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My Time at Portia – All About, Gameplay review, Features, Pros, Cons, and much more

My time at Portia is one of the best games in the genre of Action role-playing and life simulation. This game is designed by Chinese developers at Pathea Games and is published by Team 17 in the year 2019. There is a lot you should know about this very popular title.

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions which will be very helpful for you to make informed. 

Whats is My Time at Portia 

My time at Portia is a fun role-playing and life simulation game designed by the Chinese developers known as Pathea Games and was published by Team 17 in the year 2019.

The players of My time at Portia have to Restore Their father’s neglected workshop in this post-apocalyptic land and also have to bring back its former glory by fulfilling commissions, growing crops, raising animals, and befriending the strange inhabitants of this fascinating Village of Portia.

In this game called My time at Portia, You are only Supplied with your Dad’s old handbook and workbench with the help of which you must gather, mine, and craft your way to being topped off as the number one workshop owner in Portia. 

The players of My time at Portia have to also Help the natives to rebuild their town. You can also go and look for the secrets locked deep away beneath the town. Be skillful though as it won’t be easy as you think. 

Game Play of My Time at Portia 

The player must gather reserves and incorporate them into mixtures to create different items. Eventually, players can gain more tools that will allow them to harvest their resources faster.

My Time at Portia comprises tools such as a chainsaw to chop down large logs and trees and as soon as the items are completed,  they can be submitted for bonuses, village favors, and currency. 

The larger assignments can directly change the town itself. The game also contains penitentiaries that require the players of My time at Portia to fight their rivals.

The community of Portia is full of cheerful new faces for you to meet. You can make new friends, complete proposals, trade gifts. The players can also go on dates and can have romantic relationships.

Features of My Time at Portia 

The main features of the My time at Portia title is that it allows it’s players to do various types of activities like 

The players can build their Houses and workshops by  Gathering resources and crafting extraordinary machines as you work through daily commissions and townie requests.

The player also gets a unique opportunity to run their very own farm by growing crops and veggies. Players can also raise farm animals.

You can easily get creative while playing My time at Portia. You can build and decorate many types of furniture for your workshop and for the villagers. 

Some of the other most interesting features are that the players can Explore new lands, attend in-game festivities, ride horses and llamas, cook, play mini-games, and go fishing. 


This game as we know it. My time at Portia was developed in China by the Chinese developers at the Pathea Games. This game was published by Team 17 in the Year 2019.

This game was released for the Microsoft Windows in January 2019 and then in April 2019 for the other platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, and the Nintendo switch. 

Supported devices

My time at Portia is designed for and is supported only on devices like Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, and the Nintendo Switch.

Characters in the game

Apart from Cora and the implemented character, there are many other interesting characters in My time at Portia world. There are two main characters for the players to choose from and the town itself is full of many different characters like animals, adults, children, strangers, etc. 

Most of the characters are not named but some characters like a cent and Han who are the tourists in your town will appear for some parts of the game. 

Another character like Allen carter who is a workshop inspection officer will come to your workshop every Saturday. 

Some of the characters like the Mayor or owner of the Dee-Dee transport services are also seen in this game.

Pros and Cons My Time at Portia 

My time at Portia is a very intuitive game and is very fun to play. The characters are very well designed and the game mechanics are Surely going to keep you engrossed in the game for a long time.


  • The players can build Their own workshops.
  • You can also run your own farm.
  • You can get creative while working for the workshop upgrades.
  • You can meet and make new friends with a vibrant cast of extraordinary faces.
  • Players can also fight epic battles while looking for the secrets of the town.
  • You can not only Explore new lands, but also attend in-game festivals and other fun activities like riding horses and llamas, cooking, playing mini-games, and going fishing. 


  • The only con which I can think of is that it is a paid game. Players mainly need a steam account to play this game which in itself comes with a paid subscription.

Review of My Time at Portia 

My time at Portia is an incredibly well-made and well-designed game. It offers the player the best of role-playing and life simulation games. 

All the activities in the game are related to the bigger picture which you can achieve but it won’t be easy. 

The detailed map design and the beautifully designed characters are the key features of the game. 

My time at Portia is a game that allows the players to go on treasure hunting and to fight battles which surely is an added bonus for the players. 

The game is also supported on multiple platforms like Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, etc which makes it more accessible for the players across all the platforms.

All in all, it’s a game for everyone to try. Either you are a noob or a pro player it will surely keep you on your toes.

In the end, the only question which is yet to be determined is what will you do in the World of My time at Portia? Tell us in the Comment box below. 

I would also recommend farming games like stardew valley if you are looking for a game in that niche




We are in no way getting paid or sponsored by anyone related to the game. This is our honest review. All the rights are reserved to the creators of the game. We are reviewing this game from the consumer’s perspective and are only doing so to help the other consumers like you. 

Rishikesh Y Dube, 22 years old I am a fourth-year BLS LLB student apart from law school and my love for human behavior and phycology/criminology, I love to cook watch anime, and practice Mixed martial arts. I am a person who is keen to know and gain knowledge about everything on which I can put my hands on. I am also an IAS aspirant and thus interested in politics and all the sociopolitical and economical issues.


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