Top 7 Sportslemon alternatives & its competitors

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What is Sportslemon?

Sportslemon is a sports streaming website where you can access many different sports for free over the internet.

The website hosts a number of different links from the net that stream the games, and it provides the links to all the games on its website – Sportslemon.

Even though it has a number of links on its website, there are still a dozen more websites on the internet that provide you with the same, if not a better, experience to stream your games!

Reason to look for sites like Sportslemon

Reason 1 – Not a great combination of links

I had mentioned that Sportsmelon is a hosting website where it collects a number of links from the net and then puts them up on its website.

But what if the links aren’t good enough? That’s is what happening on Sportsmelon. The links that are on the website have streaming issues.

For starters, they require you to sign up on it to watch the links. The overall website the link redirects you to seems very fishy as well.

Reason 2 – Average Website

All streaming sites, regardless of whether they are free or paid, they all have a great website. They do so so that the viewer returns back to their website in the near future.

Sportslemon, on the other hand, doesn’t necessarily have a great website, to begin with. It has a website that functions well, but it isn’t something that stands out. 

And there are plenty of other websites out there that do what Sportslemon does but also provide its viewers and users with a great experience and a great-looking website.

Reason 3 – Limited Sports

Although Sportslemon does offer you a bunch of sports and sporting events on its website, it doesn’t offer you all the sports and sporting events. I had mentioned that Sportsmelon is a hosting website where it collects a number of links from the net and then.

Different demographic of people watch different sports or sporting events. Not everyone wants to watch NBA or something similar.

And Sportslemon doesn’t target those audiences. It has a limited number of streaming links for a limited amount of sports. 

And if you are someone like me, who likes to watch different types of sporting events, then you would be a bit disappeared from Sportslemon.

Best Sportslemon Alternatives

Batman Stream 


Batman Stream is a sports streaming website that gives you access to a different and wide variety of sports. 

It is a trusted website when it comes to streaming sports and has been around for quite some time now.

Many people come to its website time and again because of its good reputation and good quality of stream delivery. 

There is plenty of other good stuff about Batman Stream; let’s discuss them now! If you have already tried batmanstream and are not happy with it. We have got you covered with the best batmanstream alternatives.

What we liked about Batman Stream 

Batman Stream has a great collection of sports, and it does offer different types of sporting events. You also get a fairly good website that is easy to handle and use. 

Usually, people get confused when they stream on such sites because of how the websites are designed. That is not a problem that you will have to face when you choose this website to stream your favourite games.

You also get access to some rare sporting events such as Ice-Hockey, which isn’t something you usually see getting streamed on your such sites!

What we didn’t like about Batman Stream 

Batman Stream, just like any other sports streaming platform on the internet, is free to access. But it has ads on its website that allows it to be run for free, and there are multiple pop-up ads on the website.

They don’t have a paid platform where you can buy their subscription and get rid of the ads, so if you are someone who likes the website and what it has to offer, then you also have to deal with a lot of annoying ads.

Why did we choose Batman Stream as a Sportslemon substitude?

If you take away the pop-up ads issue, which, let’s face it, is an issue that you would very easily across any free website for that matter, then you would find Batman Stream to be a great alternative to Sportslemon.

It has better links, a wider category of sports, and to top it all off, it has a nice website that allows its viewers to watch the games from the comfort of any device that they like, and it isn’t confusing to use as well.

Review and rating of Batman Stream 

I have mentioned most of the good things about the website already, so I will just sum it all up in this section. If you are someone who likes to watch sports and not just one type of sport, then you should definitely check out Batman Stream.

It gives access to many different links that stream the sports of your liking in different resolutions as well. You can very easily choose the link that you find the best and then enjoy the rest of your day.

It is a very popular streaming site, and because of it, I would be rating Batman Stream a solid 3.5/5 stars.



Speaking of trusted websites to stream your sporting events, one cannot forget to mention about Stream2Watch. Stream2Watch has been in the streaming game for a long time now.

It has some of the best available links on the internet that it embeds on its website. Stream2Watch also offers you a number of different sporting events and some rare ones as well.

