How to Find the Best Alternatives to Recuva for Data Recovery

You may have had issues with your data before and use Recuva for a number of your data management processes including recovery of lost files. While Recuva can save your day, it may not be in a position to save all your data issues. This is why you may be looking for some of the best alternatives to use in case of emergencies.

Perhaps you are now asking yourself, which data recovery software might be better than Recuva? Some people want to get answers to this question really quickly, not because Recuva is a bad idea, but sometimes because they are looking for Recuva-like data recovery tools for Mac. Also, Recuva comes with its own share of shortcomings and can be a good reason to try to get some better alternatives. 

We will take a deep dive into some of the best alternatives you can use. But even before that, we will show you some basic background checks about Recuva.

What is Recuva?

A free-to-download software built to recover deleted files. Best for recovering files from the recycle bin and also supports corrupted and formatted disks. Plus, you can access it in various languages other than English.

Usability of Recuva

People who use Recuva say that the software is easy to use. Besides, it supports all Windows devices. To use it, you must download and install it on your PC, launch, and choose the volume to scan. 

Pros of Recuva

  • Fast scanning.
  • Recovers files lost from various scenarios including malware attack, hard drive failure, and accidental deletion, etc. 
  • Preview function available
  • Multiple storage devices supported


  • Works on Windows only
  • Cannon opens recovered files directly
  • Cannot recover data from crashed systems
  • Recovers a limited range of files

How to Find the Best Alternatives

Finding some of the best alternatives to Recuva is easy. Let’s look at some of the priority areas and specs to look out for when selecting the best alternatives.


While you want an alternative to make your data recovery experience better, you are not looking for an alternative that will make you break the bank. This is why pricing is a crucial element here. Choose an alternative with a better and more affordable pricing plan.


You are probably looking for alternatives because you want to try additional features of data recovery software. Properly inspect the features by installing a trial version before taking the next step.

Client and client set up

Setting up a data recovery software should be easy. This is because there are various types of users with different levels of knowledge and understanding. That is why you want to choose software that is easy to set up and comes with an interactive user interface.


Well, if you use Recuva then you know they offer email customer support and even direct contact where there is a serious need to. User experience is particularly crucial as it gives you confidence even with private data. That is why you must consider looking for an alternative with better customer support.

5 Best Data Recovery Software Alternatives

Let us now look at some of the top-rated alternatives. You can switch to these effective alternatives to Recuva any time you feel. Plus, we have given you the highest-rated alternatives for Windows, Mac, and Android devices.

Disk Drill 

Looking for the best alternative or the best data recovery software? Disk Drill is a top-rated data recovery software that every PC, Mac, or mobile user is talking about today. The tool combines robust features with high agility to ensure you can perform quick data recoveries to restore some of your best files in a blink.

Other than supporting a wide variety of file formats, it also supports recovery from a wide variety of storage devices. Some of the features you get when using Disk Drill developed by CleverFiles include:

  • Quick and deep scan
  • Windows and Mac versions are available
  • Free recovery of up to 500 MB
  • Interactive user interface
  • Supports a wide range of file formats
  • Recovery from a wide range of storage devices 


  • Users can predict the recovery chances with Disk Drill
  • Users have access to free data protection tools
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Cross-platform saving of scan sessions
  • Virtual and disk-based storage devices supported


  • Premium version is a little expensive, especially to small enterprises
  • It does not offer phone-based customer support
  • With the trial version, you are limited to 500MBs only


This is an amazing alternative to Recuva which is basically used to retrieve erased data and files lost in many scenarios. Perfect for many formats of data including photos, emails, videos, and even zip archives. The success rate is also high and the UI is user-friendly.

Some of the key features of this software include:

  • Data preview
  • Specialist recovery for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
  • One-click recovery


  • Supports almost all data types
  • Recover data from nearly all common loss scenarios
  • Supports all internal and external drives
  • Quick and deep scans available


This is yet another alternative to Recuva you can consider. It works on Windows and Linux and has a free version too. Some features to look out for include: 

  • Preview before extraction of data
  • Option to choose where to save files including emailing 


  • Easy to use
  • Creating a new folder called “Recovered” makes it easier for you to save recovered files
  • Free version available 


  • Window popups during recovery can be annoying 
  • Low recovery rate
  • Cannot recover crashed systems
  • Some files cannot open after recovery


If you are still looking for additional alternatives to Recuva, PhotoRec is just another option. The software is built by CGSecurity and can recover severely damaged files. It however comes with some security risks.


  • Supports nearly all PC systems
  • Free to use
  • Can recover reformatted or severely damaged files


  • Preview is not supported
  • Risk of malware or virus attack
  • User interface is a little technical

Tenorshare UltData for Android

If you are considering an alternative because you want Android data recovery software, Tenorshare UltData will do you some good.

It is also a good data recovery for Mac and Windows and you have the option to selectively preview and recover data with ease. As a read-only program, this tool ensures enhanced data security.

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