Is showbox app legal or safe to use? Is showbox app legal to download?

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showbox legal issues answered

Showbox app is one of the most popular movie streaming app and millions of users have downloaded the app. The most popular question is if the showbox app is legal to use. Another popular question Is Showbox legal to download? We have answered all your questions in detail below. 

Is showbox app legal to use?

Showbox app published copyright content after which the app was removed from the Google Playstore and Apple app store. The owners of the app faced copyright and legal issues after which they had to shutdown the app. 

Many of its users then started downloading the app apk file which was available all over the internet. The app apk file lets download the app on your device without the need for Playstore and App store. Downloading the app apk on your device is not safe and can contain virus which may affect your smartphone.  If you are looking to watch free movies and shows on your device then I have listed a list of showbox alternatives.

Is showbox app legal to download?

Showbox app apk can be downloaded from all over the world. In some countries like the United States watching copyright content is prohibited by law and its users might face legal action.

Users of the showbox app need to be highly careful not only about viruses in the apk file but also legal issues. Many users from third-world countries do not have to means to pay for a fee movie streaming service. What many users dont know is that there are free movie streaming sites which users can watch shows and movies legally and dont have to download harmful apk files.

Is showbox app safe to use?

Showbox is definitely not safe to use and download. The app apk may contain harmful viruses which might cause a lot of damage to your device. The users of such apps have also complained about the large number of ads placed while using the Showbox app to watch free movies and shows.

Most of the ill legal free movie apps display ads on their platform from which they earn most of their revenue.

What will happen if I download the Showbox app to watch free movies and shows?

It all depends on the law of your country. Most countries from all over the world have banned such apps. We would recommend our readers stay away from such apps and not encourage piracy. By downloading apps like show box might  you might not only face legal issues but also get a lot of viruses  


We have answered the most popular question on showbox and now you know if showbox is legal or safe to download or use. Make the right choice and use the free legal movie and tv show streaming sites that we have listed above before using showbox.  

Joel Picardo

Joel Picardo

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