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goku .to

What is is a movie streaming website where you will find movies, tv shows of different genres from different countries as well. It is a site that is dedicated to providing entertainment for you.

Over at you can easily scroll through a bunch of films, based on many filters that it has so that you can easily watch the films and shows that you want to check out.

But, like everything, is also not a perfect website by any means, and it has issues to it which can make you consider looking for its alternatives.

Reason to look for sites like

Reason 1 – Slow website offers a lot of different movies and shows on its site; because of this, the website appears to be working slowly as its servers aren’t able to manage the amount of traffic on the site.

This is a common issue that you see among many websites which allow you to stream movies and shows illegally on their site.

And this is something that also suffers from, which would surely make people a bit annoyed after some point if the website performs like this all the time. 

Reason 2 – Illegal Site

The overall website, no matter how well it is made and built, is still an illegal site nonetheless since it doesn’t have any rights to stream these tv shows and movies on its website.

Usually, buying the rights for such works requires a handsome sum of money, which these sites clearly don’t spend, and they illegally embed the films and shows on its website.

And because of this, the chances of the site getting banned by the authorities is also quite high, and maybe you could also be put under their radar if you continue to use such sites for your entertainment.

Reason 3 – Pop-up ads

Even though it is a free site to access, it still requires some money to run the website because different purchases are made for buying websites domains and so on, and these sites make up that money by running ads on it.

This can be fine for some people, but for others, after repeated use of this site, they will start to notice that the ad frequency also increases, and this would not go well with a lot of people.

Ads, regardless of how well-made they are, are still annoying to see at any given point, especially when you are watching your movie or tv show.

Best Alternatives



Kodi is one of the popular media servers which is present right now for free. Over at Kodi, you don’t have to go on a website like; you have to set up an account and its server from which you can watch a number of different movies and tv shows.

Kodi does offer a lot when it comes to being a media server, and there’s a lot to discuss about it as well. So, let’s get started.

What we liked about Kodi

Kodi, overall, is a powerhouse when it comes to a free media server. You really can expect a top-notch level of quality when you are using Kodi. 

It has apps dedicated to all major viewing platforms such as TVs, laptops, desktops, mobile, tablets, PlayStation, etc. The overall user interface of Kodi is also really simple and easy to manage. 

Plus, with the number of plugins installed on Kodi, you will easily be able to watch the latest movies and tv shows for free. So, that is also a major advantage of using Kodi.

What we didn’t like about Kodi

Kodi, the easier it gets after setting it up is equally difficult to set up as well. You have to create an account, then download the app, set it up, find the plugins which you want to use, and then set up the other apps as well.

Plus, the majority of the app store doesn’t have Kodi’s app on them, so you have to go to Kodi’s website to download the apps, and that is also a hassle.

The plugins that Kodi use are also not legal, per se. So, you will be streaming some illegal content via the app as well, and that is also an issue.

Why did we choose Kodi as a alternative?

Kodi can be a great alternative for people who are looking to watch their entertainment on different devices at once and want to have a feeling of a media server, such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix.

With one account, you can easily switch in between different devices, and you can rest assured that your entertainment will be with you as long as you have a connection to the internet. 

Plus, the overall look and design of Kodi are also relatively good for a free server, so that is also a great thing.

Review and rating of Kodi

Kodi is a media server that is used by many, and it works as promised as well. You do have to set it up, and it can take up some time, but the overall service that it provides is kind of unparallel among other media servers.

You also get the added advantage of watching new movies and tv shows, which you would also be getting on, but the plugins offer a whole lot more content than just that.

If you haven’t tried Kodi yet, you can give it a try. I won’t urge you to immediately try it out, but it is certainly an application to try at least once. I would be rating Kodi 3/5 stars.

Pluto TV


Pluto TV is also another great website where you will be able to watch free movies and tv shows on a site and its application. It is a service which is owned and operated by the popular production company, Viacom 18.

Viacom 18 is a well-known production house that has been producing some great content over the years, and you would be able to watch their content on Pluto TV, along with some great other content as well.

There is lot to discuss Pluto TV, so let’s not waste much time and get started on it.

What we liked about Pluto TV

The best thing I found about Pluto TV is that it is free of cost, and it is not illegal as well. The content which is displayed on Pluto TV is owned by Pluto TV, or at least has the rights to stream some of the most sought-after movies and tv shows.

The overall usage of Pluto TV is also great since you can access it from its website, mobile app, or TV app as well. 

Plus, the overall content library that Pluto has is genuinely great for what the price that you are paying to watch it, which is nothing!

What we didn’t like about Pluto TV

Pluto TV, currently, is not available worldwide. So, if you want to access it, you would have to use a VPN, and VPNs these days aren’t super cheap to come by as well.

Also, on Pluto TV, you won’t be getting to watch the latest movies and tv shows which you could very easily be watching on sites like or Kodi as well.

And the overall library, even though it is great, it is still limited to some extent, and not many people would appreciate that as well.

Why did we choose Pluto TV as a alternative?

