Morph TV App | Download Morph TV Apk on Android/iPhone/Firestick

Morph TV App | Download Morph TV Apk on Android/iPhone/Firestick

Be it an extrovert or introvert or just a geek, Morph TV is an app that serves all audiences. The app provides free authentic HD quality streaming links to almost all TV shows and movies for free. Saving users a lot of time and money as well.

Another reason what makes Morph TV even more appealing to users is that it provides torrent links through which one can even download the entire movie or TV series and enjoy watching it if you have a bad signal on your device 

What is Morph TV?

Morph TV is an app that is the updated version of Morpheus TV. Similar to its predecessor, the app provides tons of HD quality streaming links of any or all latest and old sitcoms, romcoms, action-packed movies or whatever you feel like watching to get rid of those midweek blues or successfully get through a lazy weekend.     

Why Morph TV?

Indeed there that there are many apps just like Morph TV that claim to provide free online streaming, that may be true but mostly these apps are short-lived and leave the audience wondering and searching for other alternatives.

Morph TV has proved that it is here to stay, it has already surpassed over a 100k+ downloads in just a couple of months.

Additionally, the app also has an interactive and friendly user-face which makes it easy for users to find their desired movies and tv shows. 

How To download Morph TV?

Steps to download Morph TV on Android devices?

Step 1: The first step is to click on the Morph TV APK link and download the app on your Android device

Step 2: First go to Home>Settings>Application>Special App Access> Unknown Apps> Install unknown Morph TV App (Some phone brands may have a different name)

Step 3: After the installation of the app make sure you verify the app for your smartphone

Step 4: Open the app and you will be able to log in. You can now enjoy unlimited access to free movies and shows on the Morph TV app 

Steps to download Morph TV on iPhone/iOS/iPad?

Step 1: The first step is to click on the  Morph TV APK link and download the app on your iPhone

Step 2: The Next step is to verify unknown apps. You will have to go to Settings > General settings > Profile and Device management > Tap on Morph TV app  > Turn on Verify

Step 3: Open the downloaded app and log in. After the login, you will get access to unlimited access to free movies and shows on your iPhone

Steps to download Morph TV on you Amazon Firestick and Fire TV 

Step 1: Open the Fire TV App on your TV

Step 2: Go to your browser > Find this Apk Link and download it 

Step 3: Go back to Setting > Devices > Developer Options > Click on Apps from unknown sources > Click on the Turn on button >Download the Morph TV App

Step 4: After you download the app. Log in to the app and watch free content on your Fire TV app   


Free of ads

This is arguably one of the best features of Morph TV as it lets users browse through the app without being annoyed by any pop-ups. 

No Charges for downloading links

Morph TV is a completely free platform, users are not asked for any sort of fees or registering for a subscription model.

Downloadable Links

Morph TV has a cult following and has over 100k+ downloads mainly because it provides torrent online streaming links to  TV shows and movies that can be downloaded and watched anywhere and anytime without the need for internet or wifi. 

Cast Screen

This is another unique feature provided by the app in comparison to other free online streaming apps. Unlike other online streaming apps that have to merge with another app to cast content on a nearby screen, Morph TV app has that feature inbuilt.

Option to highlight watched

So often you must have found yourself all excited to watch a movie only to find out that you have already watched which leaves you wondering if only I could have highlighted this movie as already watched. Well Morph TV provides that feature as it marks the movie or TV show as marked on their platform. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q – What is the latest version of Morph TV?

Answer-The latest version of the app was released on 7th March 2019 and is available on almost all platforms including iOS, PC, Android, Firestick, Fire TV

Q – What is the monthly subscription for Morph TV?

Answer-there is no subscription fee, it is absolutely free of cost.

Q – Is Morph TV available on Google PlayStore?

Answer – No, the app is not on the play store, however, you can use the Apk Link to download the app.

Q – Is Morph TV available on Amazon firestick?

Answer – Yes, the app is available to download on the Amazon Firestick and Fire TV 

Q – Is Morph TV safe?

Answer- Given that Morph TV has over 100k downloads with no complaints from users, our experts agree on terming it as safe to use

Q – Is Morph TV an app or a website?

Answer – Morph TV is an app which can be downloaded on an android device, iPhone and firestick

Q – Does Morph TV provide HD quality videos?

Answer- Yes it provides online streaming links to 720p and 1080p HD quality content

Q – Can Morph TV work offline?

Answer – No, You would require an internet connection, however, you can download movies and shows through the app to watch offline

Q – Does Morph TV display ads?

Answer – No, the app does not use any display ads




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