Download Gogoanime app to stream free anime shows (2022 Version)

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gogo anime

What is GogoAnime

GogoAnime is the one anime streaming website that features tons of anime content for you to watch. From the latest to the rarest anime, Gogo Anime has all anime content in abundance. 

Popular anime such as One Piece releases new episodes after an entire week. I know how tedious it can be to wait an entire week for watching the latest episodes of One Piece or other popular anime. Gogo Anime has the solution, through the gogoanime website or gogoanime app you can stream One Piece episodes or any popular anime movies at any time from anywhere.  

Why is Gogo Anime best for free anime streaming

If you ask the anime community for a place to watch the top anime and anime movies like Dragon Ball Super, One Piece Gold, Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball Z, Samurai Champions, One Punch Man, and much more you will usually get one answer, check out Gogo Anime. So being a fan of anime I did my own research on Gogo Anime and noted down its main features which I believe make it the top free anime streaming website available on the internet.

Features of Gogo Anime

Free Website

Gogo Anime is a free anime streaming website you do not have to pay a monthly subscription fee to enjoy watching anime. However, the website uses ads to monetize so expect a pop-up ad or a redirect ad while browsing through anime options.

 Free Anime app

Looking at the response and demand for a free anime streaming app that has all the anime along with multilanguage subtitles, Gogo Anime launches its anime app called GogoAnime App. It is a lite third-party app that has the same features as its website. 

No Sign Up needed

You do not have to sign up to stream popular anime for free on Gogo Anime, you can watch your favorite anime as a guest user, if you want to save your progress you can sign up but it is completely optional.

Globally available

Gogo Anime is available all over the world and you can watch and download episodes of the latest anime in your local language.

Free HD Download

You can download any anime including all episodes of Dragon Ball Super or One Piece in HD quality and watch it offline at any time from any place.

Compatible with all devices

Gogo Anime app is compatible with all devices even the website loads well on all Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

Gogo anime vs Kissanime

The debate about Kissanime vs Gogoanime about which is the best free anime streaming website has been going on for quite long now. I intend to put an end to this debate. Just like Gogo Anime, Kissanime mobile has an app. Click here to know more about kissanime app apk.

Kissanime and Gogo anime app are almost similar in every perspective, however, I would pick Gogoanime app over Kissanime as it displays fewer ads and uploads the latest anime episodes before any other anime streaming platform.

Is Gogo anime safe

I have tested Gogo anime for any viruses and malware, the free anime streaming website and app do not have any glitches as such. Gogo anime will redirect you to another advertisement page which is its way to monetize its free streaming platform. If you wish to not receive such ads you can choose any ad blocker from here.

 Is Gogoanime legal

Gogo anime had to be shut down due to some legal issues, the developers of gogoanime settled the legal issues and have come up with a new and improved anime streaming platform both as gogoanime website and gogoanime app. I would, however, recommend using a VPN while surfing for free anime streaming. 

What is the best Gogoanime replacement

Yes, there are many Gogo Anime alternatives, however, not all of them are as good as gogoanime and some of them are even not safe. I have gone through the tedious process of searching for the best Gogo Anime alternatives so you do not have to waste your time, you can find them here.

Is there a GogoAnime app 

Yes, Gogo Anime has a third-party app, I have provided the Gogo Anime app apk in this article along with steps to download it for Android, iOS, Roku, Amazon FireStick TV, PC, and other devices.

Where can I find the gogoanime app apk

In this article, you will find the Gogo Anime app apk link for your particular devices.

Steps to download and install GogoAnime app on Android

Step 1: Download the apk file on your Android phone with this Gogo Anime

Step 2: The second step is to accept the download of the unknown app. Go to Setting>Apps>Special App Access>Accept the download of the unknown app

Step 3: Create an account or browse as a guest to watch your favorite movies and shows

Steps to download and install GogoAnime app on iPhone/iPad/iOS

Step 1: Download the Gogo Anime Apk on your Apple device 

Step 2:Once you have downloaded the app apk file. The next step would be to accept the download of the unknown file. Go to Menu>Settings>General Settings>Profile and devices>Gogo Anime>Accept the app 

Step 3: Install the app and watch free shows and movies.

Steps to download and install gogoanime app on PC

The first step is that you would need an Android emulator. Downloading the right android emulator is very crucial to make sure you read this article before downloading an Android emulator.

Step 1: Download the Gogo Anime app on your Personal computer

Step 2:  Run and install the file on the system

Step 3: Open the Gogo Anime app with the Android emulator you have downloaded 

Step 4: Open the Gogo ‘Anime app and watch unlimited shows and movies

Steps to download and install GogoAnime app on Amazon Fire TV/FireStick

Step 1: Open the browser on your Fire TV/ Fire Stick and download Gogo Anime Apk file 

Step 2: Accept the unknown download on your fire stick for that you would need to go to Setting>Device Options>Developer Options>Unknown App>Accept

Step 3: Install the app and create an account if you require 

Step 4: Now You can watch your free movies and shows on your TV

GogoAnime app is also compatible with Chromecast, simply download the gogoanime app apk for any device and connect it with Chromecast.

Click here if you wish to explore more safe options to watch popular anime for free.

***Please note this article about gogo anime is written solely for educational purposes, Geekymint or the author do not intend to promote the usage of third-party apps***

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