Is Playing Snakes and Ladders Advantageous in Any Way? Find Out Here

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Snakes and Ladders is a classic board game, and all the 90s kids have played it. It is a childhood favorite and exudes nostalgia. But many people have raised the question of whether it is just another game or offers benefits. Continue reading to find out.

The first step to numeral recognition 

Want to teach your kid to recognize numbers? Play Snakes and Ladders with your child and motivate them to identify the numbers one to hundred. These are the numbers written on the board’s tiles. 

Besides children, adults with learning disabilities can play this fun game to enhance their numeral recognition prowess. 

Great way to practice your counting 

Not everyone is a math whizz, but you can be great at counting and handling your daily finances. That’s where Snakes and Ladders come to the rescue. 

The game involves rolling the dice and moving the token according to the number rolled. For instance, if you roll a six, your token must move six places. Then, if you land on the square with a ladder, you can climb, and if you land on the square with a snake, you will return to a lesser-numbered square. 

The square or tiles are marked 1 to 100. Therefore, playing regularly means practicing counting, and it is a fun way to brush up on your basic math skills. 

Enhances social and communication skills 

It is a multiplayer game played between two to four players. Of course, you will not silently play a game that involves several twists and turns. There are so many layers to this game where you might be winning but land on the 99 square, and the snake’s mouth swallows your token to send it back to the starting square. You cannot stay quiet when this happens!

Also, when four people are playing this game, there will be a lot of chatting and bonding. 

You can even play Snakes and Ladders online, and that means connecting with random online opponents. You can increase your communication and social skills by chatting with your opponents. 

Teaches the ability to handle minor setbacks in life

Failure is the pillar of success. Everyone has used this proverb, from Samuel Beckett to Albert Einstein, several times to emphasize that people fail thousands of times before seeing success. 

But nobody likes to fail! Coming to terms with this proverb requires a lot of mental strength, which is never easy. 

However, the road to acceptance can be fun if you play Snakes and Ladders regularly. The proverb is apt for this game because players cannot give up on their race to the finish. But the path is filled with obstacles, AKA the snakes. Yes, there are also ladders to help you succeed, but snakes constantly try to fail people. 

The trick? Do not give up. Keep rolling the dice until you reach the last square and can proudly claim your spot on top of the leaderboard. 

Completing several obstacles, the player reaches the top only to flip on the biggest snake’s head. Then, it adversely drops to the last spot. It may appear to be a harsh awakening, but it is also a safe lesson that will prepare you to handle the minor setbacks of society. 

However, most matches are timed when playing online, and you may still win even if you haven’t reached the top. The objective is to score more than your competitor, and online games teach players the importance of focus and hand-eye coordination. 

Improves attention span 

To win Snakes and Ladders, you must pay attention and cannot lose focus. Your mind can significantly benefit from this lesson, and you can implement it in your regular life. 

You will improve your concentration, attention span, and observation if you indulge in uninterrupted board game sessions. This is an essential life lesson in a world where digital distractions are showing an upward trajectory. 

An excellent stress-buster 

Playing games can soothe anxiety and de-stress you. So if you have been feeling the heat at your workplace or facing relationship problems, give yourself a break. Take out the Snakes and Ladders board or click play on an online app and keep your worries at bay. 

Furthermore, interacting with people during the game can help you overcome interpersonal awkwardness and deal with low self-esteem. 

While playing the game, you won’t even think of all the things troubling you. As a result, the game is extremely engaging and fun. Your mind will solely focus on rolling the dice and getting the numbers that won’t take you to the square with the snake’s head. 

Besides these, you can win cash rewards and prizes if you play online games. In addition, you can participate in tournaments that pit you against several competitors. All of them have varying skills and experience levels that will motivate you to put your best foot forward. 


So the Snakes and Ladders game is a complete package offering entertainment, motivation, and benefits. In addition, the game teaches essential life lessons to handle failure like a pro. Also, you will learn not to give up on your dreams because of obstacles and failures. 

You can play the game offline or online with your friends, family, or random opponents. It will help you bond with people while racing to beat each other. The game also soothes anxiety and improves math skills. 



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