Top 5 best sites to read comics online for free: Features, Pros, Cons, Review & Rating

read comic online for free

Comic books have always been a niche industry but ever since big companies like Marvel and DC started releasing blockbuster movies based on comics the trend of reading original comics has seen a massive surge, however, rather than going the traditional way people prefer to read comics online.  

But to read comics online the first thing is finding websites with readable comic content, so I did all the heavy lifting for our readers by compiling this list of the best websites where you can read comics online for free. To curate this list I checked out all the features, pros, cons, available formats, comic pdfs, while also ensuring that all websites come with a library of golden-era comics and the latest comics.

So without further adieu, here are the best sites to read comic books on the internet. 

List of best sites to read comics online for free (Summary)

NameBest ForPriceOur RatingWebsite
Comic Book PlusGolden era & Silver era comics and more Free3.5/5
ReadComicOnlineLatest ComicsFree3/5
Comic ExtraA vast collection of comicsFree3/5
ComiXologyComics, Mangas, Graphic Novels from various publicationsPaid[$5.99]4/5
Marvel UnlimitedMarvel ComicsPaid[$9.99- $99]3/5

List of best websites to read comics online (In-depth analysis)

1. Comic Book Plus

comic book plus website

Comic Book Plus is a legal and free website for all the golden-age comics from the 1940s. Their website also looks like a comic book, with various sketches and fonts all across the website. The website has a great fan following for its premium content.

The website also supports other things than comic books. You can also watch Vintage Movies and shows, Newspapers and Magazines, Pamphlets, and more. So it truly is ‘Comic Book PLUS’!

Price of Comic Book Plus

Comic Book Plus is a free website.

Features of Comic Book Plus 

  • Comic books available from the golden-era and silver-era
  • It also contains various vintage movies and shows
  • Free & Legal website

Pro and Cons of Comic Book Plus

✅ Unique website❌ The website takes time to load
✅ Legal website❌ Ads 
✅ Great collection of comic books  

Review on Comic Book Plus

Comic Book Plus is a website that already has a fan following because of its various features and comic books. It is a great website if you want to start off by reading the comics of the golden era.

Rating on Comic Book Plus

We give Comic Book Plus a rating of 3.5/5 stars 

2. ReadComicOnline

readcomiconline website

Now if you are a big Marvel or DC fan and want to read their new comics for free then ReadComicOnline is a website for you to check out. It has all the latest comics such as ‘Superman in the Fifties (2021)’, ‘Eternals (2021)’ and more!

The website has comics from Marvel and DC but it also has a collection of some of the indie comic book publishing companies as well.

Price of ReadComicOnline

ReadComicOnline is a free website to access.

Features of ReadComicOnline

  • Latest comics from Marvel and DC
  • Free of cost
  • Easy to use website

Pro and Cons of ReadComicOnline

✅ Comics from Marvel and DC as well as Indie publications❌ Illegal content
✅  Free of cost ❌ Number of ads available on the website
✅  Latest comics are also available 

Review on ReadComicOnline

ReadComicOnline is a great place to start for beginners to read some comic books. They have comics from famous publications as well as some indie publications. However, it does illegally stream comics and with the comic book industry not thriving as it used to, illegally reading them doesn’t help them in any way.

Rating on ReadComicOnline

We give ReadComicOnline a rating of 3/5 stars.

3. Comic Extra 

comic extra website

Comic Extra is also a site to read comics online for free. It has a vast library of comics available and not just Marvel or DC but comics like ‘The Invincible’, ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ and so much more. 

Comic Extra also has a pretty nice website that lets users easily read and search for comics.  