Stream2Watch also has some other features that I personally like about it; let’s discuss them now!

What we liked about Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch, as mentioned above, has a great selection of links that stream the matches. A lot of people usually come to the website to check it out, and this is one of the main reasons for the visit.

It also has some other neat little features like a ‘Smart Block’ feature on its live chat box. What this does is basically blocks all the inappropriate and spam messages from the live chat. 

This is a great little feature as many people get distracted by these inappropriate messages, and they aren’t able to enjoy the rest of the games. Want to know more about Stream2watch we have written everything in detail about Stream2watch.

What we didn’t like about Stream2Watch

There aren’t many flaws when it comes to Stream2Watch. But if I have to nitpick about something, then it would be its website’s design. I, personally, don’t find the website design to be nice.

I find it to be old and something of a design that you would usually see in the early 2000s era. Its all-black theme doesn’t look all that great, and its overall design style just seems out of style, to be honest.

Why did we choose Stream2Watch as a site like Sportslemon?

If you take apart the poor website design, then I think you would really find everything else about Stream2Watch to be perfectly fine for a sports streaming website. 

It’s got most of the things that you would expect from such a site. It has great streaming links, less amount of ads or pop-up ads and an overall great community of people, which is something you can’t say about Sportslemon.

Review and rating of Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is a website that has millions of monthly streaming, and that is thanks to its great collection of links and the service that the website provides. You can even access it from your phone’s browser.

It is a website that is trusted by many people, and maybe you should give it a try as well and see for yourself why so many people around the world trust it for their sports. 

I would be rating Stream2Watch 3.5/5 stars!



VIP Box TV has a number of different websites that have the same ‘VIP’ name attached to them. You have sites like VIP League, VIP Row, and many more. But for now, let’s concentrate on this version.

VIP Box TV claims to have the widest variety of sports and sports networks available on its website. And the claim is true as I have seen it for myself. 

Over here you can watch N number of games and still you won’t get tired! 

What we liked about VIP Box TV

As mentioned above, VIP Box TV has the widest variety of sports offerings than any other website on the internet. 

You have access to sports/sporting events like Horse Riding, NCAAF, Boxing, Tennis, Basketball, Cricket, and so much more.

On top of it all, the website also features a good and easy-to-use UI which is something that you can’t really say about a lot of websites.

What we didn’t like about VIP Box TV

VIP Box Tv takes a while to load on any given platform, and now, there can be a number of different reasons as to why this happens. The most obvious is the lack of servers.

Now, if you are claiming to have the widest variety of sporting events on your website, then you should also expect a wide variety of people from different demographics as well.

If all of them start streaming at once, then obviously, the website would lag and would take time to load up if you don’t have enough servers to run it properly and smoothly.

Why did we choose VIP Box TV as a Sportslemon alternative?

Look, VIP Box TV doesn’t have a bigger compromise when you compare it to sites like Stream2Watch and Batman Stream and especially when you compare it to Sportslemon. 

It has a great variety of streaming links, a great UI to play all those links, and an overall wide variety of sporting events. None of this is something that you can say for Sportslemon, which is why it is a great alternative to it!

Review and rating of VIP Box TV

VIP Box TV is one of the better ‘VIP’ streaming websites out there. You get a lot of content for the price of Free Dollars.

It has a user-friendly UI and combine that with a number of sporting events, and you have a great website that you can tune into any time you want. 

For those reasons and many more, I would be rating VIP Box TV 3.5/5 stars!

First Row Sports


First Row Sports is also a website that has been making some noise in the world of sports streaming for free. It is a website that I came to know about recently, and it is a website I found to be recommendation worthy.

First Row Sports has its eyes on the major sporting events that happen across the globe, and that is what you will be able to see on its website, but it also has some other things that I like about it.

What we liked about First Row Sports

First Row Sports is dedicated to sharing only HQ or High-Quality video resolution for all of the streaming links that it selects for its website. 

Which is a great thing because so many times, these websites do claim to offer you to watch the games for free, but the resolution is such that you really can’t watch anything, even though it is for free.

