How To Sell a House In Tennessee and Move Out of State

Whether you are moving for a job transfer or being close to family, relocation to another state might be necessary. However, In most situations, homeowners prefer to sell their house before moving to another state.

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While there is such flexibility, planning is still important. Unfortunately, most properties take time to sell due to high asking prices and the real estate market conditions. Often, it requires significant expertise and time to get a good outcome from the transaction.

Tips For Selling a House in Tennessee and Moving State

Managing the sale of your house while in a different state or paying two mortgages simultaneously can be a headache and a financial burden. More so, selling before moving can be a struggle if you need the cash to buy a new home in another state.

1. Set Reasonable Pricing

Remodeling and improving your home and aggressive pricing can be a time saver when selling your house. Overpriced houses do not sell. Setting a price on the low side should be the least of your worries.

Multiple offers will bid the price up to the house’s actual value.

So your price has to be more appealing than the competition.

2. Time the Sale

House sales in Tennessee flow with the seasons. While the timing may not be everything, it does influence the price and how fast your house will sell. For example, homes sold in June sell faster than in January.

Time the sale so that you don’t sell too fast and have no other home lined up in the new state. Closing the sale could also take too long with the wrong timing leaving you with no funds to facilitate moving out of state.

3. Sell to Cash Buyers

The best option for closing within the timeframe you are looking for is to sell the house to cash home buyers. They purchase homes as they are, meaning you won’t have to make any repairs to prepare the house for staging or selling.

Since the payment is in cash, the buyers will likely close in fewer days. Selling to cash buyers saves time and will give you peace of mind as you will not have to put any resources into renovations.

You could end up not getting the timing right. Some challenging situations may arise where you have to sell but are not ready to move. Here is what you need to do:

i. Request for a flexible closing date

Ask for a flexible closing date to give you time to line up a new house and plan for moving out of state. Some buyers may be flexible and willing to close in a month or two.

ii. Rent back

Asking for rent back is ideal in cases where the house is sold too soon and your new residence is not ready. If the buyer agrees, they can allow you to stay for a few more months and pay them until your new home is lined up.

Tips For Moving Out of State

1. Research the New State and City

Do research online or take an exploration trip to the new city. Check out available schools, commute times, and the security of the neighborhoods.

Before moving out of state, secure housing and employment if possible. You are better off having a new house before you arrive in the new state.

2. Evaluate the Cost of Living

Establish how much more or less your cost of living will be after moving to another state. The primary areas to check include taxes, food, housing, clothes, and transportation. In addition, if you want to run a business, check the cost of business licenses and payroll taxes.

This will help you prepare an informed budget.

3. Set Aside Money for Moving

Relocating to another state is expensive. Ensure you have savings to cover the expenses. Some of the costs you should think about are mileage overage surcharges, utility deposits, and connection fees, and gas/diesel expenses, to mention a few.

4. Stay Informed of The New State’s Risks of Natural Disasters

If you are moving to a state prone to flooding, earthquakes, or tornadoes, you should know the risks to choose your home insurance policies wisely. Disaster preparedness is vital so that you are ready to tackle any issues that may arise.

5. Explore Your Neighborhood

After settling in the new state, get to know your neighborhood. Meet new people, join the local neighborhood association, and take walks or bike rides around your neighborhood.

Selling Laws in Tennessee

Selling laws in Tennessee require that all sellers give the buyer a disclosure statement before making a real estate transfer.

The document should inform the buyer of any known material defects in the house.

The seller is also not required to conduct an independent investigation or obtain an inspection to complete the form. However, failure to disclose defects can attract a lawsuit, or the seller can be convicted of a crime.

A buyer can waive their right to a disclosure statement if they buy the home “as is” or plan to demolish the entire house.

To get this waiver, the seller must provide a disclaimer statement that tells the buyer to make no warranties or representations of the property’s condition.


You have limited time when selling a house to move to another state. Therefore, selling your home before moving states will save you costs and ensure you have money to facilitate the relocation.

To sell your house fast in Tennessee, set a reasonable price, time the sale, and consider selling to cash buyers.

The cost of moving to another depends on the moving option you select and additional expenses like realtor fees. In addition, to transfer ownership of your property, you must comply with Tennessee selling law that requires you to provide a disclosure statement to the buyer.

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