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As a manga reader if you have ever wondered if there is any manga downloader software then you are in the right place. In this article, I will shed light on everything a user needs to know before installing software to download manga online.

Firstly yes such freeware does exist where you can download comics or manga novels directly on any device. But the internet is filled with many platforms that claim to do the work, however, not all are genuine so I curated a list of the best manga downloader software that you will find below in this article.

To make it into this elusive list I ensure that each downloader software allows users to download whole comics, single chapters, simultaneously download multiple chapters, and availability of several download formats including PDF, CBR, and, JPG. So without further adieu, let’s get into it

Analysis of the best Manga Downloader Software

DomDomSoft Manga Downloader

DomDomSoft Manga Downloader is a free and portable manga downloader software that is compatible with all Windows devices. This manga downloader provides comics from 18 top manga websites, like Mangadao, Manga Fox, EatManga, OurManga, and more.

Supported Download Format: ZIP, PDF,CBZ, PG,HTML

My review on DomDomSoft Manga Downloader: This platform comes under the category of one of the most convenient ways to download manga books from the internet. Users can choose different formats for their comic downloads while also being able to download up to 16 chapters simultaneously which comes really handy. Overall this platform gets a strong recommendation from me. 

Website URL:

Download URL:

Manga Crawler

Manga Crawler is a manga downloader software for Windows where users can download their favorite comics within minutes. The platform has a clean interface that shows the servers, series, and chapters of all available manga with the option to either visit page or download it.

Supported Download formats: JPG and CBR file.

My review on Manga Crawler

Mananga Crawler is one of the most complete platforms that cover all aspects of Manga. I was impressed with its list of servers. For instance, when you download a manga title there are at least 10 alternative servers. Users also get the option to read manga directly from the website servers online. Overall Manga Crawler certainly stands out as a leading manga downloader software that is free and safe.

Website URL:

Download URL:

Manga Downloader

Manga Downloader is another preferred free manga downloader software for Windows. It allows you to queue your downloads, provides a search bar, has a category for all the popular comics. This manga downloader software has its own collection to download comics.

Supported Download format: JPG format. 

My Review on Manga Downloader 

Manga Downloader is quite a great manga downloader software. It has a massive collection of online manga comics which can be favorited and accessed from the Favorite Tab. However, unlike most Manga downloader software, it downloads each page of a comic and is not like CBZ or CBR comics.

Website URL:

Download URL:

Manga Library

Manga Library is a Java-based Windows-specific manga downloader software that allows you to download and read manga offline. Manga Library relies on Manga Eden to source manga comic downloads.

Amongst the many features, here you can view lists of chapters and summaries by double-clicking on any comic. This manga downloader software allows you to download full chapters on a go, however, one at a time. If you are a beginner that you can learn how to read manga panels from this guide.

Supported format: JPG and PDF

My review of Manga Library

The user interface of this specific manga downloader software, Manga Library is quite impressive. It’s simple and hassle-free. The view menu displays options like manga download tracker, download mangas, preferences, and manga sources.

Website URL:

Download URL:

Eden Batch Downloader

Eden Batch Downloader is an easy-to-use manga comics downloader software for Windows where users can download manga for free. Currently, all of its downloadable manga content is provided by only one website ( 

All comics available on this downloader come with the option to save all chapters as a single file or as individual files. Users can also choose the download format as per device storage space and internet connection. 

Supported Download format:  CBZ, PDF, and RAW (png, jpg, etc.).

My review on Eden Batch Downloader

Eden Batch Downloader is one of the safest manga downloading software that users can install on their PC. This platform contains manga from only one website which may seem less but after a deeper analysis, the list of comics and novels was pretty impressive. Downloaded manga content is safe and clearly readable thus eliminating any possible red flags. 

Website URL:

Download URL:

Manga Ripper

The next best manga downloader software is Manga Ripper. Similar to Manga Crawler here you can search and download several manga comics available on top manga sites like Mangareader, otakuworks, Mangafox, and more. 

To use this manga downloader software a user will need to enter the URL of the manga website. After which the user will see a chapter button from where they can view chapters of the comic. Now the user can download their favorite chapters by adding them to the downloading queue. 

On Manga Ripper, users can download multiple chapters simultaneously but the speed will differ depending on your internet connection.

Supported Download Formats: JPEG, PDF, and Raw

My review on Manga Ripper

I would recommend Manga Ripper for downloading all chapters of a manga series. The interface is a bit difficult to understand at first but any manga lover will be blown away by the quantity of manga available. The stand-out feature of this downloader in my opinion is its ability to support multiple downloads simultaneously. Users can download all chapters of an arc within minutes.

Website URL:

Download URL:


HakuNeko is a great manga downloader for Windows. With this particular manga downloader software, you can download manga comics from any website like MangaGo, MangaPanda, MangaTown, MangaHere, etc. 

Supported Download Formats: CBR, EPUB, JPG, and PNG

My review on HakuNeko

HakuNeko provides great features to read downloaded comics. You can use this manga downloader software’s interface itself to get your comics. It has an impressive inbuilt Manga Reader to preview downloaded comics. Another great striking feature I found is that you can download individual chapters.

Website URL:

Download URL:

Eden Batch Downloader

Eden Batch is a free manga downloader software. Just download the software on your windows device and run the application. In order to download the manga you would need to past the URL on the software and then the manga downloader software will download your manga on your windows PC.

Supported download formats: JPG, PNG, EPUB, and CBR

My review of Eden Batch downloader

Overall a very easy-to-use software. Just a few steps. We would give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Download URL:

Manga Bot

Manga bot

Manga bot is a 100% free manga downloader software. Users can download up to 10 manga at one time. The files are saved as Zip and users would need to extract them into PDF format. One of the best features of Manga Bot is that users can download from any link.

Supported Download formats: Zip/PDF


Download URL:

My Review of Manga Bot

The software has many pros and a few cons one of the best features is that users can download multiple manga at once and also can download from many links. Few users have complained about the software not being able to download all chapters at once.


Can I download manga for free?

There are a lot of websites to download manga for free. Some websites charge a premium while some websites let you download manga for free. Download Manga can be really simple hence we have listed the best sites to download manga for free. Every website is reviewed in detail and you can check them out in this list.

Where can I read manga offline?

Reading manga offline can be done after downloading the PDF online. There are many sites to download manga and read them while offline. Reading manga when you have no network or while traveling is really fun and can be done very easily after downloading them.

Where to find latest Japanese manga online?

Japanese Manga books are available online on Amazon and other online retailers. You can buy them from such stores. If you are looking for the latest free Japanese manga books then we have listed download manga books for free.

Conclusion (Authors pick for the best Manga Downloader Software)

While all the options in the list have almost resembling features I personally would opt to use DomDomSoft Manga Software because of its ability to download multiple chapters simultaneously. Let me know in the comment section below which manga downloader software works best for you,  

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