Minesweeper: How to beat Minesweeper in 3 easy steps

How to beat Minesweeper

Let’s admit it, you are here on the internet searching ways to beat Minesweeper because you have failed to complete the game even after several attempts. No, there’s nothing wrong with your gaming abilities in fact most of us gamers have been there. Turns out you can complete the game in just 5 simple steps, after following these steps I managed to beat Minesweeper and complete the game with ease, and since then I haven’t lost a single game on Minesweeper. Yes, you read that right!

It felt wrong to keep this simple trick to myself, so I compiled this 5 step guide to beat Minesweeper that is guaranteed to let you complete the game.

Step 1: The Basics

The Basics

Before I reveal my secret strategy, let us quickly study how the game actually works.

A majority of gamers think that Minesweeper is quite difficult to play but in reality, it is actually pretty simple if you stick to the basics.

  • First click a square, then you get a number. 
  • That number dentotes the number mines that are surrounding it.
  •  If you manage to find the mine, you can open “unopened” squares surrounding it, which in turn opens more areas.

Step 2: The Strategy

The Strategy

Now its time to Implement this simple strategy:

As soon as the game starts, click the four squares in the corner. By doing so you will have opened up a decent amount of blocks. (96%0 of the time)

Then focus on marking all the mines that are pretty obvious. For instance, if there is an eight 1’s surrounding an unopened square, it is definitely a mine.

Once you have opened the obvious mines, then start looking for the mines that are around other numbers, just as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 3: Tips + Hints

Tips + Hints

– If you constantly keep clicking both the right and left mouse buttons together over a number that has its mine or mines found already you will manage to open all the blocks around it. By doing so you will have managed to save some valuable time. 

So always remember to click the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously once you find all the mines around that number.

It is a massive advantage if you find the mines in blocks of 1, as it opens up additional squares and good hints to 2’s and 3’s.

Important: Always be cautious and open blocks only if you are certain are safe.

Where to play Minesweeper?

Now that you’ve got some of the basics down, it is time to try your strategy. Minesweeper is widely available online in several formats, one such, Play Minesweeper, offers the game in a bright, colorful format. Additionally, the game can be played in beginner, intermediate, and expert modes. Looking for a mobile/tablet experience? Check out Minesweeper on iOS and Google Play.

Practice makes a man perfect! So initially try to complete as many games on Minesweeper as possible after which you will feel confident to complete the game in record time.

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