Minecraft: Make your Minecraft client run faster in 4 simple steps

How to make your Minecraft client run faster

Minecraft has one of the biggest communities in the gaming industry, it is a sandbox videogame that will keep your mind active. However many gamers seem to be running an issue with the Minecraft client running very slow. 

In order to help out all the Minecraft players, I have compiled this quick and easy 4 step guide that will make your Minecraft client run faster.

Step 1: Resource Packs

Resource Packs

Most Minecraft players worry too much about Resources which can cause Minecraft your client to run slow. Simply turn off these resources to enjoy a faster and better gaming experience. 

The default look of Minecraft gives you a good rustic feel about the game and also runs faster.

Step 2: Sound


Playing Minecraft doesn’t necessarily need any audio; it is just an add on to the game. By shutting off the sound it will help your computer to render video faster and in turn, run your Minecraft client faster as well. Playing Minecraft requires focus and turning off audio can help you be better at the game, as a Minecraft player myself I too, often turn off the audio for better concentration.

Step 3: Video


Making these following changes to your video quality will help your Minecraft client run faster. 

Set Graphics at fast, not fancy

Render distance: As low as possible

Turn off Smooth Lighting 

Turn off 3D Anaglyph 

Turn off View bobbing

Turn off Clouds

Lower max framerate (I prefer 30)

Step 4: Play

You are all set with a faster Minecraft client version so all that’s left to do is show off your gaming skills to all those Minecraft players from all over the world.


Many gamers have found this article helpful, let us know in the comments sections if you have more tips or tricks to improve the speed of Minecraft client, watch this space for more tips and tricks to improve your gaming experience. 


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