14 of the best gogoanime alternatives in 2023 (100% working)

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Gogo alternatives for GogoAnime homepage

Anime is one of the many reasons for which Japan is known for. However outside Japan, Anime is used specifically for animation that is made in Japan. Given the vibrant graphics, extravagant styles, and also the vivid stories, Anime is a remarkable form of art that is popular amongst people of diverse age groups.

Art forms such as Anime serve as a good way of escapism for the consumers that live in a fast-paced world. It is no surprise that the popularity of anime has created many anime lovers all over the world. If you live in Japan, you will find many streaming sites to watch anime online.

Gogoanime is one of the best streaming sites for watching anime, all you need to do is open the site to see if your favorite anime is featured on the homepage, or else search the anime on the search tab, you will find almost all anime on this website. However, while the free streaming website is available in most countries, you may occasionally not be able to access the website due to various reasons so in that case, you may need a good alternative to gogoanime to watch your favorite anime.

When I searched for an alternative to gogoanime, it was a disaster as I came across names of plenty of websites, but none of them were actually working, So I decided to compile my own list in order to be of some help to the anime community. In this article, I have highlighted the best alternatives for gogoanime.

About GoGoAnime 

Gogoanime is arguably one of the most popular and free anime streaming sites. On GoGo Anime you can watch English subbed and dubbed anime shows or movies and also the latest seasons of series in HD video quality for free.

There is also no signing up required to use GoGo Anime. Many people prefer using GoGo Anime as it has a user-friendly interface that provides the best and latest anime for a user to choose from.

GoGo Anime also lets you comment on anime videos where you can read and discuss anime related topics with anime fans.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the hub of anime series or movies, GoGo anime and Kissanime are the go-to websites. They are two of the most esteemed free Anime streaming websites.

GoGo Anime is the perfect choice for anyone that prefers an easy interface and an organized website that everyone does without a doubt. The site will speak for itself when you check it out.

Top 14 Gogo anime alternatives in 2023

  • kissanime.ru
  • 9Anime.to
  • WatchAnimeDub
  • AnimeFreak
  • Chia-Anime
  • Crunchyroll
  • AnimePahe
  • MasterAni.me
  • Anilinkz
  • Zoro.to
  • Funimation
  • Hidive
  • 4Anime
  • Anime Planet

List of the best websites like gogoanime


9Anime.to homepage

One of the most preferred GoGoAnime alternatives is 9Anime , whether it is English subbed anime, English dubbed anime, latest anime series or movies; you can find almost anything here.

The streaming site has around 27,000 videos including some of the best anime movies and shows.

The 9Anime website also has a distinctive feature where you can watch high-quality anime in theatre mode which is something that you don’t often get from a free streaming website.


kissanime homepage screenshot

Kissanime vs gogoanime is a never-ending between anime streaming lovers. Both anime platforms have a working streaming website and an anime streaming app, Kissanime is a perfect alternative to gogoanime because I could not find even one feature in gogoanime that was better than kissanime.

Be it free downloading, best user interface, online anime, or collection of animes you can find it all on kissanime. You can easily watch the best anime on the kiss anime website or download and install the kissanime app and enjoy free offline streaming.

Features of Kissanime and Gogoanime are almost evenly matched which makes kissanime one of the best gogoanime alternatives.


watchanimedub homepage

WatchAnimeDub also is known as WatchCartoonOnline is also one of the best GoGoAnime alternatives if you love to watch English subbed or English dubbed anime series or movies amongst other varieties of anima. The WatchAnimeDub website has around 40 million users on a monthly basis, mostly from the US.

The user experience and interface of the site are also good enough to be like gogoanime, although there are numerous display ads and pop-ups when you click on the video to watch it, which is understandable because unlike an all rights reserved site, WatchAnimeDub has to heavily rely on ads to remain sustainable.


apps like gogoanime

Another great GoGoAnime alternative for anime freaks is AnimeFreak! What makes it a great GoGoAnime alternative is a vast expanse of varieties of anime like the latest anime, most popular anime, it also offers anime with English subs and dubs. They add a new anime series to the existing 11,000 series on AnimeFreak.

Just like almost any other GoGoAnime alternative, AnimeFreak has a user-friendly interface but display ads and pop-up ads are the downsides.


website like gogoanime

Chia-Anime is an excellent GoGoAnime alternative that offers numerous shows, movies, and videos. The content on the site is suitable for all ages. The most demanded language on the site is English making this a brilliant option if you are on the hunt for English dubbed anime or English subbed anime. The website has around 7 million users.

However, the dashboard of Chia-Anime website is not very user friendly. Chia-Anime is quite stuffed with advertisements which can be a little peeving while watching your favorite anime. You will come across pop-up ads that open in a new tab when you try to click play on a video.



Crunchyroll makes it too pretty much every list of sites to watch a variety of cartoons and anime online. The only downside of the site is that not all the content available is free. Being established in 2006, the Crunchyroll site gets millions of paid users.

They have a very organized dashboard with the content categorized, the interface and user experience is brilliant and convenient, it also provides English subbed anime.

What makes is a great GoGoAnime.io alternative is the extensive library of around 15,000 officially licensed content and 26,000 anime episodes

Crunchyroll is a great GoGoAnime alternative and strong contender as it is an authority site with 80 million visitors on a monthly basis. If you have some amount to spare, CrunchyRoll is the most suitable option for you.