Pluto Tv is a legal alternative to and that’s the great thing about it. You need to understand that content these days isn’t free, and it costs a lot of money to produce and make.

So, when a site tends to offer that content to its users for free, you will have to compromise a bit. But, the great thing about Pluto is that the content it is delivering is still great compared to other sites that are free to use.

That’s what makes Pluto a great alternative to and it makes 

Review and rating of Pluto TV

Pluto Tv is a site that not a lot of people use but should use because the service that it has to offer is great. Plus, you are getting a site that is run and owned by Viacom 18, so that is an added advantage.

The site and the application overall are pretty powerful, and you won’t face any loading issues that you might find on sites like

If you have;t  tried Pluto Tv and are someone who is residing in the areas where it is accessible, then you should give it a try. I would be rating Pluto Tv 3.5/5 stars.

zoro to is also a popular site that streams mostly anime content. This is surprisingly what I expected a site called ‘’ to also stream since it is sharing its first name with a beloved character from ‘Dragon Ball Z’. 

But, unlike, is a dedicated site for anime streaming, and if you are a big anime fan, then you should definitely check this site for everything that is that it has to offer. 

There are also a number of different things about to discuss, so let’s get started.

What we liked about

Zoro has a great website that is pretty good; actually, one of the best you will find for an anime streaming site. The overall collection of content on is also quite commendable since some of the content is also fairly rare. also doesn’t feature a whole lot of ads on its website as well, and that is also a rare thing to find on a free website that streams, or any free website for that matter.

The reason behind no ads on is because the site mostly runs on donations, so you can put that thought aside from where does it make money if not by ads.

What we didn’t like about

For some people who might be looking for content other than anime would surely be disappointed with this site because that is what this site is all about, and that is the only thing it streams.

Which is a fair thing, and nothing wrong on’s side as well, since it never said that they would stream any other movies or tv shows that you would be seeing on sites like

Another negative thing about could be that it illegally streams the content on its website and doesn’t own any of the rights for them.

Why did we choose as a alternative?

To be honest, is not a direct alternative to at all because is a site that is targeting totally different set of target audience and, on the other hand, is targeting a different group of audience.

But, there are a lot of people and fans of Anime from different regions of the world, and they don’t get live access to anime compared to some countries like Japan or Australia, and for those people, could be a great option.

Review and rating of is a website strictly dedicated to streaming anime and nothing else. You won’t find the latest movies and tv shows on it, but you can find the latest anime movies and tv shows on this site.

If you are someone who is remotely interested in Anime and would like to know more about it, or see more about it, then maybe you can consider using this site.

For the rest of the people, who are more interested in live-action movies and shows, this might now be the best option. I would be rating 3/5 stars.


sony crackle

Crackle is also a free-to-stream website where you can find many movies and tv shows. It is a site that is known for streaming free content, and you can actually find a whole lot of content on this site.

Crackle is owned and operated by Sony Pictures, and this is a great thing because you can expect a lot of Sony Entertainment movies on this platform as well for free.

There are also things about Crackle to discuss, some of them are good, and some can be annoying for many people.

What we liked about Crackle

Since Crackle is owned and operated by Sony Entertainment, which translates to a site that has rights to the content that it is streaming, and you are not watching any illegally streamed content on it.

Crackle also has features that you can expect on a legal site, such as compatibility with many viewing devices such as mobiles, tablets, TVs, laptops, and other consoles as well, which is also a great thing.

And you also get additional options of Parental Control options on the apps, which is also a rare option to find on such a service.

What we didn’t like about Crackle

Crackle is a free site, but it needs money to run and operate, and that money comes from ads. And usually, on such sites, there is an ad at the beginning and at the end so that there is no interruption in between the content.

That is sadly not the case with Crackle since Crackle has many too many ads on its platform, which play in the beginning, middle, and at end of the content. 

The duration of these ads isn’t too short as well, as users have reported the ads’ length to be around two minutes long, and you can’t even skip the ads. 

Why did we choose Crackle as a alternative?

Crackle, even though it has a lot of ads on its site, still is a site that you can watch and use. It does offer content that you might also find on, but Crackle is free and legal to use.

Plus, the overall convenience that you will find using Crackle isn’t something that you will get on The compatibility and the overall sets of features that you get on Crackle are something that you won’t find on

Review and rating of Crackle

Crackle is a site that is notable for the content that it has to offer. And the team behind Crackle also likes to update the website monthly with fresh new content on the site, which is a great thing from their side.

Even though it has ads issues, it is still a website that you can try out and see for yourself if you like it, and it won’t even cost you anything as well since the site is free to access.

It is not a perfect website, but then again, no website is perfect. I would be rating Crackle 3/5 stars.

BBC iPlayer


BBC iPlayer is also one of my favorite sites to recommend. It is a site that I recently found out about, and that is quite a shocking thing because it is one of the better streaming sites right now which showcases movies and tv shows for free.

The overall site and concept of BBC iPlayer are that it will stream everything and anything that BBC has the rights to, and that’s the main strength of this site because BBC has a lot of great content to show.

