The 5 Most Popular Bonus Features in Video Slots

Online slots have evolved far beyond the days of basic spinning reels and linear pay lines. With slot players growing increasingly demanding innovative gaming experiences, iGaming developers have sought to design slots with an array of exciting bonus features, adding thrills and spills, not least the potential for more substantial wins. They’re also designed to look more like console games these days, competing with the kind of visual effects delivered in some movies. If you’re new to playing slot games online, let’s delve into the most popular bonus features now synonymous with industry-leading online slots.

Wild symbols can substitute for success

Think of wild symbols as the heroes of online slots. They’re not base game symbols, but they can do so much more, even substituting for base game symbols to complete winning combinations. Wild symbols can also exist as ‘expanding’ wilds and ‘sticky’ wilds.

Expanding wilds expand to fill entire reels when they land. Meanwhile, sticky wilds can land and remain locked in place for a set number of spins. The theory behind sticky wilds is that they stay locked in place and you try to land even more wilds on adjacent reels and rows to build even bigger payouts.

Scatter symbols are the gatekeepers to the free spins bonuses in the leading online slots. Unlike regular symbols which must align on specific paylines, scatters can usually land anywhere on the reels to trigger bonuses. You’ll usually need at least three of them to get a set number of free spins. It is possible that some slots will require you to land scatters on certain reels to enter the free spins feature. This particular bonus is one of the most popular welcome promotions, with first-time players signing up to online casinos getting free spins with no wagering requirements attached to them. This means any payouts occurring from the free spins will be paid out immediately as real, withdrawable cash.

Multipliers which can boost conventional wins

Multiplier features also add a dash of excitement to your slot gameplay. When a multiplier symbol lands and forms part of a successful symbol combination it multiplies your payout by the factor shown. For instance, a successful symbol combination on a payline involving a 3x multiplier symbol will triple your standard payout.

Some slots now even have escalating multipliers, where the multiplier rises after every successful symbol combination you make on the reels, creating the potential for bigger and bigger returns.

Cascading reels feature

Some online slots now have a game mechanism called cascading reels. It’s also known as tumbling or avalanche reels. Either way, it breaks free from the conventional spinning reel mechanism. Whenever you land a winning symbol combination, the symbols involved disappear from the reels, making way for new ones which cascade down from the top of the reels.

What’s great is that they can potentially form more symbol combinations, allowing you to make multiple combinations from the same “spin”.

Risk your wins in a “double or quits”-style game

For those who enjoy the thrill of risk-vs-reward, the “Gamble” feature in some slots will set your pulse racing. This is an optional mini-game, which has a double-or-quits theme to it, allowing you to gamble the winnings from your last spin to double it or risk losing it all.

This feature is typically presented as a card-guessing game or a virtual coin toss. It’s a high-risk, high-reward bonus that adds an extra layer of suspense to your gameplay. In fact, you can play the Gamble feature as many times as you like to try and continually double your wins.

The world of online slots has transformed into a playground of thrilling possibilities, thanks to these fun bonus features listed above. Whether it’s the adrenaline-pumping free spins and multiplier madness through to the helter-skelter gamble features, each bonus adds a unique dimension to the slot experience.

As iGaming developers continue to innovate, players can expect even more exciting bonuses to elevate the anticipation and excitement of every spin. So, buckle up and enjoy the rollercoaster ride that online slot titles provide.

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