Price of Comic Extra

Comic Extra costs you nothing to read and enjoy comics 

Features of Comic Extra

  • Latest and new comics
  • Great website
  • Has comics from Marvel and DC and also other publications 

Pro and Cons of Comic Extra

✅ Free of cost❌  Illegal to use
✅ Offers latest comic books❌ Some comics are not available due to copyright claims
✅ Fewer ads 

Review on Comic Extra

Comic Extra doesn’t necessarily provide something ‘extra’ other than comics, unlike Comic Book Plus, but it still has a very easy-to-use website with a bundle of collections that won’t be available elsewhere for free. The ads on the website as well do not bother so much if you have an ad blocker.

The only nitpicky issue I found, other than illegally streaming comics, was that the comics aren’t presented in a PDF like a format where you can scroll down to read it, you’ll have to click on a hyperlink which is situated on top, to go to the next page of the comic and that can be a bit annoying after some time.

Rating on Comic Extra 

We give Comic Extra a rating of 3/5 stars. 

4. ComiXology

comixology website

ComiXology is an Amazon-owned company. Its main job is to distribute comics on a digital platform. And this site is amazing! It not only distributes comics but also graphic novels and Mangas as well! 

It is a legal website that also publishes the latest Marvel & DC comics online and it is available on Android, IOS, Windows, and Kindle as well! It has a category of free comics as well but to access 100 Thousand comics you will need to buy a subscription.

Price of ComiXology

ComiXology sells individual comics so you can pay for them separately or pay for its monthly subscription and get exclusive discounts on Paid comics as well as a library of comics.

Monthly Plan: $5.99/month 

Features of ComiXology

  • Comics, Mangas & Graphic Novels
  • Latest and Legal site
  • Free comics are available as well
  • Available on Android, IOS, Windows and Kindle 

Pro and Cons of ComiXology

✅ Legal to use❌ Paid Plan
✅ No ads 
✅ Latest and free comics 
✅ A collection of 100 thousand Comics
✅ Available on various platforms

Review on ComiXology

ComiXology is heaven for any comic book fan. It has all the comics you need which comes at a very affordable price and if you don’t want to pay for the comics or the subscriptions you can still enjoy some really good comics for free. 

So it’s a win-win situation for both the comic creators and the fans.

Rating on ComiXology

We give ComiXology a rating of 4/5 stars. 

5. Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited website to read comic books online

Marvel Unlimited is a digital site to distribute comics of Marvel. Over here you can get access to over 28 Thousand Marvel comic books new and old. They publish comics every week and lets the user take full advantage of the library of Marvel comics.

They also have free comic books available as well for those not willing to pay for the subscription plans.  

Price of Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited has 3 subscription plans 

Monthly Plan: $9.99/month

Annual Plan: $69/year

Annual Plus Plan: $99/year [$9.99 – $99]

*With Annual Plus Plan you get exclusive 2 variant comics, a S.W.O.R.D Patch, Spider-Gwen pin, and a limited edition Captain Kate Pryde Hasbro figure which is available nowhere else. 

Features of Marvel Unlimited

  • It is available on IOS, Android and on the web
  • Access to over 28 Thousand Marvel comics
  • Downloading up to 12 comics at the same time
  • Weekly new comic 

Pro and Cons of Marvel Unlimited


✅ Available on various devices
❌ Exclusive Marvel comics only
✅ Free comics are available as well ❌ Paid subscription plans
✅ Personalised comic book recommendations 

Review on Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited is a great site but only for Marvel fans as it doesn’t show you comics from other publications on its site. Plus its base-subscription plan is also a bit more expensive than ComicXology which offers not only Marvel content but also Mangas and Graphic novels from other publications as well.

Rating on Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited gets a rating of 3/5 stars.

Final note (Which is the best website to read comics online?)

On the final note of this article, I would like to say that even though the comic book industry isn’t that big as it used to be in its golden era, it still has its supporters and fans who like to come and read these comics.

Plus these comics are the source of inspiration for the giant comic book films we see nowadays so you can always get some clue or the other about your latest most-anticipated comic book films by reading these comics.

Here’s hoping that with this article new comic book readers found sites that can offer them the to read comics online for free and enjoy them.

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