If you are a Kodi user, then there’s a piece of good news for you as well, as First Row Sports has a plugin for Kodi. This means that you can use the website to watch the matches on any device that you want.

What we didn’t like about First Row Sports

First Row Sports does have a lot to offer, but I think something it doesn’t have to offer is a great website. This is a very different complaint compared to Stream2Watch. 

I had mentioned that the overall design aesthetics of Stream2Watch isn’t all that great, but when it comes to First Row Sports, the entire website isn’t something that you really call ‘great’.

Everything on the website just feels very last-second built; it feels like they created a website just for the sake of creating one so that they can find a place where they can dump all the HQ links.

Why did we choose First Row Sports as a Sportslemon alternative?

Look, when you compare the two websites, you will very easily see why I chose First Row Sports as an alternative to Sportslemon. 

Apart from one problem, which is First Row Sport’s website, even Sportslemon doesn’t have a great looking one just for the matter; there isn’t anything else to compare between the two.

First Row Sports has better streaming links, a better quality of links, and also a plugin for a widely used and recognised media server, Kodi.

Review and rating of First Row Sports

First Row Sports has some major advantages when compared to sites like Sportslemon. It is a website that not a lot of people know about, which makes it even more, better for you.

Because you can take advantage of the website even more now before it becomes a well-known website that everyone would start using, and then it would also face similar issues as those sites.

But for now, it is a great website; if it improves upon its overall design, then it would be an even better website. For now, I would be rating First Row Sports 3.5/5 stars.



Crackstreams is another very popular website when it comes to watching sports online for free. The website has a lot of different types and a wide variety of sports selections as well, and you wouldn’t be disappointed by it.

Crackstreams also has a fairly simple and basic website design which I am sure that many people would be divided upon. For some, it would be too simple, whereas, for others, it would be great.

Also read The best crackstream alternatives.

What we liked about Crackstreams

I personally liked the website layout of Crackstreams. It has a great green colour theme, and it just looks and feels very different when compared to other streaming websites that you see on the internet.

Crackstreams also offers a bunch of different links for many different sporting events, both major and minors, so you can relax and enjoy them at your own convenience to select which one works the best for you.

What we didn’t like about Crackstreams

The streaming website, although it has lots to offer but. There are some things where it falters a little bit here and there. One of the issues is the fact that the stream quality changes very quickly.

It is not very reliable in terms of a steady stream; at one point, you would be watching your match in Full HD resolution, and the next second it would turn into 144p. 

And it isn’t something that you can control via your internet connection as well. The other negative point I found about Crackstreams is that the website is deemed ‘not secured’ as per the Google Chrome browser.

Now it is no rocket science to figure out that streaming on these sites is not usually secure, but the websites are still considered ‘secured’, but over here, that’s also not the case, which makes it a bit scarier to use.

Why did we choose Crackstreams as a Sportslemon alternatives?

Crackstreams excels at everything when compared to Sportslemon for that reason. It has a great-looking website, which I personally like. It also has some really nice links to stream the games.

When you compare these features to Sportslemon, then Sportslemon very easily falls flat in the comparison and the competition between the two.

Review and rating of Crackstreams

Crackstreams is a website that I haven’t mentioned a lot of times on this page, but it is something worth noting and worth checking out purely cause it is one of the better streaming sites.

You not only get access to great streaming links (which can become unreliable sometimes in terms of quality), but you also have a website that any person, regardless they are young or old, can very easily use.

These feel like very common features, but they are actually rare when you actually see what the other sites provide. I would be rating Crackstreams 4/5 stars.



Yeap, the social media service can also act as a sports streaming service as well. Obviously, if you are not familiar with the concept, then this would seem very out of place for you, but let me explain how Reddit can also be a sports streaming site.

When you see all the sites available on the internet that claim to stream your favourite sporting event, they are partially telling the truth. 

This is something that I have mentioned a couple of times in this article as well. The websites don’t stream the actual matches. They are more of a stream hosting website. 

They collect links from all over the internet that actually stream the games and see which one streams the best. Then they put those links on their website and call themselves a sports streaming website.

