Top 6 best free Soap2Day alternatives & competitors

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What is Soap2Day?

Soap2Day is a website that provides its users with free movies and tv shows on its website. Obviously, the content on the website is pirated and torrented from somewhere else, which is why it is available.

Soap2Day is also one of the many websites you will find online that has been streaming and pirating movies on the internet for quite some time now. 

Pirating content had gone down significantly some four to five years ago, but in the past couple of years, it has really seen a boom in terms of content because of various streaming services available now.

Still, there are plenty of other reasons why you should probably look at some other websites that provide you with the same experience.

Reason to look for sites like Soap2Day

Reason 1 – Unknown website

Frankly speaking, this is the first time I have heard about this website. I had never known that there even existed a website called ‘Soap2Day’ that lets you watch movies and tv shows for free.

This could be an issue in this regard because since it is a fairly new website, it would be prone to some other issues that newer websites like these have. For example, the website is lagging a bit and is simply not a trustworthy site.

When you access a site like this, you are at least aware of its reputation, and that is not the case here.

Reason 2 – Collects Information

Like all leading websites on the internet these days, even Soap2Day has cookies on its website that collects data for better performance reviews and other material. 

But the thing with Soap2Day is that you just don’t know how it processes the data it collects. When you enter its website, you also don’t get the message to manage any cookies, which raises a lot of doubts.

So, if you are someone who is very strict about data management a data tracking, first of all, don’t use any torrenting website then, but even if you want to use one, I won’t recommend you use this one.

Reason 3 – Illegal website

As I mentioned at the starting of this article, this is an illegally run website, and sooner or later, it will be shut down by the authorities. It will then come up again with a new name and link and would shut down again.

Plus, there are just so many other issues for such sites, such as pop-up ads, data breaches, lagging servers, non-compatibility with other devices, and so much more, that in this day and age, they all seem very annoying.

So, my general advice is, and it is not just for this particular website, but for all websites like Soap2Day, that stop using such sites. 

There are plenty of free legal websites that also let you watch movies and tv shows, and they are just overall very well built.

Best Soap2Day Alternatives

Pluto TV


Pluto TV is a fairly popular website that allows its viewers to watch free movies and tv shows. Pluto TV is owned by Viacom 18, so you can browse their website easily and rest assured that the content that you are watching is legal.

Plus, the added advantage of using Pluto TV is that you also get access to some live tv channels as well, and it won’t cost you a dollar to watch them on any of your devices. 

Pluto TV also has some added advantages; let’s discuss them now.

What we liked about Pluto TV

Pluto TV has over 100+ channels on its website, and it does offer some on-demand shows to you as well. The streaming quality of all the shows and movies is provided in 1080p and more, depending upon your net speed.

Plus, unlike other streaming services, you don’t have to signup when you are using Pluto TV. You can simply go to its website and enjoy the content that it has for you to display.

And their content library is also fairly good, especially considering what you are actually paying for.

What we didn’t like about Pluto TV

Pluto TV is not accessible worldwide; the content that it has to offer is geo-locked and is available only in countries like the US, Canada, Austria, Switzerland or Switzerland. 

So, if you are an existing user who already has a VPN, then you are in luck because you would have to use a VPN to watch its content; otherwise, you would have to pay for a VPN service as well.

Another negative point about Pluto TV is that when you visit its website, you won’t find a search bar. This is such an important tool to see through what all the website has to offer, and I really hope they fix it with an update.

Why did we choose Pluto TV as a Soap2Day alternative?

If you check out the reasons why I said you should look for Soap2Day alternatives, all the lists are ticked off by Pluto TV. You have a website that is known by many and has a trust value to it.

You also get added security because you are able to manage the data that Pluto TV collects, and on top of it all, the content on Pluto TV is all legal and easy to use. 

You won’t face any issues that you usually face on such websites that provide you with free content and aren’t legal to use. This all adds up to making it a great Soa2Day alternative.

Review and rating of Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a website that does offer you a lot of content for free, and that is something to not joke about. It is a fairly reliable service and has a fan following of its own as well.

The overall website is also very easy to use as well, and Pluto TV also has an app for all devices, so you can very easily watch the content of your liking on your favourite device.

I just wish that its content wasn’t geo-locked and was available to everyone to enjoy. For those reasons, I would be rating Pluto TV 3.5/5 stars.

Tubi TV


Although I suggest this for all the websites I mention in the articles, for Tubi TV, I really can’t stress this point enough – you really have to try out Tubi TV on its own to see if it is something that you would like to use or not.

Because I have tried out their service and have found that it is not something that I want in my entertainment, I have seen that many people are huge fans of Tubi TV for what it has to offer.

Which is the reason why I include it on this list and for you to see and check out if it is something that you would like to see for yourself or not.

What we liked about Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a free website, like all the websites on this link, so you can access up to 1000+ movies and TV shows on its website. And Tubi has the rights to all of the content that it is streaming.

