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Morpheus TV App | Download Morpheus TV Apk on iPhone, Android, and Firestick

Morpheus TV and Morpheus TV Apk App 

So what exactly is Morpheus TV and what is all the hype about this Morpheus TV Apk App? Everyone is well aware of all major paid streaming apps but did you know that there is a way to watch your favorite series or latest releases absolutely free. So that is what the app is all about, by downloading the Morpheus Apk on the device of your preference you can easily watch your favorite TV shows or movies for free without the need of paying a subscription fee. 

One of Morpheus TV’s most like features which makes it a fan favorite and distinguishes itself from the streaming app alternatives like Cotomovies Apk or fmovies in the market is that the app does not have any advertisements displayed on it.

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Benefits of Morpheus TV App 


Morpheus TV app is authentic and has almost thousands of downloads with not a single user complaining of not being provided with free online streaming of their favorite tv shows or movies. A feature which a majority of app claiming to provide free online streaming fails to provide.

Timely updates

Morpheus TV app has an algorithm with which updates it with the latest movies and TV series within days of them being released.

Advanced interface

It has an ad-free and very elegant interface which makes it very easy for users to search their desired show to binge-watch.

Free HD quality movies

The Morpheus TV app contains online streaming links to thousands of free movies and shows in HD quality so that you can enjoy hours and hours of free HD content.


Morpheus TV app is compatible with almost all android devices, iPhone, iPad, Firestick and Fire TV. The app is not directly available to download on the Google Play store and app store but you can you the Apk link to download the app on your devices

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How to Download  Morpheus TV app

Now that we have briefed you with why exactly is Morpheus TV app growing in stature, we are sure you will search for ways to download the app on your phone or laptops or tablets. We got you covered below, mentioned below are simple steps as to download Morpheus Apk to the device of your preferences.

And before we forget, let us also add that Morpheus TV app can also be downloaded on firestick through which you can enjoy the latest TV-series and movies on a smart tv as well.    

Step by step guide to install Morpheus TV on iPhone, Android, firestick, and fire tv 

Steps to install Morpheus TV on iPhone/IOS

Step 1: Click on the Morpheus TV Apk Link

Step 2:Go to Settings > General> Profile and Device management >Morpheus TV  > Verify

Step 3: After verification of unknow apps click install and follow the instruction in the app (It would ask you to download a few additional apps)

Step 4: After downloading and running the additional apps you will be able to and watch movies for free

Steps to install Morpheus TV on Android

Step 1: Click on the Morpheus TV Apk Link

Step 2: Go to Setting> App and Notification> Special App Access > Install Unknown Apps (The names may differ from in different android devices) 

Step 3: Verify the Morpheus TV app on your android device 

Step 4: After the verification, you would be asked to download a few other apps on the Morpheus TV app once you download and run the applications you would be able to log in and watch

Step 5: Once you download and run the additional applications you would be able to log in and watch movies for free.

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Steps to install Morpheus TV on Firestick & Fire TV

Step 1: Open the Firestick app on your TV. Go to the browser and click on this link

Step 2  Go to Setting > Devices > Developer options > Apps from unknown sources > Turn on >Download. 

Step 3: After the download, you will get an option to enable javascript once it enabled you will get an option to log in. After login, you would be able to enjoy free movies and shows in your TV using the app

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q – What is Morpheus TV?

Answer- Morpheus TV is a free online streaming app that can be installed on an android phone, i-phone, laptop, tablet and even on firestick.

Q – Can Morpheus TV app be download on Firestick and Fire TV?

Answer – Yes it  Morpheus TV app can be downloaded on Firestick and Fire TV in just a few steps. Check out the detailed guide to download below.

Q – Can Morpheus TV app be download on iPhone?

Answer – Yes it  Morpheus TV app can be downloaded on iPhones just a few steps. Check out the detailed guide to download below.

Q – Can Morpheus TV app be download on Android?

Answer – Yes it  Morpheus TV app can be downloaded on android phones in just a few steps. Check out the detailed guide to download below.

Q-Is Morpheus TV app Apk safe to download? 

Answer- Morpheus TV app Apk has more than thousands of downloads and has not received any complaints regarding safety issues, also it would be wise to read all terms and conditions before allowing permissions to an app 

Q- Does Morpheus TV App stream HD quality videos?

Answer- Yes, the app provides free online streaming in 720p and 1080p format.

Q- How can Morpheus TV App be downloaded?

Answer- The app can be downloaded using the Morpheus app Apk link and by following a few particular steps for different devices.

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Q- Why is Morpheus TV App not available on Google Play Store?

Answer- There are certain ethical traits which are strictly maintained by google, and providing free online streaming content is not accepted, thus Google Play Store has not listed the app on its platform.

Q – Has Morpheus TV been shut down?

Answer- Unfortunately the older version of Morpheus TV has been discontinued, however, the latest version called ‘Morph TV’ is available for download.

Q-Does Morpheus TV app asks you to provide debit/credit card details?

Answer- No, you do not require to give any card details to the app, if some app claiming to be app does ask you for such details, it is not the original version of app, please follow the proper steps to download the right version of the app.


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