Top 10 Items of Office Equipment Replaced by iPhone Apps

On January 9, 2007, the iPhone was introduced by then-Apple CEO Steve Jobs as “an iPod, a phone, and an Internet Communicator.” Over time, however, it has evolved into much more than that, replacing various office equipment through the use of apps. Modern apps have replaced office equipment, as they are much more convenient and cheaper while performing the same functions. As part of this review, we will highlight the best iPhone apps for office workers that have been able to completely replace individual office equipment.

What office items are replaced by apps?

#1 The office and car keys

Many student campuses have adopted the use of iPhones and the Apple Watch as a convenient alternative to traditional door keys. It is worth noting that an increasing number of car rental agencies now provide digital keys that can be unlocked using an iPhone.

#2 The briefcase

Once upon a time, people used to carry their most important paperwork with them. However, things have changed. Nowadays, digital versions of everything can be stored on iCloud, Box, Dropbox, or any other document management service. These digital documents are incredibly convenient for sharing with others. Additionally, applications like Microsoft and other productivity apps have made it possible for remote teams to collaborate on document creation in real or asynchronous time.

#3 The photocopier, fax, and scanner

During a time, hanging around the photocopier used to serve a purpose similar to the watercooler, providing a break for bored office workers seeking a momentary escape from the monotony of the workday. Nowadays, photocopiers can be found within your iPhone. Simply open the Notes app, tap the Camera icon, and effortlessly scan and archive or share any document you require.

Of course, you need a special scanning tool to scan a document, but this is not a problem. You can find the PDF Scanner App on the App Store and get all the scanner features and more. This scanner app can not only scan but also convert documents from PDF to docs and store files securely on your device. In addition to the scan docs function, there is encryption, the ability to share a file, Face ID, or password protection. Today it is the fastest and most convenient way to scan any document, including docs ID.

#4 The meeting room

One of the positive outcomes of COVID-19 is the realization that office attendance is not mandatory and physical presence is not necessary for productivity. Video collaboration tools enable virtual face-to-face communication, and many businesses are now adopting a hybrid approach to meetings. However, it’s worth considering whether your business truly requires a dedicated meeting space or if hiring premises from a local colocation provider would be a more suitable option.

#5 The phone system

Telephone systems were commonly used in the past, but smartphones have largely replaced them. However, for those seeking to recreate the office telephony experience, especially when working with a remote and distributed team, a VoIP softphone can be a valuable tool. Well-known softphone providers include 3CX, Zoiper, and Acrobits. These softphones offer effective handling of both internal and external calls, using designated business contact information instead of personal numbers.

In today’s business landscape, many enterprises rely on these systems, often supplemented by collaborative platforms like Teams, Zoom, WebEx, or Skype.

#6 The office thermostat affair

The iPhone may not fully substitute traditional office thermostats, but with HomeKit-enabled heating and lighting systems, individuals (or their supervisors) can now manage office heating right from their smartphones. No longer will groups struggle with deciphering those perplexing heating controls.

This type of automation also extends to lighting and, more and more, to the intelligent machinery utilized on factory floors.

#7 The bulletin board

The Calendar app developed by Apple offers users basic functionality. Additionally, there are other apps available, such as When I Work, Trello, and Slack, which provide businesses with the ability to create and publish schedules that can be easily viewed by everyone. These apps also allow for the seamless management of shift swaps arranged by employees.

#8 The check

An increasing number of transactions are conducted electronically, with a significant and expanding array of banks offering the convenience of check depositing by utilizing iPhone scanning technology.

#9 Cash registers

Cash registers and point-of-sales systems are being rapidly supplemented by contactless payment terminals. According to Pew Research, almost one-in-three Americans no longer make cash purchases in any given week. A growing number of consumers are adopting contactless payment systems, particularly through their smartphones. The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated the shift away from cash.

#10 Cable Ethernet network

To access the internet using an iPhone as a hotspot, make sure your iPhone has a stable connection and sufficient data on your contract. Simply go to Settings, tap on Personal Hotspot, and follow the instructions.

With the introduction of 5G support in the iPhone 12, users in areas with 5G coverage may enjoy faster internet speeds compared to busy office environments.


All the tools and functions are now encapsulated within a device that even Steve Jobs himself believed served only three purposes. It is now enough to have an iPhone with you to perform many tasks that previously required separate devices. Perhaps in the near future, we will see the obsolescence of some other devices. It also means that working from your smartphone is getting closer.

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