Top 7 best Truecaller Alternatives in 2023

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Truecaller Alternatives

Truecaller is a great application that does a lot. You can call someone, know who is calling before their call even comes, search for an unknown number and send messages as well. 

But by doing all this, Truecaller takes in way more information than an app like Truecaller should, so much so that you can even tell whether someone’s phone is on silent or not knowing via Treucaller.

Since data privacy is everyone’s concern right now, some people have started to look for Truecaller applications, that are more reliable and safe to use. That’s why I have noted down 7 of the best Truecaller Alternatives available.

What are the best truecaller alternatives?

NameBest ForPriceOur RatingWebsite
Phone by GoogleGoogleFree3.5/5
HiyaCaller IDFree3.5/5
WhoscallCaller IDFree3/5
ShowcallerCaller IDFree3/5
CallAppCaller IDFree3.5/5
EyeconCaller ID with themes and social media syncFree2.5/5
DrupeCaller ID with themes and social media syncFree2.5/5

1. Phone by Google

Phone by Google is a good example of a Truecaller alternative. It is another application made by Google and it comes in as the default calling app for all new Android devices. Phone is a simple application that warns you about spam calls, just like Truecaller does.

Along with that, you can also know the names of people who are calling you, even if you haven’t saved their names on your device. It is not a gravy application and does most of Truecaller’s job.

Price of Phone by Google

Phone is free to use. 

Features of Phone by Google

  • Record calls
  • Suspect spam calls
  • Screen unknown calls 

Pro and Cons of Phones by Google

✅In-built app for all latest Android phones ❌Not compatible with all apps
✅Secured application ❌Call recording feature removed for some phones
✅Easy to use 

Review on Phone by Google

Phone by Google is another great app released by Google. But it also means that you are now sharing even more data with the company, in the age of data privacy, trusting a company with all your data can be very risky.

Rating on Phone by Google

Phone by Google gets 3.5/5 stars. 

2. Hiya

Hiya is a call blocker and fraud detection application. With over 10 million, Hiya can be a good Truecaller alternative. Hiya has premium plans for it, but its free version should be sufficient for many people.

Along with that Hiya offers you all sorts of features like call detection, blocking number, and more which you get on Truecaller.

Price of Hiya 

Hiya is free to use. 

Features of Hiya

  • Block and report spammers
  • Search up numbers
  • See names and photos on call logs 

Pro and Cons of Hiya

✅Free of cost ❌Latest updates reports many bugs
✅Easy to use ❌Many spam calls get through the application 
✅Good database 

Review on Hiya

Hiya is a good Treucallet alternative for you. It has a good community of people, it’s just that the latest update has reported many bugs hopefully, the company will fix them as soon as possible.

Rating on Hiya

 Hiya gets a rating of 3.5/5 stars

3. Whoscall

On number 3 we have Whoscall which is an app from Taiwan. The app suggests that even the Taiwan Police force use this application to their advantage. Whoscall offers you a caller ID and blocking function for all unknown numbers.

It also can be run offline because it has a good offline database. So even of you are not connected to the internet, you can still know who’s calling you.

Price of Whoscall

Whoscall is free to use. 

Features of Whoscall

  • Search numbers
  • Send SMS’s
  • Identify unknown numbers 

Pro and Cons of Whoscall

✅Free of cost ❌SMS tab takes longer to load
✅Easy to use ❌Some unknown numbers aren’t identified
✅Good UI ❌Small database compared to Truecaller

Review on Whoscall

Whoscall isn’t a perfect application but it is good enough. It does have a premium plan but users report that it is not worth the money. 

Rating on Whoscall

Whoscall gets a rating of 3/5 stars. 

4. Showcaller

Showcaller isn’t very original when it comes to having a good name for your product, but it does the job. With only a size of 7MB, Showcaller is quite a small package that does most of Truecaller’s job.

The smaller size also makes it a battery-friendly application for your phone. It is a simple application with in-app purchases but it is a great app on its own.

Price of Showcaller

Showcaller is free to use. 

Features of Showcaller

  • Block spam calls
  • Dark mode available 
  • Offline database

Pro and Cons of Showcaller

✅Free to use ❌Call recording option restricted
❌Some spam calls get through
❌No SMS compatibility 

Review on Showcaller

Showcaller is a light application that does a heavy job. It is simple to use and can do most of Truecaller’s job and can act as a good Truecaller alternative.

Rating on Showcaller

Showcaller gets a rating of 3/5 stars 

5. CallApp

CallApp claims that it is called by Google one of the best Caller ID and Call recorder applications. It has over 100 Million downloads and fairly good reviews as well. CallApp also has most of the features that you might get on Truecaller.

CallApp also lets you record your calls, which is something not a lot of applications are able to do because of Google’s new recording policy.

Price of CallApp

CallApp is free to use. 

Features of CallApp

  • Get notified on Smartwatch
  • Customize your communication
  • Messaging app ID 

Pro and Cons of CallApp

✅Call recorder available  ❌Some recordings can have grainy audio.
✅Easy to use 
✅Smarwatch compatible 

Review on CallApp

CallApp is a great Truecaller alternative, one that lets people find out who is calling them and block spam calls, along with many other cool features.

Rating on CallApp

CallApp gets a rating of 3.5/5 stars 

6. Eyecon

Eyecon takes a different route for caller ID. Eyecon actively syncs all your social media accounts with their app and then if someone calls from your following then the application would take all the info available on their social media platform and put it up, such as name, image, etc. 

Eyecon is strictly for caller identification purposes and nothing more.

Price of Eyecon

Eyecon is free to use. 

Features of Eyecon

  • Customize UI
  • Syncing social media accounts
  • Intuitive dialler 

Pro and Cons of Eyecon 

✅Linking social media account ❌Heavy application
✅More info 

Review on Eyecon

Eyecon lets you sync your social media account as if apps like Treucaller didn’t have enough info about you already. I know the info is free to use but syncing it to a third-party application makes the data sharing even scarier for me personally. But, if you want a customized look for who’s calling you then Eyecon is for you.

Rating on Eyecon

Eyecon gets a rating of 2.5/5 stars 

7. Drupe

Drupe also is like Eyecon but more. It syncs in all your data from various applications like WhatsApp, Twitter, all your social media accounts, Gmail, and more. It brings it together for a one-app experience.

You can basically attend calls from different apps with Drupe, send messages via Drupe and do a lot more.

Price of Drupe

Drupe is free to use.

Features of Drupe

  • Syncing all social media accounts
  • Various themes
  • Drive mode
  • Caller ID 

Pro and Cons of Drupe

✅Free to use ❌Too much access to data
❌Cheap themes
❌Unnecesary complications 

Review on Drupe

I don’t get why a caller ID app needs your Gmail account all for a flashier theme. Caller ID’s job is simple, to tell you who’s calling you and give you the ability to block spam calls. Anything more than that is unnecessary in my opinion. But if that doesn’t bother you then Drupe can be a good app for you.

Rating on Drupe

Drupe gets a rating of 2.5/5 stars

Final note

Truecaller has very big data because it has been in this game for a really long time and a lot of people use it. I used to use it as well, until one day my friend was able to tell that my phone was on silent and he got to know this via Truecaller. That’s when I did some research and found that Truecaller takes in way more data than it needs to.

There are many alternatives to Treucaller that take less and give out what you ask for and you can also easily figure out what’s a spam call, so you don’t really need that help to block spam calls as well. But I hope the above apps helped you in finding you some good Treucaller alternatives.

Sanjit Mansingh

Sanjit Mansingh

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