What we liked about BBC iPlayer

The great thing about BBC iPlayer, which I find, is that it is a free website. There are no hidden charges whatsoever, and you really get a lot out of the free price tag.

All the shows and movies that BBC has made over the years, or are currently playing on the channels, are available on iPlayer. This also includes a number of different live channels and live sports as well!

Plus, BBC iPlayer also has its own apps for different devices, which you could very easily use to stream the content on multiple viewing devices. 

What we didn’t like about BBC iPlayer

There are honestly not a lot of things that one would find problematic about BBC iPlayer, but there are a few nitpicks that one can easily pick up about iPlayer.

The most obvious nitpick about iPlayer is that the entire website is geo-blocked, meaning that you can’t access the site and its content anywhere else other than if you are residing in the UK.

This is a particularly annoying thing because of how good the website actually is and the services that it has to offer. It’s a shame that not a lot of people are able to access it.

Why did we choose BBC iPlayer as a alternative?

BBC iPlayer is a great alternative to because you get all the latest shows and movies from BBC on this streaming service. BBC also makes content which are you can fully access only on iPlayer.

The overall streaming service is also great, and its apps and websites are also pretty neat and easy to use as well, so you can really use it from anywhere you want if you are a resident of the UK.

But, yeah, BBC iPlayer is a really good alternative to

Review and rating of BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is a great streaming service that will allow you to stream a bunch of different content from its site, and you won’t have a lot of trouble streaming them as well.

The overall concept and the features that BBC iPlayer has to offer are unparallel to other free streaming sites, and that is a compliment on its own.

It’s a shame that it is only available in the UK; otherwise, I would have rated the site even higher, but for now, I would be rating BBC iPlayer 4/5 stars.



YouTube is also a great site where you can get a whole lot of movies and shows to watch for free. YouTube is basically the king of free streaming sites, and there is no denying that.

There are web series that are available for free on YouTube or are specially made for YouTube, and you won’t have to pay a single penny to watch them.

What we liked about YouTube

YouTube is a site that almost all of us would be using, and it is a site on which many filmmakers and content creators post their content. 

You can even buy or rent most of the well-known live-action or other popular movies and shows as well on YouTube, and it can be a great source of entertainment for you.

What we didn’t like about YouTube

YouTube does have a lot of ads on it, and they are quite annoying as well. You can always get YouTube Premium’s free trial, and that is also a great alternative, but YouTube, in general, has a lot of ads on it.

Plus, you won’t be finding a lot of the latest movies and tv shows on it for free, so that is also something to think about.

Why did we choose YouTube as a alternative?

YouTube can be a great alternative to simply because it is a great website overall, and you really don’t have to figure out a lot to search through it as well.

YouTube is also very quick to load on any platform, and it is available on every major device through which you can stream.

Review and rating of YouTube

YouTube is a great site that everyone on the internet does check out for some reason or the other, and for some people, it is for getting some entertainment.

And entertainment is something that YouTube does provide. I would be rating YouTube 3.5/5 stars. 


Hbo Max

HBO Max is a pretty great streaming service that produces great shows, such as ‘Peacemaker’, ‘The Last Of Us’, ‘House of The Dragons’, etc. 

In 2021 HBO Max made a pretty controversial move by simply streaming all the movies produced by Warner Bros. on their streaming platform on the same day they were released in theatres. 

Since then, the streaming service has really evolved and its content has gotten even better. 

What we liked about HBO Max

HBO Max has a great list of content and there is no denying it. It produces the most consistently good content over the period. 

While the rest of the streaming services focus more on the quantity of their shows, HBO Max, on the other hand, focuses more on the quality and wants its users to view all the shows and movies they release on the platform. 

It is not that everything lands when it comes to HBO, such as Westworld, but the overall quality of the shows are top class!

What we didn’t like about HBO Max

HBO Max is not available worldwide, and most of its shows have to be bought by other streaming services, or they have to make a deal with other streaming services to provide their content to the rest of the world. 

Due to this, you will find that the content that is released on their platform isn’t available on the same day as it is available on HBO Max, and people are not able to watch their shows, no matter how good they are. 

Why did we choose HBO Max as alternative?

There is not a lot to discuss between and HBO Max, per se. They both are pretty different when it comes to streaming movies. is a pirated and illegal website, whereas HBO Max is a legal website. 

Since it is a legal website, you are able to access a number of different content on this streaming service, and along with that you are also able to watch them on various devices, which isn’t something you can do with

Our recommendations on the best alternative? is not a site that you would think about when you first hear its name, but it is still a good site overall, and I found it to be quite useful as well.

But, the above-mentioned alternatives are even better than and you can try for yourself which one suits you the best, and it won’t cost you anything to try them out as well.

My recommendation among these six websites would be BBC iPlayer.

Why did we choose BBC iPlayer as the best alternative?

BBC iPlayer is a great streaming site, and it is also the one that I rated the highest among the six sites. It is just a great site overall and does offer some great content as well for its free price point.

But, like always, these have been my thoughts and alternatives. What about you? Do you agree with my list of alternatives, or would you prefer a different alternative to

Do let us know about them in the comments below!

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