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Hello my fellow netizens, haven’t you ever wondered what is a good way to balance your work with your love of sports or soccer in this case?

Well, I was having the same doubts myself so I have taken some liberty and done some research for all the sports geeks out there and have compiled a list of top quality free sports streaming websites. 

These websites are so good that you can not only use them to curb your hunger for the premier League matches but also for any sports you wish to stream and as an added bonus many of them are free to use.

The must-try free sports streaming websites of 2023 (Safe&Legal)

The top 11 soccer streaming websites for this calendar year are as follows:-

P.S – Some of the sports streaming sites mentioned in this list are restricted in certain countries/regions. If you are facing such an issue we have got you covered with a solution in the article itself. Stick till the end and check out which site works best for you

1. Laola1.TV

Laola1.TV is a highly recommended free sports streaming website which is one of the best in its class. It is not only free of cost but comes with a multilingual setup and allows you to stream any time and anywhere.

You can record the whole match isn’t this good news? It also comes with HD quality streaming abilities and an option to even rewind the live stream but for this, you may have to pay a nominal amount for the premium version of the membership.

Apart from the fact that some features are paid, it’s a wonderful free sports streaming website in my opinion.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

2. Live Soccer TV

Live soccer TV is as the name suggests a live stream platform that will feast your eyes with not only the live streaming matches but also live scores and all the other game/channel related information which you may require to know about any live match at a given point of time.

Live Soccer TV is a free sports streaming website which has a great user interface and is available for both IOS and Android devices. 

For the users of this free sports streaming website specifically in the US and Canada, this platform also recommends you different sports bars and pubs where you can go and enjoy the screening of the live match with your friends.

There are some issues related to geo-location and connectivity sometimes but you don’t have to register or sign up for any sports streaming experience on this website. so you can just refresh it and use it again without any hassle.


3. Sky Sports

The next free sports streaming website is a reliable and trustworthy streaming website. Sky Sports is a site with a plethora of options for all the soccer fans out there. It provides a clean user interface and options to view up to 100+ live soccer matches from around the world.

The only drawback here which I feel can be a game-changer is that it’s a bit expensive when it comes to full Higher-end experience and you may also have to call your cable TV provider to start the subscription for this channel. 



Like Sky Sports, ESPN is also one of the trusted and well-known platforms. It’s an easy-to-use interface and a variety of sports streaming options makes it very useful for not only the soccer fans but also for different sports like cricket and NFL.

The downside of the app is that some sports broadcasts are restricted to avoid any or some of the copyright issues other than that this is just a perfect free sports streaming platform for any sports enthusiast. ESPN is as mentioned earlier a free sports streaming website but comes with a premium membership which will unlock some of the additional features like HD Streaming and etc.


5. LiveTV

With live soccer available in English, Russian, Spanish and Italian languages and a simple user interface LiveTV is one of many free sports streaming websites that allows users to not only watch live soccer but also provides the users with live scores of all the other live soccer matches.

The only two cons for this streaming website is its nonavailability in many countries and pop-up ads. But not to worry my friends this situation can be easily avoided if you use any decent ad-blockers and VPNs (a virtual private network).


6. Sony Liv

Sony Liv is a platform that is phenomenal and the first impression which I got while using this website in its mobile application form I was blown away by its simple yet modern interface.

Yes! You heard it right it’s a free soccer streaming site that also comes in a form of a mobile phone application and that too none other than Sony, which in itself is a mammoth of a company and does not need any introduction.

This free sports streaming website works very well on both Android and IOS devices. Even though this platform is geo-restricted in some countries but It also provides you with a wide array of movies and web series to keep you entertained even in the offseason. 

Live Soccer streaming is free of cost and is of high quality on the application as well as on the website.


7. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch claims that it enables you to stream 15,000+ live and scheduled soccer matches from countries like Europe, North America, South America, and Asia.

This free sports streaming website is a good choice as it also streams concerts and events sometimes but is a bit slow in loading the content and is full of ads.


8. Mama HD

Mama HD is a very decent free sports streaming website. Apart from the support of multiple languages and multi-sport broadcasting interface the highlight in this platform is its live chat box feature which allows you to chat with international fans while enjoying the live stream of the game.

The cons I would like to mention here are that this website is full of pop-up ads and the chatbox feature I talked about is kind of a hit and miss.

The stream itself can be slow sometimes but when it does, it streams in high quality only.


9. Sportrar.TV

Sportrar.TV is the highest rated free sports streaming website by its users. With a user-friendly interface and an interesting search tool you can not only watch live matches but any match by just typing in the date on which it was aired.

There are some ads and pop-ups which may spoil your Streaming experience by taking you to some malicious webpages but if you are a VPN or an ad-blocker user you are sorted.


10. Streamwoop

The last one of the free sports streaming websites which I would like to recommend is Streamwoop which is specifically designed for the American audience as you can not stream European games on this website but can watch American soccer and all the major league titles on this streaming platform.

Streamwoop is loaded with interactive features like chat rooms and easy to use interface. All pros being said, this website is not mobile friendly and is not for anyone who loves the European football leagues.


11. Stream East

Stream East is definitely one of the best free sports streaming websites available online that you should definitely try out. 

I have written many articles on this website where I have discussed about Stream East’s pros and cons, and you can even read those articles if you want to know more about it. 

A lot of articles that I read online, all discuss about some of the alternatives that are named above, and while they are all good in their respective way, Stream East is just a different website altogether. 

It feels like a really premium website that you should be paying to for watching sporting events, but you don’t have to. It is a free website that has a really nice UI and a website which is very easy to navigate through.

The overall website works pretty smoothly, as well, and it does provide you with a number of different streaming for many different live sporting events that it is able to stream. 

The overall viewing experience on Stream East is unparallel to any other free sports streaming websites available, this is also because there are not a lot of ads on Stream East, and that is always a good thing to know.

So, if you haven’t thought about or known about Stream East before, then you should definitely try it out and see how great the website is to watch live sports for free. 

My final thought

All the above mentioned free sports streaming websites are not placed in any particular order and we are in no way being paid by any of the streaming platforms to include them in this list. All the ratings which we have provided you with are based on my personal usage and what I thought after analyzing the pros and cons. This is our first-hand experience which we always love to share with you to make your online streaming journey easy and hassle-free. I hope you loved this article if you did, please share with your friends and soccer buddies. Feel free to comment below if you found this helpful and would us to cover more of such informative and useful articles do.

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