Another great thing about Tubi TV is the fact that its content is not geo-locked, which is a great feature because that means you can easily watch its content from anywhere in the world for free.

One last great thing about Tubi TV is that you also get to watch everything in good quality (regardless of how poor the quality of the films is). 

What we didn’t like about Tubi TV

Ok, so the one major problem I have with Tubi TV, is its content library. I really am not a fan of the content that it has to offer. And it’s not like they are all rated R, which is why I don’t like them.

The reason why I don’t like its content is that it is just simply very bad; these are the titles that you have never heard about in your entire life. The content it has is truly B-grade content and nothing more.

There are a few occasionally good content which you will find in its 1000+ content library, so that is something that you can enjoy.

Why did we choose Tubi TV as a Soap2Day alternative?

So, why did we choose Tubi TV as a Soap2Day alternative? Well, as I had mentioned, you really have to see for yourself and check if it really is a website that you would like to check out and use.

Because clearly, a lot of people like this website and enjoy its content, making it a great alternative to Soap2Day, but it is very subjective at this point.

You also have the added advantages that you get in any streaming site which is legal to use, such as an in-built app, great service, and great streaming quality.

Review and rating of Tubi TV

I have reviewed Tubi TV a lot of times now, and every time I think that I would like it more than I had liked the previous time around, but every time I fall and face the same issues.

I just don’t buy the content that they have on display, and I don’t know whether it’s the filmmaker in me or what it is that whenever I see the content on display, I start feeling uncomfortable.

I know it’s quite a strong word usage, but that’s how I actually feel about it, which is why I am going to rate Tubi TV 2.5/5 stars.



Crackle is also a service that I am pretty sure you must have heard about when you type in ‘free legal movies on the internet’, or maybe something resembling to that. 

Crackle is a streaming service that has been around for quite some time now and is owned by Columbia Pictures, a.k.a Sony Entertainment, which is already a good sign to show that it is a legal website to use.

Crackle also has some negative and positive points about its website; let’s dive in and discuss them now! 

What we liked about Crackle

Crackle has dedicated apps to offer on many different devices such as Android, IOS, FireStick, XBOX, PlayStation, and more. So in that department, Crackle does exceed as it brings in more convenience in your world, which is always a big point.

The website layout is also pretty great because everything is laid out pretty well, and it is overall very easy to use and access as well.

If you are a parent and want to set some limits for your kid’s entertainment on Crackle, that is also something that you can do because it has some great Parental Control features.

What we didn’t like about Crackle

Crackle does have some limited content on its website, which could be an issue for many people, but if you look at it this way, that it is a free website that has some good content, then maybe you can shift your perspective a little bit.

But the biggest problem that many people would find an issue with Crackle is the sheer amount of ads the platform has on its content, it is just simply a lot, and any sane person can get annoyed by them.

Why did we choose Crackle as a Soap2Day replacement?

So, what is the purpose with which we recommended Crackle as a Soap2Day alternative? It is still a simple answer because it is a service that does provide you with content for free. 

And the issues that it has something that you will face in any free website, especially the ad problem, because all these sites require a source of revenue. 

And its ads that will provide them with that, whether you use a website like Soap2Day or Crackle, for that matter.

Review and rating of Crackle

So, what are my overall thoughts about Crackle? On the one hand, you have a website that does provide you with limited but certainly better content than sites like Tubi TV, for that matter.

But then you do have some issues here are there that can be bothersome for many people, and they might not see the value of choosing such a site. Well, my solution is to give it a try.

If you think that it is a website that works for you, then great! You have found yourself a website that can be your entertainment zone. Otherwise, we have other alternatives as well!

I would be rating Crackle 3/5 stars! 

BBC iPlayer


You must have heard about BBC, right? The BBC! When I was young, so we were always told to see their news channel so that we could improve our diction and pronunciation. And you can do the same now with their iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer is a free streaming service that has access to almost everything that BBC has to offer on the internet, and you can basically watch all of their content for free!

And I am not just talking about their tv shows and movies; I am talking about their various interviews, podcasts, originals, and so much more!

What we liked about BBC iPlayer

I mean, BBC has some great content to show, and that is also true here as well because they have collected everything they have ever produced and put it all on their website, making it a great website on its own.

On top of this, BBC also uploads the latest episodes of their TV shows, right after it has been aired on television, on the iPlayer as well. This is such a great initiative from them, and you get to watch it for free!

What we didn’t like about BBC iPlayer

So, clearly, BBC iPlayer has lots to offer in terms of content, and that is a great thing on its own. But that greatness remains in the British and some neighbouring countries only. 

As you guessed, their content is geo-locked, and it can only be accessed via a VPN if you really want to see all of its content for free on your laptop or various other devices for which it has apps for.

Why did we choose BBC iPlayer as a Soap2Day alternative?

