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Kissanime|Download Kissanime App Apk on Android, iPhone, iPad, iOS, MAC, PC, Firestick, Roku

What is kissanime

Kissanime is a free anime streaming website if you ask any anime lover about the best website to watch the latest anime shows and movies a majority of them will recommend kissanime. Popular streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc have very selective anime to feature on their platform. However, kissanime is an anime dedicated, from the 1st episode of Dragon Ball Z to the latest Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie you can find it all on this popular anime streaming platform.

Popular anime like One Piece which is in its 24th year that releases a new episode every week is also available on kiss anime.   

Many kissanime mirror websites that claim to be an updated version of the original website can be found on the internet, these websites contain malware and viruses and can steal users’ important data. Thus, the kiss anime website developers came up with the kissanime mobile app which can be downloaded on Android, iPhone, PC, Laptop, Macbook, Firestick, and Amazon Firestick TV.

What is kissanime app

Kissanime app is a third-party app, which means it is not available on the Play Store or App Store. You will have to download the app through an apk link. The app is similar to kiss anime website that streams all popular anime for free. I used kissanime website and kissanime app and both did not disappoint. If you are looking to watch an anime movie I would suggest using the website, however, if you wish to watch a series like Dragon Ball GT, the app will be better as you can save your progress and resume from where you stopped the last time.

Features of kissanime

Fast loading

 I have gone through the top popular anime websites and apps and have written a detailed article about is as well. I noticed that kissanime website and its app are highly responsive. Even the content loading was the fastest in comparison to its competitors. I would term kiss anime as one of the fastest loading free anime websites. 

Well Categorized

Kissanime places ads on its platform. But the ad placement is done very precisely. A user will not find it difficult to find an anime or get lost in clickbait. The free anime platform has also categorized anime as per genre. For eg Dragon Ball Z is in action genre. One Piece in Adventure, One Punch Man is Fighting amongst others.

Regular Updates

 Kissanime is regularly updated with the latest anime episodes and movies which is one of the main reasons why most anime lovers rate this free anime streaming platform highly.

HD quality content

Anime episodes and movies can be downloaded and/or watched online in 240p to 1080p HD quality. So if you have low data or a weak network coverage you can switch to 240p and watch your favorite anime without any lagging issues. If you wish to capture every detail of the animation 1080p HD quality content should suit you the best.

Anime with English subtitles

Anime is growing in popularity and a majority of the anime fanbase looks to watch anime with eng subtitles. Kissanime was quick to update all its anime content with English subtitles. Even the latest anime releases come with English subtitles.

Global reach

 kissanime app and kissanime website are available globally, you can search for your favorite anime from any part of the world at any given time. It is not banned in any country.


Steps to download kissanime on Android mobile or how to access kissanime mobile

Step 1: Download the kissanime apk app on your smartphone by clicking on the link

Step 2: Next you would have to accept the download of the unknown kissanime app. Go to Menu>Setting>Apps and notifications>Special App Access>Install unknown app> kissanime>Accept 

Step 3: Log into the kissanime app and watch free anime, cartoons, and anime movies.


Steps to download kissanime on iOS/iPhone/iPad

Step 1: Open this Kissanime app apk link on your Apple iOS/iPhone/iPad and download.

Step 2: Accept the download of the app on your Apple device for that you would need to go to Setting>General Settings>Profile and devices>kissanime>Verify the download and install on your Apple Device 

Step 3: Open the app to watch anime movies and shows.


Steps to download kissanime on PC/Laptop

First, you will need to download an android emulator on your PC or Laptop with the help of an Android emulator you can cast your phone screen into your PC and Laptop. The main use case of an android emulator is while developing an app. If you are getting confused about which Android emulator to download then I have written down an entire article about the best android emulators available for free.

Step 1: Go to the internet browser from your laptop or PC and download the file from this Apk link.

Step 2: Run and install the kissanime app with the help of the Android emulator

Step 3: Open the kissanime app with the help of the android emulator

Step 4: Watch unlimited anime for free 


Steps to download kissanime on Amazon Firestick TV

Step 1: Open the internet browser from the fire tv app and download this apk link

Step 2: Go to Device options in Setting>Developer Options>Unknown App> Accept Kissanime app

Step 3: Open the kissanime app on your Fire TV and create and login to watch your favorite anime for free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question-Is the kissanime website safe?

A- Yes kissanime is a safe website as I did not find any viruses on the anime streaming website, however, I would recommend using incognito mode or using a VPN to mask your IP address for added safety.

Question- Does kissanime have a mobile app?

A- Yes kissanime has a mobile app, I have listed steps to download the free anime streaming app on android, iOS, Mac, PC, Laptop, Roku and Amazon Firestick TV.

Question- Is kissanime app available on playstore?

A- No kissanime is a third party application, you will need the kissanime apk link to download the app, I have provided the app apk in the article above. 

Question-Is Kissanime legal?

A- Speaking about the website and app, streaming content is illegal so in that regards kiss anime uses illegal means for streaming anime content. However, it is not illegal to surf through such websites for educational and research purposes. 

Question- Can I download the latest anime episodes on kissanime?

A-Yes you can download the latest episodes of all popular anime for free or even watch them online directly on the website or app. The anime download quality offered by kissanime starts from 240p to 1080p HD quality. 

Question- Do I need to create an account on kissanime to watch anime shows?

A-No, the best feature which users like about kissanime mobile app is that its users do not have to share any personal details, or use their email id to access the app, the same can be said for kiss anime website.

***Please Note: This article is solely for educational purposed, Geekymint does not intend to promote the use of torrent websites or pirated websites.***

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