7 ways to fix Hulu not working on Firestick

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hulu app on firestick

Hulu is one of the biggest streaming services in the world with millions of users per month. Many people choose to watch hulu using firestick. While most of them  never face a problem, some face the issue of Hulu not working on  Firestick which can be solved easily. We have listed 7 ways to solve hulu not working on fire tv below.

1. Check Network/Internet connection


Movie streaming apps require high speed and high data usage. If the speed on your internet connection is low you would need to update to a higher bandwidth.  If your internet connection is down then you would either need to restart your router or call customer support. 

Restart your internet connection by turn off the router and wait for 10 seconds and then turn on your router. If this does not fix your internet connection then you need to call customer care. They should get your internet connection solved.

If internet connection is fine and hulu is still not working on Firestick then there are 5 more ways to solve it. 

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2. Restart Firestick/Fire TV device

Most of the users of Firestick have stated that restarting firestick can solve the issue of hulu not working on Firestick. Restarting your firestick device requires a few simple steps which I have listed below.

Restart Firestick for setting tab

Step 1: Go to the settings tab and then go to device and software menu

Step 2: Next step is to click restart option this would warm boot your firestick

Step 3: Now check if Hulu is working on Firestick

Restart Firestick from remote buttons

Step 1: Hold the Play/ Pause button and Select button together. The firestick will power off and restart on its own

Step 2: That is just one step to restart firestick using remote buttons. Now check if hulu is working on Firestick 

Restart firestick by cold boot

A cold boot is very simple to perform to restart firestick. Just unplug the adaptor and watch for around 30 seconds and plug it back in. If Hulu is not working on Firestick then we have got more ways listed below.

3. Reinstall Hulu


Most users have got the hulu not working error solved using this method.

Step 1: Go to setting and then App menu on Firestick

Step 2: Go to the manage installed apps and find hulu app

Step 3: Uninstall the Hulu app. Then go to the app store and install it back again.

Most users have got the hulu not working error solved using this method.

4. Update Hulu

Updating Hulu app to the latest version can solve the error of hulu not working on firestick. Below is the step by step process to update hulu on firestick or fire tv

Step 1: Go to apps and channel row on Firestick and the highlight the Hulu App

Step 2: On the remote click the menu button and then more info

Step 3: The app store will open. Check to see if the Hulu app is updated to the latest version. If not then update it. Once the update is done check if Hulu is opening on Firestick

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5. Update Firestick

The reason why Hulu is not working on Firestick is that you might be running an old version of Firestick app. Below is the step by step process on how to update firestick

Step 1: Go to setting from Firestick home screen

Step 2: Go to device and software and then go to about page

Step 3: In the about page go to check for updates

Step 4: Install update if there is a new update

If updating firestick does not solve the error try out the next steps

6. Check Firestick and Hulu servers

The servers of firestick or hulu might be down which might cause the error of hulu not working on Firestick. If the servers are down you would receive email from the company. Do not be worried once the servers are up then firestick or hulu should start right back up.

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7. Reach out to Hulu or Firestick

The last and final way to solve hulu not working on fire tv is to call the customer support of Hulu and Firestick. We would recommend calling the customer support of Hulu first and then firestick. Let us know in the comment below which method has worked for you.

Joel Picardo

Joel Picardo

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