Top 10 best Quillbot alternatives (Free paraphrasing tools)

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Quillbot alternatives

What is Quillbot tool?

A tool used to summarize and paraphrase any writing work, Quillbot reduces professionals’ and students’ writing/reading time in half with a state-of-the-art AI.

A few of Quillbot alternatives are Grammarly, Paraphrasing Tool,, etc. These tools are used and trusted by many students, businesspeople, and professional writers who require reading or write efficiently.

Few features of Quillbot are:

  • Reduce your writing time
  • Quillbot’s Paraphraser tool, you can instantly eliminate unnecessary words, improve your writing and convey a clear message.
  • Improve meaning & clarity
  • You can write content in the exact manner that you want. You can get the instant changes you need to make whether grammar, creativity, or brevity.
  • Get the right Synonyms
  • With the help of Quillbot’s in-built thesaurus, you can find the perfect word to change individual words.

10 of the best Quillbot Alternatives

ProWriting Aid

As a great alternative to Quillbot, ProWriting Aid helps you with more than just grammar checks. Apart from grammar checks, it helps you enhance your important work. 

On the advantage, ProWriting aid is a great Quillbot alternative as it helps your technique strengthen with a combo of articles, suggestions, videos, quizzes to develop your skills.

It offers a 14-day free trial during which you can use the following features:

  • – grammar & spelling check
  • – plagiarism check
  • – locate repetitive words
  • – remove vague complex words or phrases
  • – brighten up dull paragraph structures
  • – consistent spelling, capitalization, and hyphenation check


Grammarly is a great Quillbot alternative to improve your writing skills over time. As you write on any app, Grammarly will instantly give you feedback. It is a writing assistant that gives you very specific suggestions. 

The strong Quillbot alternative helps you locate and get rid of writing errors and give you the right words instead, keeping your work clear and concise.

Few of Grammarly features:

  • – checks the punctuations used in real-time
  • – detects spelling errors that may escape human eyes and suggests the correct option
  • – screen through billions of write-ups to detect unoriginal content, helping you avoid plagiarism
  • – an advanced grammar checking API goes through the user’s writings in real-time
  • – cloud-based platform storing all the user’s data safely with end-to-end encryption


Ginger is the perfect Quillbot alternative for those creating written content in English. Like Quillbot, Ginger is great software as it is cost and time-effective, convenient English assistant. 

With this Quillbot alternative to users can increase productivity by writing and reading efficiently as well as improving their English. Few of Ginger’s features that will help you:

  • – provides a brilliant spelling check that runs on a patent-pending technology
  • – automatic grammar check for prepositions, consecutive nouns, split/merge words, verbs, etc.
  • – helps in improving your English speaking/writing skills by providing suggesting areas that you can improve on based on the errors in your writing
  • – an adjustable text to speech feature according to your preferences 

The Paraphrasing – Tool

The Paraphrasing-Tool is a suitable Quillbot alternative for you if your only requirement is rewriting software. Since the English language is a language full of variation and distinct meanings, such software is used to get the correct way of rephrasing the text. This is done by analyzing the sentence, phrase, and context of every word. This way the Quillbot alternative uses the fitting way to paraphrase or reword your text.

The final result is a brand new writing that is brilliantly written all the while saving energy and time. The features of the Paraphrasing-Tool:

  • – provides an appealing and intelligent rewritten text 
  • – 10,000-word limit
  • – provides an option to thoroughly analyze Capitalized words with the ‘Include Capitalized words’ button
  • – saves the users time by rewriting essays and even lengthy article

You can also use Outwrite as a great alternative to Quillbot. It’s an extremely efficient writing assistant that helps in more than grammar checks, it assists you in converting your thoughts into powerful sentences.

It works with multiple platforms where you can use this Quillbot alternative to build your vocabulary, paraphrase whole sentences, and even increase or decrease the word count.

Few of Outwrite’s features are: 

  • – can rewrite texts to give you appealing and powerful texts
  • – gives you concise yet expressive texts
  • – works anywhere, like Outlook, LinkedIn, Google docs, WordPress, and Gmail 
  • – provides plagiarism checks against any online texts provided by you 
  • – free version includes basic grammar, spelling checks; the pro version gives access to advanced features like plagiarism check, paraphrasing, etc.

As the name suggests, this Quillbot alternative is dedicated to paraphrasing texts for you. is also helpful to those who need a plagiarism check that’s required for SEO or academic reasons. 

It makes sure to change words and expressions to it’s synonyms in the text. Few other features of :

  • – 15,000+ word change opportunities
  • – provides a free version with limited usage (words per day)
  • – had a paid version of $5 – $9 which increases the word count limit.
  • – can be used as a plagiarism removal tool too


Writefull is a software that will proofread scientific texts on its own. It’s a great alternative to Quillbot for correcting punctuation, grammar, the words used with the help of Artificial intelligence.

Similar to Quillbot, Writefull provides suggestions towards the right of the text which you can accept or reject. Other few features that make Writefull a great alternative to Quillbot are:

  • – detects and corrects grammatical errors
  • – judges and informs if your writing style is inappropriate or chatty
  • – contains a whole scientific up-to-date dictionary, which helps in correcting scientific terms too
  • – detects words that may not go well with other words and provides alternatives
  • – requires a quick signing up to use the tool on any device 

Final thoughts

With this list of a few of the most efficient English assistant tools, whether you are an author, student, businessperson, can ace writing content even if you are a non-native English speaker. You can do this and save on your time and energy. 

Safdarali Rizvi

Safdarali Rizvi

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