Top 6 KimCartoon alternatives in 2023

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What is KimCartoon?

KimCartoon was a website that had a number of different cartoon shows available on it, and it had been around for quite some time online, and it used to stream free cartoon shows on its website.

However, just like most websites that provide free video content online on their website, except for something like YouTube, the website got banned and shut down and this upset a lot of fans of the website. 

Well, if you are one of them, then don’t worry because in this article I will be discussing some of the best alternatives to KimCartoon that you can find online. 

How To Watch Cartoons Online For Free

Reason to look for sites like KimCartoon

Reason 1 – No Longer Available 

As I mentioned above, the main website of KimCartoon is now longer available to use as it has been blocked due to various copyright infringement cases that were put up against it for not having the streaming rights to most of the shows that it was showing on its website. 

The website owners were not able to gain enough proof on their side and ultimately had to shut down the website forever and you are no longer able to access any of the shows that were available on it. 

Reason 2 – Not Legal 

The way KimCartoon was operating was definitely not a legal way, as it did not have the rights to any of the shows that it was streaming on its website. 

And in today’s day and age where Netflix is even putting a pin on password sharing, it is not easy to run a website that streams content for free, for which it doesn’t have any rights to do so.

Plus, there are many options available online that are able to stream your favourite cartoon shows online for free that do have the rights to sharing them online.  

Reason 3 – Not Convienient 

One of the other reasons why you should always look for alternatives to such websites is because they are convenient enough to use. 

In today’s age, where everyone has a smartphone, a Smart TV or a Firestick-type device connected to their old TV, everyone is able to stream anything right from their devices because there are apps present for everything. 

That was not the case with KimCartoon. If you wanted to stream or watch anything on it, then you would have to personally go to your computing device’s browser, and only from there could you watch something. 

That is also after clicking through multiple different pop-up ads, which can be really annoying. So, it was not at all convenient to use. 

Best KimCartoon competitors

With all those reasons, here are some of the best KimCartoon Alternatives you can try out right now. 



YouTube is the best alternative to KimCartoon that you could possibly use right now. Everyone knows about YouTube, it is the second most searched website on the internet, only after Google. 

Almost everyone spends some part of their day watching YouTube videos and that is because it is a service that is absolutely free to use, and if you are not a big fan of the ads, then you can always choose its Premium Plan. 

What we liked about YouTube

There is a lot to like about YouTube; however, if we are just talking about it through KimCartoon’s perspective, then also you have a lot to see on YouTube. 

There are a number of different cartoon shows available to watch on YouTube, and they are all run by the actual companies of those cartoon shows. There are full-length episodes to watch on YouTube. 

There’s a reason why Baby Shark has become the number one most viewed song on YouTube, it’s because kids love to watch YouTube, and so do adults.

What we didn’t like about YouTube

There is not a lot to dislike about YouTube, especially when you are comparing it to something like KimCartoon. However, there are definitely some nitpicks you can point out about it. 

Most prominently that, YouTube has a lot of ads on its platform, and since YouTube knows that kid’s content is also something that is watched a lot on its platform, it does tend to put up a lot of ads on it, as it is the main source of income for YouTube. 

However, as I mentioned above, YouTube also offers a Premium subscription that completely gets rid of the ads, and that is always an added bonus.

Why did we choose YouTube as a KimCartoon alternative?

YouTube is better than KimCartoon in almost every way possible. It has an application that is readily available on most devices. 

The platform is free of cost, and you are also able to watch everything on it legally since the episodes are uploaded by the actual companies who produce these episodes. 

Along with this, YouTube also offers parental settings and even offers to make a kids account so that only kid-friendly stuff is shown in that particular account and nothing else. 

Review and rating of YouTube

YouTube is the king of streaming, and there are no other platform, even paid, that comes even close to what it is offered on YouTube. The service is totally free to use, and you are able to watch as much content as you like. 

I will rate YouTube 4.5/5 stars as a great alternative to KimCartoon. 



Netflix is also a really good KimCartoon alternative that you might have not thought about. I have always said that Netflix has everything for everyone on its platform, and it does hold true, even for kids. 

There is a surprising amount of Cartoon shows available to watch on Netflix, which is something that many people often don’t expect from a company like Netflix, but Netflix does like to try out content for various target audiences.

What we liked about Netflix

As I mentioned above, Netflix does offer many different cartoon shows from very well-known IPs that can be very entertaining for various kids of different age groups. 

Netflix also offers to make a separate profile, just for Kids, on its platform, similar to what you get on something like YouTube, and in there, you are able to watch a great number of kid-friendly content, and it also recommends you content based on your viewing experience.

What we didn’t like about Netflix

There are also not a lot of things to dislike about Netflix, but when you compare it to a website that offers free content to watch on its platform, and then you jump to a service who’s premium plan costs $15/month, then that can be a little annoying for some people.

