of the above websites to watch your sporting program, and you won’t be disappointed by it. Because frankly speaking, goATDee is just the bare minimum of such sites.

But, if you want to know which site I would use, then I think I would have to go with VIP Row and FootyBite. 

Why did we choose VIP Row and FootyBite as the best goATDee alternative?

I chose VIP Row because it has almost all the sporting events on planet Earth and probably some that are played on Mars as well. But, on top of that, you also get a great website as well.

FootyBite, on the other hand, has lesser sports options compared to VIP Row but still has the majority of the sports that you would be needing. 

Plus, it is mostly ad-free and easy to use as well because of its great website. 

As always, these have been my thoughts. What about you? Do you agree with my choices, or do you prefer to use some other alternatives to goATD? Frankly speaking, any website is a great alternative to goATDee.

Which goATDee alternative do you use? And does it offer better performance than VIP Row and FootyBite? Do let us know in the comments down below!

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