Working Tamilrockers proxy and mirror sites to unblock Tamilrockers (2021 edition)

TamilRockers Proxy Unblocked

Movies and TV shows are universally the leading sources of entertainment. But with the increasing number of paid streaming services, it is becoming really expensive to feast ourselves with the latest shows and movies. Here in this article, I have done in-depth research on Tamilrockers, a website where you can watch the latest movies for free and also download content.

About Tamilrockers

Originally an upcoming Torrent website, Tamilrockers is quickly making a name for itself as a leading website from where users can download free movies, music, and TV shows. Tamilrockers also provides torrent files for games and software. Overall is it an impressive website from where a user can download their favorite content.

What is Tamilrockers proxy

Tamilrockers proxy is a legal and safe website that gives you full access to the original tamilrockers website. A proxy website needs to be used if the ISP of the original website is blocked in your region.

Is Tamilrockers blocked in your region

Tamilrockers is generally a torrent file provider where you will find pirated content of the latest movies, original music, and tv shows so unfortunately it is blocked in several regions to avoid spreading of piracy.

How to unblock TamilRockers

To unblock tamilrockers you will need a proxy server that can interlink with the original page on a different unblocked website. Then you need to make sure you are able to mask your IP address on the tamilrocker proxy and select an ISP where tamilrockers can be accessed safely. 

List of Tamilrockers Proxy

NOTE: This TamilRockers proxy list is updated every week. So if you find a nonworking proxy server be patient as we will update the working link  ✔✔…

Pro Tip: Using a VPN service helps you to get Tamilrockers unblocked safely and also gives you access to Streaming movies & tv shows for free

Tamilrockers Proxy/MirrorUrls ListStatus
Tamilrockers Proxy 1
Tamilrockers Proxy 2
Tamilrockers Proxy 3
tamilrockers.nocensor.rest (USE VPN)
tamilrockers.g2g.bar (USE VPN)
Tamilrockers Proxy 4
Tamilrockers Proxy 5
Tamilrockers Proxy 6
Tamilrockers Proxy 7
Tamilrockers Proxy 8

TamilRockers Mirror Sites List

✔ is a website where you will find all files and content for the original tamilrockers archives. It is one of the few mirror sites that does not give you backdoor entry to the original site rather it is a complete site on its own from where you can download torrents directly. This website is straightforward and won’t redirect you to another URL thus proving to be a source of fast torrent downloading.


This mirror site of Tamilrockers has more than just a complete arsenal of Tamil movies. Here you will also find the latest and classic Bollywood and Hollywood movies along with high-quality sitcoms that you can download for free. This mirror site is preferred by users who like to watch dubbed and subbed versions of their favorite programs.


The URL is long so make sure you copy-paste the exact URL to open this Tamilrockers mirror site safely. After browsing through the torrent archives of Tamilrockers and this proxy I found almost all data to be authentic and the same. This proxy site also uploaded the latest movies that are ready for download sooner than any other proxies which instantly made it a top pick in my books.


Here on you will find files of all the latest movies and videos that you can download and watch at any time and anyplace. If you are looking to download free movies online minus the stress of any restrictions you would definitely find this mirror site of Tamilrockers to be useful. 


This website is a simple torrent client where you will find copyrighted content, music, sitcoms, cartoons, movies and so much more. It is originally a proxy website but it has the features and handling that make it worthy enough to be a top standalone torrent website on the internet.


This mirror site can be used freely all over the world as it runs on US-based servers. This proxy has no restrictions meaning you can download all the original content of Tamilrockers that includes TV shows, songs, games, and the latest movies. The smooth user interface is what I found really impressive which sets it apart from the other proxies mentioned on this list.


This website provides users with links to watch movies online, web series, music, anime, latest tv shows, and sitcoms that can be downloaded for free. If the website does not have files that match your searches it will provide you with magnet links that you can use to download your favorite shows. Overall this proxy site proves to be a very effective tamilrockers mirror site. 

✔ is one of the fastest loading mirror websites on the internet. Here you will find the best quality content that has been uploaded on tamilrockers. Being one of the first mirror sites of tamilrockers you will find most of the torrent files here in comparison to other tamilrockers mirror sites.


This site is perhaps the most complete mirror reflection of the original tamilrockers website. In terms of user interface to the list of latest movies, tv shows, songs, and web series has all content as the original website. The site is unblocked in almost all countries which makes it a top mirror site to tamilrockers.


We hope you found a working proxy on the list from where you could access Tamilrockers files. If you are still not satisfied with the results you can watch Tamil movies online on these sites or find almost all movies for free from any of these movie streaming sites.

Feel free to write to us if we missed out on mentioning a proxy or mirror to tamilrockers we will be sure to update it 

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