Top Best SMS Bomber Tools That Are Safe T Use

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Best SMS Bombing Tools

As everyone started getting mobile phones, using short messaging services (SMS) to communicate digitally became more ubiquitous. You can send out a text in a few seconds and stay connected with people across the world. But did you know that this simple tool can also be used to pull pranks on your friends and family?

This is where SMS bomber websites and apps come in. Turns out, you can use this software to send multiple messages at once to someone’s phone to troll them. Before diving further into SMS bomber tool recommendations, let us first learn more about SMS bombers, especially the risks associated with them and the big question, would it land you in legal trouble?

What is SMS Bomber?

As you know, SMS is used to send messages from one mobile device to another. While we usually send one SMS at a time, some services can speed up the frequency of messaging. Therefore, an SMS bomber is basically a software that repeatedly copies the same message and sends it to a receiver.

You can easily find APK files of SMS bombing applications online. These software use the text-messaging capabilities of your phone to send the SMS bombs. 

Is SMS Bombing Safe?

SMS bombing emerged as a harmless prank where you simply bombard your friends with random messages. However, over the years, concerns have been raised over the privacy and security of SMS bomber programs. Apart from being a nuisance, these applications can disrupt the normal functioning of a device.

Bomber messages may also contain malware links that can used to gain access to the receiver’s sensitive personal information and then extort them for the same. Additionally, SMS bombers are used for trolling, cyberbullying, and to spread propaganda and fake news.

15 SMS Bomber Tools for Pranks

BOMBitUP Online

BOMBitUP Online is, hands down, the best SMS bomber tool. It is a famous bomber app that you can download and use to troll your friends. You can create your messages that you want to send here. 

Then you just need to enter the recipient’s phone number and the number of SMS to be sent and you are good to go. BOMBitUP Online’s multiple APIs mean that you can send way more SMS as compared to other similar apps.

TXT Blast

The next best SMS Bomber on our list is TXT Blast. Like BOMBitUP Online, it is an easy-to-use app where you just need to enter the recipient’s number and select the message frequency to pull off the prank. You can customize the message as per your requirements on TXT Blast.

Crazy SMS

Crazy SMS is another good tool to use for SMS bombing. It has a minimalist design and an easy-to-use interface that ensures that even inexperienced people can easily navigate it. Like other SMS bomber apps, all you need to do is enter the sort of text you want to send, its number and frequency, and the number of the receiver.

SMS Blast

SMS Blast is one of the best text bombers as it offers several modes for SMS bombing. Here, you can choose between SMS Blast, Text Blast, and SMS Mine. With Text Blast, you can send multiple messages at once on platforms like Facebook. SMS Mine lets you reply with ‘hello’ texts several times to a phone number.

The Bomber

The Bomber is an SMS bomber website and an excellent one at that. To use it to prank someone, you need to first visit the website and enter the phone number of the recipient. Then select the Number of Counts for the SMS. Here, one count generally includes 10-12 SMS. After that, just click on the bomb and your work is done.

iMessage Bomber

This bomber tool is specifically for iOS devices. With this app, you can send multiple messages to anyone you want. You can customize the message you want to send, set the number of SMS to be sent, and even the time interval between each text.

Cydia’s SMS Bomber

If you’re an iPhone user, Cydia’s SMS Bomber is easily the most effective SMS Bomber that you can use. You can send the same message multiple times to the same person or to different people. It is an easy-to-use app and a fun way to prank people on social media.

There are several other SMS Bomber tools such as the following that you can use to prank your friends.

  • SMS Repeat
  • My Tools Town
  • Text Bomber
  • SMSBomber AP
  • Callbomberz
  • Greatonlinetools

Are There Other Websites to Prank Friends?

Yes, there are several online pranks available that require minimal effort on your part and if executed right, can elicit laughter on both sides. This includes classic pranks like Love Calculator and Hair on Screen to more baffling ones like Send Cat Facts. You can check out our list of the best prank websites for more ideas.



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