How to use Rabb it after its shut down? (Use with Kast) 

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use rabb it with kast

Rabb it was a movie-watching service based in California which would let its user remotely watch video content together. Rabb it let its user watch movies and shows with their loved ones when not physically together. Using rabb it was very simple but now after rabbit shutdown, Kast purchased rabb it.

In this article, I will show you how to use Rabb it with Kast in a few simple steps with Kast

How to use rabbit with Kast on the desktop? 

Kast can be downloaded on the Windows PC as well as mac

Step 1: Vist the official kast website I have given the website link below

Step 2: Click on the Download windows / Download Mac option

Step 3: Run the file on your windows and Mac 

Step 4: Create a party and watch content with your loved ones

How to use rabb it with Kast on the web?  

Step 1: Vist the Kast official website

Step 2: Click on Try Kast Web

Step 3: The link will send you to a platform where you can create a party to watch content with your friends and family

How to use rabbit with Kast on mobile?  

Kast can be used on the Google play store and Apple app store which make it convenient for users to use the platform. I will show you the step you need to follow to use rabb it on your smartphone

Step 1: Visit the website I have given the link in the article below

Step 2: Go to Kast mobile tab and click on iOS to download the app for Apple device and click on Android to download the app for the Android smartphone

Step 3: Open the app on your device and create a party to watch movies with your friends



I have listed the steps on how to use rabb it with Kast after the shutdown. If you have used Kast and not liked it then I have written an entire article on the rabbit alternatives so that you don’t miss a single movement in the movie with your loved ones


Joel Picardo

Joel Picardo

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