This question always seems like I have to justify my choices all the time; it feels a bit intruding lol. Anyway, if you are someone who is from the UK, which we do get some of our readers from, so you are in luck.

But then again, as a streaming site, it is a really nice concept from BBC that I really appreciate, and I think that a lot of people will like it as well if they give it a try, whether that be using a VPN or staying in the UK.

Review and rating of BBC iPlayer

So, what is my review of BBC iPlayer? First of all, it sounds like  BBC has launched its own Apple product without talking to Apple about the release. But, on a serious note, I really like what BBC iPlayer is.

My main point about such free websites is that it is great that they are free to operate, and the content on them is legal, but at the end of the day, it is all about the content! And you get that content on BBC iPlayer.

Because of this, I would be rating BBC iPlayer 4/5 stars!

Peacock TV

peacock tv

Peacock TV is a streaming service which is owned by NBC Universal. It is a premium streaming service that you can use to watch some of Universal’s and NBC’s content, and that too for free!

Peacock TV offers its viewers a free service of their streaming service. You don’t have to sign in or log in on their website, and you can easily enjoy their content for free on their website! 

This is a great feature that a lot of streaming services should adopt as well.

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What we liked about Peacock TV

Now it must be noted that the content that you get on Peacock TV’s free plan is limited content of their overall content library. You can watch the rest of their content by paying a subscription fee.

They have two subscription fees, an ad-supported plan and an ad-free plan, and both of them are great value packs as well. But enough talking about their paid plans, let’s talk about their free plan.

If you are a fan of watching Universal’s movies or NBC’s live tv shows, then I think you would enjoy a lot on Peacock TV free plan because they are also available on their limited free content.

What we didn’t like about Peacock TV

Peacock TV, like a Peacock, is slowly spreading its feathers across the world, which means that its content is geo-locked for now and is only available in limited countries to access.

And although it is a free version of their website, let’s be honest, the main goal of this free package is not for you to stay and watch their limited content, but it is to lure you into watching all of their content by getting that subscription fee.

And for some people that might work as well, like always you have to give it a try yourself and see for your own.

Why did we choose Peacock TV as a streaming platform like Soap2Day?

Peacock TV is a free streaming website that lets you have access to some of its content, and it does provide you with great service overall as well. 

They have been working on the website for a while now, and slowly they have also started to see success. 

You would also get to watch all of their latest tv shows and movies on the free plan as well, after a period of time, and that is also an added advantage of Peacock TV.

Review and rating of Peacock TV

So, Peacock TV is a website that you can check out and see if it is something that you would be really interested in knowing and using, and who knows? Maybe you will fall in love with the service and get its service as well.

Plus, it has a relatively cheaper subscription plan as well compared to other premium streaming services as well. I would be rating Peacock TV 3.5/5 stars!


Plex tv

Plex is a media serving application where you can stream your content on many other devices as well, such as your phone, tv, tablet, basically, any device that will run a Plex application.

Plex also offers its users free movies, tv shows, and podcasts as well, thus making it a website that is a great Soap2Day alternative as well.

What we liked about Plex

Plex has a great user interface which is something that I have complained about Soap2Day because everything on that website seems very different and not safe to use.

It also features a whole lot of functions that you would be surprised to be getting for free to use. The movies and tv shows that it has to offer aren’t the latest, but they are still relatively known properties.

What we didn’t like about Plex

Setting up Plex on any device, especially as a media server, can be tricky for some people, especially for those who are not well-versed with the world of media servers. 

It has a learning curve to it, and the app also freezes a couple of times when you stream content on it, so you have to be careful about it.

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Why did we choose Plex as a Soap2Day alternative?

As I mentioned, it is an overall great application to use if you know how to set up media servers; you can also watch some of your content using Plex, which is an added advantage.

Plus, there is basically nothing when you compare the two sites and programs. They are very different, and one of them is clearly better than the other.

Review and rating of Plex

So, what can you expect from using Plex? A great streaming experience that really simplifies a lot of things, especially if you have content on your laptop or other devices which you would like to stream on other devices.

It is a great tool that certainly offers a lot for its free price tag, and I would be rating it 3.5/5 stars as well!

Our recommendations on the best Soap2Day alternative?

So, what are the websites that you should choose as the alternative to Soap2Day?

Well, it depends on what you like to watch, and I have listed down the reasons and the type of content that each of the above six websites provides and their target audience as well.

But, if you were to ask for my opinion, then I think I would have to go with BBC iPlayer.

Why did we choose BBC iPlayer as the best Soap2Day alternative?

I really found BBC iPlayer very fascinating, and I am someone who really likes their services as well. Plus, I have been meaning to buy a VPN as well, so this would be an added advantage as well of using a VPN.

But, what about you? Which alternative will you use as a Soap2Dat alternative? Do let us know in the comments section down below!

Sanjit Mansingh

Sanjit Mansingh

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