Samsung’s latest AirPods can charge wirelessly with its upcoming Galaxy S10

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The latest event of Samsung set to be held on February 20th seems to have a lot in store for Samsung lovers as it will reportedly be an event full of new product announcements.
As per sources close to the matter, the Galaxy S10 will arguably be the showstopper, however, sources claim that Samsung has planned for some more exciting products that include new wireless earbuds.
As per reports, Samsung plans to compete with Apple’s increasingly popular AirPods with its very own new wireless earbuds., a German tech blog that has a reputation for previously reliably publishing images and information for unreleased consumer tech products, recently posted a leaked image which looks like the Samsung Galaxy Buds wirelessly charging on a Galaxy S10 that is yet to be launched.
When it comes to looks, the alleged true wireless earbuds bears quite a lot of resemblance with Samsung’s current Gear IconX 2018.
However, according to the leaked images, we can notice a few differences particularly with the case which looks smaller in comparison to the Gear IconX 2018 case. Also instead of a button, the case which comes with an LED indicator has a new lip which reportedly makes the charging case easier to open and close.
Wireless charging could make Samsung’s new wireless earbuds extremely efficient could be as simple as placing them on top of the Galaxy S10.
However competing with Apple’s AirPods will be quite the uphill battle for Samsung’s latest Wireless Earbuds mainly due to the fact the latter is considered the best given its super compact case, excellent battery life and seamless integration with iOS and Mac devices.

Safdarali Rizvi

Safdarali Rizvi

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