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Flixable: Sites like Flixable to choose the best Netflix series

Only in a perfect world, you could have Netflix take a peek into your mind and suggest the perfect content for you to watch. 

You could just leave Netflix on, autoplay your favorites and about-to-be favorites while you relax and watch. 

But in reality we all know the work that goes into choosing the right show or movie, especially if you’re watching it with someone else. And no one is living in such an ideal world, so you have to find it out yourself. And it gets very difficult to figure it out with Netflix constantly adding and removing content.

With Netflix adding content incessantly, it’s hard to follow up. So for that, I have listed out sites like Flixable and alternatives for Flixable.


Now we all know Netflix’s search option is not very customizable or precise. The design of the search option mostly aims at easy use, so if you want to do any complicated searches, you’ve ran out of luck.

Flixable helps you with this. Apart from just keeping your search options restricted to shows and movies, with Flixable you can explore your options with a certain time period, pick a specific genre and a high IMDb rating. Watching a movie based on the IMDb rating may not help you choose the ‘right’ movie, but if you’re looking for a crowd-pleaser, then you’re good to go.

However, its a little confusing that Flixable allows you to pick shows and movies from the early 1900s while Netflix doesn’t have choices from that period of time. Keeping the listings given by Flixable in mind, Netflix should consider some of the early silent movies.

Just Watch

Netflix having such an extensive collection of shows and movies, it’s difficult to find out what exactly is being added to it every week. Netflix surprise releases content frequently and most of their official announcements which are given to the media don’t contain everything.

Just Watch lets you figure out what is joining a platform in any chosen week in an easier way. You can sort the list between TV shows and movies as well as other categories, just like Flixable.

Just Watch also provides the release schedule for other platforms like HBO, Showtime, Starz and Hulu, giving the platform a plus point when compared to Flixable. Using Just Watch to find out what is deputing may be a little confusing, but if you just want to know what’s being released, it’s perfect. However many of these aren’t always that interesting.


If you’ve already decided what you want to watch but need to figure out if it’s available on Netflix, Decider is a good platform for that. When you search for the title, Decider helps you by listing all the platforms where you can stream, digitally purchase or rent the specific movie or show. This may be a little different from Flixable, yet very helpful.

However, the listings does not clearly specify if the particular movie or show is free or it needs to be rented yet it helps you start somewhere.

Fan TV App

Fan TV is one of the most famous apps for streaming. It is quite similar to Decider and Just Watch, just with plenty of features. It allows you to customize what to want the app to offer specifically.

Something that Flixable doesn’t provide but Fan TV does is live TV listings if you add in your zip code. This way, Fan TV helps you figure out how to watch any live shows that you would normally watch on your TV at home. 

However, being a low budget app, there are many complaints regarding poor customer support and bugs, so it’s probably best to not trust it’s reliability.

Rotten Apples

Considering the continuous sexual assault and harassment allegations lately, it’s becoming difficult to find a movie or a show that isn’t a part of a controversy, although that’s far from the main issue involving the allegations. 

However, Rotten Apples help you with this. Just by searching the title of the movie or show you can find out if there’s a controversy related to it. This makes Rotten Apples a great alternative to Flixable.

 Obviously, the information provided by Rotten Apples is not 100% accurate as it’s based on allegations. Also, Rotten Apples also easily allows you to suggest a rectification, in case you find inaccuracies.


Another good alternative to Flixable is Streamline which also helps in figuring out what to watch on Netflix. It lists the best new Netflix Originals and provides other updates on various Netflix news. Streamline updates it’s listings every Saturday mornings.

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