Crunchyroll free trial: How to avail, benefits, is it still available?


animepahe homepage

For all anime lovers, AnimePahe is a very good GoGoAnime alternative as it provides plenty of English subbed anime and English dubbed anime amongst other languages for free.

The design of the website is organized giving an amazing interface and user experience with minimal amounts of ads while watching videos. The site also has a search tab making it convenient for you to find the anime you are looking for.

AnimePahe receives 2.5 million users in a month. The site is well renowned in India, the USA, and the UK.


Masterani. me homepage

MasterAni.me could be the best GoGoAnime alternative as it receives 30 million visitors in a month owing to the features provided.

All the content is categorized into sections making it easier to navigate the website and it is also in English language making it the perfect destination to find English subbed anime and English dubbed anime content.

MasterAni.me has a very efficient and easy interface. The homepage of the website is ad-free. However, you need to have the latest updated version of the flash player.



At first, I was a bit skeptical to add anilinkz but after visiting the website, it had various genres of animes.

I was able to find what I was looking for, faced no difficulties whatsoever while watching my desired movie, and overall it was a very satisfying experience.

I enjoyed the same vibe as on gogoanime, so if you ever have trouble finding your anime do checkout Anilinkz.



Zoroto is one of the new anime streaming sites in this list. It was launched last year and has gained immense popularity among anime fans from around the world.

Zoroto has given Gogoanime a run for its money and many Gogo Anime users have shifted to Zoro.to. Zoro.to is a really good Gogoanime alternative with tons of features and the latest anime.

Users can find anime like One Piece, Spy X Family, Death Note, One Punch Man, and much more popular anime on this anime streaming website. Overall, we would give it a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars as it comes with not only the most popular anime but also the latest anime.



Funimation is not only one of the oldest anime streaming sites in the world but also publishes legal content, unlike Gogoanime.

The streaming site has licensed many popular anime shows like Dragon Balls Z, One Piece, Black Cover, Attack on Titan, and much more.

Sony is one of the major shareholders in Funimation and in 2022 Funimation was rebranded at Crunchyroll.


Hidive is a paid anime streaming website that charges its users, a fee of $4.99 per month. The user would get access to the latest anime on Hidive.

One of the best features of Hidive is its Original Anime content. Users from all over the world choose Hidive for its original content and shows.

Apart from its original content, Hidive has some tastefully chosen anime. The user interface is good however it could get better. Over its a good competitor to Gogoanime and we would give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Hidive Free Trial: How to avail, benefits, and more



4Anime is a website that is quite similar to what Gogoanime offers to its customers and users. It is a website where you are able to access tons of different types of anime for free. 

The overall UI of 4Anime is also quite nice and simple to look at. Users shouldn’t face a lot of issues and problems while they are on this site. 

There are not a lot of ads on the site as well, and if you are using an ad-blocker then you will block almost all the ads that are available on the website. 

The overall website is also free to use, and you can expect some great features, such as watching latest anime shows and movies, having a great UI, face next to no ads and the website also has a discord server of its own. 

The one major downside of 4Anime is that it is not a legal website, and 4Anime has also been shut down by the authorities before, so chances of it shutting down again is also quite possible 

4Anime is a really good anime viewing, especially if you are looking for something that is similar to Gogoanime, in terms of the overall look and design, because Gogoanime has one of the best UI you can find for a free anime streaming website. 

That being said, 4Anime, just like Gogoanime, is not a legally run website, and 4Anime has faced issued with authorities earlier where they were shut down by them for illegally streaming content on their site. 

So going forward, that is also a possibility that it can also happen again. Still, for the time being, it is still working, and you can use it to watch the latest animes and movies on its website. 

We will rate 4Anime 8.5/5 stars.

Anime Planet


Anime Planet is not exactly a direct alternative to Gogoanime but it is still worthy of including it in a list of articles that is discussing about the best alternatives to Gogoanime. 

Anime Planet may sound a little too familiar with Animal Planet, and just like Animal Planet is all about Animals and the wildlife, Anime Plane is also all about animes and everything related to the world of Animes. 

Over at Anime Planet, you can expect to see more than 4000 plus legal content that is specifically made for anime lovers. 

You will find tons of different content on the website that discusses everything and anything about anime and more. The overall website is also free to run, so that is quite an advantage.

When you are using Anime Planet, you can expect features like news about the world of Anime, Anime recommendations, interaction with a community of people, watch legal-anime supported episodes.

There are some cons to Anime Planet as well, such as you won’t find yourself a lot of content on this website and because of that you can’t expect to see popular anime shows and movies

Anime Planet, as I mentioned above, is not a direct alternative to Gogoanime. It is still a popular website that discussed about everything and anything related to anime. 

Along with it, you can also find some episodes of animes that are legally supported, and for people who are not hard-core fans of animes, this website would be perfect. I will rate Anime Planet 7/10 stars.


When it comes to watching HD quality anime with English subtitles there are just a handful of sites like goganime. I have surfed the internet and handpicked some of the best gogoanime alternatives.

I personally used these alternatives to gogoanime before adding them to the list. If you still have more concerns regarding the legality of the website, Is the platform virus-free? Or having trouble downloading the gogoanime app, then read this descriptive article where you can solve all your queries related to the free streaming platform.

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