Hidive review: Analysing price, features, screens, video quality, available anime, and more

Hidive review

Anime streaming websites is only a boon to all these anime nerds, who are always thirsty for new anime to watch and swoon over. The best way to impress an anime nerd is to recommend them new anime to watch, the more the better. And anime streaming sites are making this incredibly convenient. Hidive is one such streaming platform where you can find HD-quality collections of anime that will surely win you over. I, as your friendly guide, will be giving you a Hidive review, to help you make some sound decisions if you are thinking about subscribing to this site.

I will be talking about what the website has in store for you, Hidive pricing, platforms, and other features. 

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Due to the attention that anime and manga have received in the present times, its demand has also gone up. There are loads of sites like Hidive that provide the same and even better services. These Hidive alternatives make watching anime online easier and a fun experience for you.

However, what makes Hidive special is its sophisticated collection of anime that you can watch both in subbed and dubbed versions. In this Hidive review, my goal is to familiarize you with all these features and more!

Hidive Library: What is available on Hidive

The collection of anime in Hidive is not extraordinary but special. You can find niche and obscure anime on this website. A lot of popular titles aren’t available. You can find anime like Food Wars, Domestic Girlfriend, Sword Oratoria: Is It Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon?, Run With the Wind, etc. This website also hosts more mature content for adult viewers. 

The approximate number of shows and movies available on Hidive is about only 500. You can find subbed and dubbed versions of these shows on the platform and also Simulcast videos which are broadcasted at the same time as Japan. The videos are extremely high-quality as well.

anime content on Hidive
Anime Genres on Hidive Action, adventure, fantasy, romance, horror, mystery, comedy, music, sports, etc.

You can also watch live-action movies of anime and other movies like Godzilla from time to time. If you are someone who is into watching stuff that not many others watch, then Hidive is your friend. If you want to go deeper into the world of anime and check out not-so-popular yet worth-the-watch titles then I think you will quite dig this website.

Hidive: Pricing and Plans

In this Hidive review, I will be talking about the biggest advantage of Hidive. If you are low on bucks and want to watch newer stuff then I would more than recommend this platform. You just need to spend $4.99 per month to become a member. With this plan, you can get access to the entirety of its catalog. You can watch these videos in 1080p and even stream on two devices simultaneously. 

Hidive free trial

And it may happen that you have already subscribed to it and yet are not sure if you want to proceed with the subscription, Hidive provides you with a 30-day free trial. If you change your mind just in case, you can cancel your subscription within these 30 days and you don’t even have to pay for it! 

And for all of these perks, you have to subscribe only once!

What devices are compatible with Hidive?

When it comes to compatibility with other devices, Hidive is top-notch and can tackle Crunchyroll and Funimation head-to-head. You can access Hidive through its website and you can also access it with your smartphones. Other than these you can access Hidive via multiple media streaming devices and gaming consoles.

PlatformsAndroidiOSAmazon Fire TVApple TVRokuPS4Xbox One/S/XWeb BrowserChromecast

Top Features of Hidive

My Hidive review will also highlight the other perks and features that you can get by subscribing to this multi-chromatic website. Like I already mentioned before, the list of anime on Hidive might be short yet it is intriguing. Hidive also includes titles from its parent company Sentai Filmworks. Some of these shows include Gatchaman and The Big O. You can get access to all these shows by becoming a member.

You can watch the Simulcast episodes in subbed version too. All the anime on Hidive come as subbed and dubbed versions.

You only have to make a single subscription to unlock all these features. And the most special feature of this website is its user-friendly and interactive interface. In Hidive, you can create your private chat room where you can stream anime with your friends by sending them a link to the anime that you want to watch. This live streaming feature is very unique to this platform.

Hidive also has standard parental controls which lets you block mature content from one profile while keeping it enabled in the others. Hidive lets you log in from three profiles from one account. You can customize your profile according to your preferences.

You can also buy anime merch from the Sentai Fireworks store and read articles on their new releases in the official blog of Hidive. 

✔Exclusive collection of anime

✔Subbed and dubbed videos

✔Live streaming

✔Good parental control tools

Hidive Review: A Brief Summary

As we can see, Hidive has a pretty good score so far in my Hidive review. But every platform has its own set of setbacks and so does Hidive. Will these limitations pose a threat to this website’s score or not? Let’s find out!

Probably the biggest limitation of Hidive is that it is not available in too many countries. It is only available in 100 countries including, the UK, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Australia, France, India, etc. And that is a total bummer for a lot of anime fans residing in countries where it is not available. But this problem can be solved with the use of a VPN, which can tweak your location and make accessing Hidive possible.

Hidive also doesn’t have a free and ad-supported interface like Crunchyroll or Funimation. The web interface is a little below the mark although easy to browse once you get used to it. 

Anime series on Hidive

Hidive also doesn’t offer any discounts on its merchandise to the subscribers. This might make acquiring apparent and other stuff expensive given the exorbitant shipping and customs charges. You also cannot read manga in Hidive unlike other anime streaming sites like Funimation and Crunchyroll.

The app also doesn’t have a playback feature for the videos. The video quality is also mediocre in the Hidive app.

On how many devices can you stream one Hidive account?

Hidive supports anime streaming up to two devices at one time. Also, from every account, you can create three different profiles. 

Final Thoughts: Is Hidive worth it? 

Hidive is definitely worth the shot if you are looking for a place to stream anime from at a pocket-friendly budget. However, it can do a lot better in regards to some of the criteria like availability and app interface. In our Hidive vs Crunchyroll article and Hidive vs Funimation articles, we have compared this relatively lesser-known website to two top-runners in this field, Crunchyroll and Funimation. Hidive may not be the best streaming website but it has some noteworthy features that truly give it an original dimension. I will end this Hidive review by saying that, if you are looking for fresh anime to watch or if you want to dive deeper into the world of anime, Hidive is worth a shot!

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