How to fix Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen error in 2023

Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen

Skyrim is a very popular game and sometimes has loading problems which can get very annoying. If you have the Skyrim Infinite Loading screen problem do not worry you are not the only. 

Fixing this error is very simple and I have written down 3 really simple and easy methods you can follow to ensure you don’t have this problem again.

#1: Fix your memory allocation

Skyrim Infinite Loading screen can happen to you if your PC has a memory shortage. Changing the configuration of SafetyLoad config file will ensure you won’t have an infinite loading issue on Skyrim. 

Step 1: Install Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) from the steam SKSE page. If you have already installed it then don’t worry move ahead with the second step.

Step 2: Open the Skyrim\data\SKSE\Plugins\SafetyLoad.ini file location 

Step 3: In the EnableOnlyLoading change the value from false to true and save the file

Step 4: Open Skyrim to check if you are still having the same infinite loading problem.

#2: Remove the mods

Mods are one of the major reasons games on steam have a problem. Temporarily disabling mods could solve your false Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen problem. 

Put your mods to default settings. Some users don’t use mods but then too have the loading issue make sure you also uninstall the mods you have downloaded.

Sometimes some mods help Skyrim from not having infinite loading problems.

#3: Uninstall and Reinstall Skyrim

Steps to uninstall Skyrim on windows PC

Step 1: Uninstall Skyrim and delete the files from Windows PC  

Step 2: Delete sky rim from program file. Go to Program files > Steam > Steam apps > Common > Skyrim folder

Step 3: Delete the file from the recycle bin

Step 4: Reinstall Skyrim 

Step 5: Open the sky and  check if you are still getting Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen problem

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We hope that we have got you a solution for Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen with the above methods. If you are still facing the issue then comment below and our team at Geekymint will help you.

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