There are no free plans available on Netflix, and Netflix has also stopped giving out free trials. Their cheapest plan is their ad-supported tier, which costs around $5/month. 

Plus, Netflix also doesn’t have the entire collection of popular cartoon shows on its platform, so even some kids might be disappointed with that. 

Why did we choose Netflix as a KimCartoon alternative?

While Netflix is expensive to use when compared to something like KimCartoon, the fact still remains that it is a better way to watch Cartoon shows, without having to go on a website to watch a number of pop-up ads, along with some cartoons along the way. 

Along with this, Netflix has a lot better setup of watching kid shows on its platform than what is available to do on something like KimCartoon. 

Review and rating of Netflix

I have mentioned about Netflix a number of times on this website. However, this is the first time where I also mentioned its kids section, as well. 

There is a good amount of shows on Netflix, and kids can surely enjoy watching those shows on Netflix, as well, and for that reason and many more, I will rate Netflix 3.5/5 stars. 

Disney Plus

Disney Plus

Disney is a brand that is associated with many children’s and adult’s childhood. Disney was built on that platform and still releases a lot of great animated cartoon shows on live television. 

Well, the great news with Disney Plus is the fact that you are able to watch all of Disney’s classic cartoon shows and their new shows on its streaming service, Disney Plus.

There is much more to talk about Disney Plus, so let’s get into it. 

What we liked about Disney Plus

Disney Plus does have a lot to offer, especially since it does produce its very own cartoon animated series and runs them live on various other Disney channels, that you are able to see on Disney Plus, as well. 

Disney Plus also has a really great amount of parental settings available on its platform that are able to restrict specific content, and you can even create a special kid profile on your Disney Plus account that will only refer to Kid-friendly content on it. 

Along with this, Disney Plus is available in various countries and has its application available for various different viewing devices. 

What we didn’t like about Disney Plus

While Disney Plus is a great option to stream cartoon shows on your favourite devices, it is also a streaming service that is quite costly, as well. Even its ad-supported plan comes at $8/month, which is pretty expensive when all things considered.

So parents who are looking at subscribing to the service, just for their kids, might have to look into whether they also like the overall content on Disney Plus that can be beneficial for them, as well. 

Why did we choose Disney Plus as a KimCartoon alternative?

While Disney Plus is definitely much more expensive than KimCartoon, there is still a lot to watch on its platform, and it is pretty convenient to use, as well. 

Disney Plus has loads of new shows that it releases, and it also has some classic Disney animated shows, as well. 

Plus, you can easily enjoy the content legally on its streaming platform than watching it on the website of KimCartoon. 

Review and rating of Disney Plus

Disney Plus is a good streaming service, and it does offer quite a lot of content as it also owns various brands that are well-known. 

While the overall price of the streaming service is quite expensive, there are still a good amount of kid-friendly content and shows available on it that can be worth your time. 

I will rate Disney Plus 3.5/5 stars. 

Watch Cartoons Online

If you are looking for a direct alternative to KimCartoon then you can also try this website whose name basically says what it is about. Watch Cartoons Online is a website where you will find a number of different cartoon shows to watch for free. 

The overall website does operate in a similar manner that KimCartoon was operating and, just like KimCartoon, this website also shares some more common threads that help it in being a good KimCartoon alternative. 

What we liked about Watch Cartoons Online

One of the main things to like about Watch Cartoons Online is the fact that it is a free website that is available to use online for watching cartoon shows online (duh!), and the website does offer a wide range of shows on its website. 

Along with that, all of the shows that are available on its website are in HD resolution, which is still reasonable enough for many people to easily tune in to watch their favourite cartoon shows for free. 

What we didn’t like about Watch Cartoons Online

Watch Cartoons Online does have the same cons that you expect from a website like KimCartoon. 

The website does not have the rights to share any of the shows that it is streaming on its website, and that can easily lead to various copyright cases on its website, which can eventually lead to the same fate as that of KimCartoon. 

Along with this, the website is not convenient enough to use for watching, compared to the other alternatives that I mentioned above. 

Why did we choose Watch Cartoons Online as a KimCartoon alternative?

As I mentioned above, Watch Cartoons Online is a direct alternative to KimCartoon in every single way. Just like KimCartoon, Watch Cartoons Online also streams free cartoon shows on its website for free of cost. 

The overall website features a number of great shows, that are quite popular in the world of cartoons. 

Plus, Watch Cartoons Online, for now, is still available to use, and that is something that you can’t say about KimCartoon. 

Review and rating of Watch Cartoons Online

Watch Cartoons Online is a fairly straightforward website that streams cartoon shows for free on its website, and that is exactly what KimCartoon was also doing on its site. If you are looking for a direct alternative to it, then you can definitely go for this website. 

