Showbox Revenue model, estimated worth of Showbox site and its founders explained

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Showbox revenue

Showbox is known for its latest movies and shows which its users can download and watch later. The Showbox app is easy to use and comes with tons of features. The streaming can be done super fast but there are a lot of ads on the app. 

Due to legal and copyright issues, the app was shut down from the Google Play Store and Apple app store. Since the ban from the app store users started downloading the app via the app file. Do not be worried about the ban on Showbox, we have curated a list of best sites like Showbox and its competitors

Showbox revenue model explained in detail

Showbox app has placed many ads on its app which is how it makes 95% of its revenue. The app also lets its users download and watch titles when offline.

According to our estimated Showbox makes over $10,000 per month in advertising and other revenue. The amount a total of $120,000 per year.

Showbox site worth, What is the valuation of Showbox

We have now given you the estimated earning per month and per year on Showbox earnings. There are different ways to calculate the worth of a website on its yearly earnings and estimated. 

According to our estimates, Showbox would be worth between $800,000 to $1million which is a staggering number for a free movie app and website.

The site’s worth depends on its revenue and profit per month and since we do not have a number on the profit we cannot give you only the estimated worth of the website.

Showbox owners and founders and owners

Showbox plays illegal and copyright content on its website and app and the owners of the website and app are not known to the public. 

Showbox website was recently purchased by Powtoon which is simple and powerful video platform. 

Joel Picardo

Joel Picardo

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