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Top 5 best free Tubi tv alternatives (Safe and Legal)

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Tubi TV is one of the best free movie streaming websites in the world with over 20 million users. The platform which is owned by Fox Corporation has over 20,000 titles but is not available around the world. If you are looking for some more free content then we have listed the best Tubi tv alternatives below

1. Pluto tv


Pluto TV is a free movie and tv show streaming website that has over 20k titles and comes loaded with features. The streaming service is the perfect Tubi TV alternative as it has most of the similar features as Tubi TV. 

The streaming service has partnered with over 170 channel partners to deliver its content for free. The company makes its revenue by playing ads in-between videos.

Viacom has some of its original content on Pluto Tv which makes it even more interesting to its users. The service is currently active in United States, Latin America, and Europe.

If you are not happy with pluto TV then you can check out the best sites like puto tv

Features of Pluto TV

  • 170 channel partners
  • 20 million users
  • Orginal Content
  • 4k content 

Compatible devices

  • Apple Device (TV, iPhone, iPAD, MAC)
  • Android Devices
  • Roku
  • Firestick
  • Playstation 3, 4 & 5
  • Windows PC
  • Chrome caste

2. IMDB tv


IMDB is the largest movie and tv show rating platform in the world but also has its own streaming service called IMDB tv. The streaming service was recently launched in 2019 and is currently available only to US customers. If you are looking for some classic movies and shows then you check out IMDB TV. 

If you are looking for classic titles the IMDB TV is the best website like Tubi tv. Overall IMDB tv would get a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars

Features of IMDB TV

  • Large collection  of classic content 
  • 100% legal
  • Only available to US consumers
  • Good quality audio and video

Compatible devices

  • Any device with a browser

3. Vudu

Vudu app

Vudu is a streaming service that does not ask for a subscription fee from its users. The platform lets its users buy or rent movies and shows. What many users dont know is that Vudu has some free titles which its users can stream for free. If you are looking for titles with good video and audio quality then Vudu is one of the best tubi tv alternatives. 

The platform has millions of users per month who visit the website not only fro its free titles but also for buying and renting movies and shows. If you are not happy with vudu or if it not working in your country check out best vudu alternatives

Features of Vudu

  • Free titles as well as paid
  • Fast streaming 
  • Easy to use interface
  • Compatible with over 15 devices
  • 4k content 

Compatible devices

  • Apple devices
  • Android phones and devices
  • Roku
  • Firestick
  • Chrome caste
  • Windows 10 devices
  • Playstation 3 & 4
  • Xbox

4. Youtube TV


Youtube TV has its own movies and TV shows and most of the titles are original content. Youtube is the biggest user-generated video platform in the world. The Google-owned service has over 1 billion users from around the world. 

The content can be played in 4k and is compatible with most devices. Users can also watch live TV from over 85 channels making it the best replacement to tubi tv. The only drawback about Youtube Tv is that the service is available only in the United States.

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Features of Youtube TV

  • Origainal content 
  • 85 channels 
  • Live TV
  • Live sports streaming
  • 4k video quality
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Easy to use interface

Compatible devices

  • Any device with a browser
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Firestick
  • Play Station 
  • Xbox
  • Windows Pc
  • Mac OS
  • And Many more

5. Internet Archives

Internet Archive

Internet Archives is the place to look for website data and one of the largest website archives in the world. Other than the website archives the company also has an entire section dedicated to videos and shows. Internet archives have movies, shows, documentaries, sports videos. The movie section has over 11,000 movies.

Users can mostly find classic movies and shows on Internet archives. If you are looking for classic content then Internet Archives is one of the best sites like tubi tv. 

Features of Internet Archives

  • Large collection of classic movies and shows
  • Also has music, documentaries, sport videos
  • Avalible in many countries. 

Compatible devices

  • Any device with browser

I hope you like the 5 best tubi tv alternatives and sites like Tubi tv. If you know of any free movie streaming website or app then leave a comment below. We read all comments carefully Happy watching. 

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