Because if they simply start streaming the games, then they would be shut down before they can even stream a single match. There’s a little grey area, and that is where they operate.

The same is the case with Reddit as well. Reddit has a number of subreddits on its platform that you can go on where you would see different links that stream the matches. 

You just have to click on those links, and then you will simply be redirected to the game that you wanted to see!

What we liked about Reddit

First of all, Reddit as a whole social media site is pretty nice and different when you compare it to different social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

Coming to the sports and the links it has to offer, Reddit has subreddits for different types of sports that you would want to watch.

Each subreddit has its own community of people, and each subreddit is managed by different groups of people.

All of this is something that you would very easily find on the main Reddit page. You simply have to just type ‘R/(whatever sports you want to watch), and you will be redirected to that subreddit.

What we didn’t like about Reddit

I mentioned above that Reddit is a different social media channel when compared to other social media networks; now, this can be a plus point and a negative point as well.

Reddit’s interface can be tricky for many people who are not accustomed to using Reddit before because its whole UI system and search system are radically different and new. 

It would not sit well with many people because I am speaking it from my personal experience, as I faced trouble navigating through the site to find what I was looking for.

Another disadvantage is the fact that the streaming links available on different subreddits may not always be great.

These streaming websites go through a lot of lengths to figure out the right streaming links that are harmless, have no malware, and people can enjoy the streams and games as it is.

That is not something any subreddit owner would usually go through because it is just too much of a hassle.

So when you are on its website and are searching for any particular sport, you have to be careful as to which link you are clicking onto

Why did we choose Reddit as a Sportslemon alternative?

Reddit isn’t an exact alternative to Sportslemon, but it still serves the function that you will see on Sportslemon but done in a classier way and on a better-looking website.

Plus, if you are a Reddit user, then this method to watch the games is even more perfect for you as it is something that you would be knowing very easily as well!

Review and rating of Reddit

Reddit as a sports streaming site is a good combination. You not only get to watch the sports that you would want to watch but also, along with it, you are also offered a social media site.

A site where you can basically watch anything and everything and can communicate with its group of the community as well. For those reasons, I would be rating Reddit 3/5 stars!



Stream East is also a really great alternative to Sportslemon that you can try out to watch free sports on your computing devices. The overall UI of this website feels very premium and it also offers a great number of sports to watch. 

I have talked about this website a lot and that is because of its overall performance and the experience that it offers to its users. 

What we liked about StreamEast

The main great thing about Stream East is that you have a great website on offer with a pretty slick-looking UI, as well. The overall ads experience on this websites is also pretty minimal. 

This coupled with the fact that you can watch pretty much any sports that you like on this website, makes it one of the better websites like these. 

What we didn’t like about StreamEast

There’s not much to dislike about Stream East, however, if you want to nitpick then you can nitpick that the website is a bit difficult to find and it does have some proxies, as well. 

You also are asked to create a free account to watch any sports that you want on this website, which isn’t very common among the other alternatives that are present in this list. 

You also are not able to interact with some other people about the sports that you are watching. 

Why did we choose StreamEast as a Sportslemon alternative?

As I mentioned, Stream East has a lot to offer, which is also true for Sportslemon, but you don’t find a lot of different sports on Sportslemon, and the overall UI of the website is not as great as what is offered on Stream East. 

Review and rating of StreamEast

Stream East is a pretty simple website where you can watch sports for free, but the overall experience of watching sports on Stream East is far better than other such websites. 

That is the main reason why I recommend this website more than any other, because of its overall ease of watching, which is not so common for such websites. For that reason alone, I will rate Stream East 4/5 stars.

Why did we choose VIP Box TV as the best Sportslemon alternative?

VIP Box TV is a pretty nice website overall. But the reason why I chose it as the best Sportslemon alternative is because of the wide variety of collections it has.

It can be your one-stop destination for all the sports that you would want to watch. That is the main reason why I chose it.

But, what about you? Do you agree with my pick, or would you have chosen a different site? Which sports streaming website do you use? Do let us know in the comments down below!

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