I will rate Watch Cartoons Online 3/5 stars.



CartoonCrazy is also an alternative to KimCartoon that you can try out. Just like KimCartoon, CartoonCrazy also features a number of great and popular cartoon shows on its website, and you can also watch some anime shows on it, as well. 

Plus, CartoonCrazy also likes to operate without showing a lot of ads in between the videos that are showing on it website, and that is actually a pretty great thing about it. 

What we liked about CartoonCrazy

CartoonCrazy has a pretty simple website that has a pretty good UI that is not difficult to operate and you are easily find through its vast library of content to watch your favourite cartoon or anime show on its website. 

Along with this, CartoonCrazy does regularly update its library of content which is always a great thing because you always have something new to watch on the website. 

And the website also doesn’t run a lot of ads on its website, and that is always a good thing, although it does make you wonder how they make money out of it to run the website. 

What we didn’t like about CartoonCrazy

CartoonCrazy does not have the rights to share any of the cartoon shows that it is promoting on its website and that is something that will get it into some form of trouble in the future unless they are able to change its name or something to evade the problem. 

Plus, the website also does load pretty slowly, so that usually means that there are some server issues on its end, so that also means that the overall video that you stream on the website will buffer quite a lot.

Why did we choose CartoonCrazy as a KimCartoon alternative?

Just like KimCartoon, CartoonCrazy is also a website that is able to provide its users free cartoon shows to watch on its website. 

The advantage on CartoonCrazy’s side is that it is an active website and it does offer its users to watch the shows mostly ad-free, because the website doesn’t like to show a lot of them on its site. 

Along with this, you are able to watch a number of great cartoon shows on it that are also regularly updated on its site. 

Review and rating of CartoonCrazy

CartoonCrazy is also a good website that is an option for people to check out cartoon shows online for free. The overall website has a simple, yet effective UI that is easy to use. 

You have a pretty vast library of shows to watch on the website, and they are all updated pretty regularly on the website, so you are easily able to watch the latest episodes of your cartoon shows. 

I will rate CartoonCrazy 3/5 stars.



Toonova is also a good alternative to KimCartoon as it also offers its users to watch a wide variety of cartoon shows to be watched for free on its website. 

Along with this, Toonova also has an app that you can use for being able to conveniently use the website’s content, so that is also something that you get to see on Toonova.

What we liked about Toonova

Toonova does offer its users to watch free cartoon shows on its website, and that is something worthwhile, while you are discussing alternatives to a website like KimCartoon. 

The overall content library of Toonova is also pretty decent enough, so you will be able to watch some good content on its website. 

Plus, the website also has an app that you can download. Although that application is not available on stores like Play Store or App Store, you have to download it from its website, which can be a little risky. 

What we didn’t like about Toonova

Toonova does have some things that I am not a big fan of. For starters, the main website of Toonova is actually pretty difficult to find, so that is something that you have to figure out how you have to find. 

Once you do find it, then you see that there is not a lot to watch on its website, so that is also something which is a bummer. 

Plus, the website does have a number of different pop-up ads on it, and that can get pretty annoying pretty quickly.

Why did we choose Toonova as a KimCartoon alternative?

Toonova is an alternative to KimCartoon because it is a functioning website that does stream free cartoon shows. This was the main purpose of KimCartoon, which Toonova is able to do so now, as well. 

Review and rating of Toonova

Toonova is a pretty basic website that happens to stream cartoon shows on its website for free, and that is the main reason for including it in this list. 

It does have a number of different flaws, and for that reason, I will rate Toonova 2.5/5 stars. 

Our recommendations on the best KimCartoon alternative?

Well, there you have it, an article discussing some of the best Kimcartoon alternatives that you are able to watch for your kid or to visit your childhood favourite cartoon shows. 

There are a number of different options available. I have just mentioned the ones that I personally feel are some of the best available online, and I have tried to name all their pros and cons. 

You can easily try all of them out and see which one is best suited to your taste. However, if it were up to me to choose, then I would probably choose YouTube as the best alternative to KimCartoon. 

Why did we choose YouTube as the best KimCartoon alternative?

If you read this article thoroughly, then you would have easily guessed that this would be my number one pick because I also mentioned it as the best alternative to KimCartoon and rated the highest compared to all the other alternatives mentioned in this list. 

YouTube does tick a lot of boxes when it comes to watching free cartoon shows. It is legal to use, it is available to view on various different platforms, and it has tons of kid-friendly shows that you and your kid can watch.

You can even set up a kid profile that will only recommend kid-friendly content. It is a great alternative with not a lot of cons. 

As always these have been my thoughts on this topic. What about you? Do you agree with my list? Or do you think that I missed out a few other alternatives to KimCartoon? 

Whatever your thoughts are, do let us know about them in the comments down below!

Sanjit Mansingh

Sanjit Mansingh

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