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5 best Tumblr Alternatives and apps like tumblr in 2021

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Got tired of Tumblr’s blogs? Or their lack of security? And are looking for some alternatives to Tumblr? Well, this is the place for you, where we discuss with you the 5 best Tumblr Alternatives you can find out today.

Tumblr is a micro-blogging website that works for in most ways as any other social media network platform you can find but it does have some features such as lack of security, not having ownership of your own blogs or their lack of customizations for their website that makes people look for Tumblr like apps.

So below I have jotted down 5 of the best Tumblr Alternatives just for you.

What are the best Tumblr Alternatives and apps like Tumblr? 

NameBest ForPriceOur RatingWebsite
TwitterSharing thoughtsFree3.5/5https://twitter.com/
QuoraQuestions and AnswersFree3.5/5https://quora.com/
KooIndian TwitterFree2.5/5https://kooapp.com/

1. Twitter


Twitter was of course going to be on this list as the number one alternative to Tumblr. Twitter is such a big and popular website that even Tumblr has a Twitter account where it posts its blogs on Twitter.

Twitter doesn’t need much of an introduction, it is a simple application where people share their thoughts and ideas. It’s a place where fans can interact with their stars or government officials, where topics can get trendy, the latest news can be found and a lot of toxicity can be found as well.

With a word limit of just 280 characters and a rumor of including a dislike button, Twitter can be one of the most toxic social media networks you can find right now.

Price of Twitter

Twitter is free to use 

Features of Twitter

  • Phrasing a tweet
  • Adding text links
  • Audio tweets

Pro and Cons of Twitter

✅Good privacy rules❌Toxic in nature
✅Less strict policies than Facebook❌Can’t edit videos
✅Easy to use  

Review on Twitter

Twitter is not just a Tumblr like app but is a Tumblr replacement. It has all the functions you would need in a micro-blogging site but be careful of the toxicity because that can seriously damage someone’s mental health. If you are not happy with Twitter then we have got you covered with the best twitter alternatives.

Rating on Twitter

Twitter will get a rating of 3.5/5 stars 

2. Reddit


Reddit is a place where you can get all sorts of information because of its various communities and groups. It is like Twitter+ for me because there are some wholesome content but also some truly disturbing content as well which you do not want to see EVER!

But Reddit can also act as a great place to blog as it doesn’t have any word restrictions and has a wide variety of people you can connect with. 

Price of Reddit

Reddit is free to use. 

Features of Reddit

  • Post numerous questions and answers
  • Upvotes and Downvotes features
  • Virality chances are high 

Pro and Cons of Reddit

✅Numerous groups and communities available  ❌Basic UI
✅A lot of content on the platform  ❌Can get very toxic 
 ❌Not easy to use and understand for non-tech savvy people

Review on Reddit

Reddit is a Tumblr alternative for you if you are interested in blogging and joining and sharing community blogs. Reddit is not for everyone and some users might find it outdated hence we have listed the best reddit alternatives here.

Rating on Reddit

Reddit also gets a rating of 3.5/5 stars 

3. Mastodon


Mastodon is a very secure version of Tumblr that you can use right now. It is a network of numerous communities and people and is not connected to just one server but several mediums. 

On Mastodon, you can share your thoughts and ideas and everything you used to do on Tumblr in 500 characters. You can either join other communities or make your own community and talk to different people.

Price of Mastodon

Mastodon is free to use 

Features of Mastodon

  • 500 characters
  • Safer policies 
  • Multiple communities of server
  • No ads

Pro and Cons of Mastodon

✅Community of 4.4 Million people ❌Relatively new 
✅No ads ❌Can get monetized using the app
✅Doesn’t work on a single server 

Review on Mastodon 

Mastodon can work as a Tumblr alternative for you but I would wait a few years to see how this app goes because it is relatively new and these relatively new apps come and go in no time. 

Rating on Mastodon

Mastodon will get a rating of 3/5 stars

4. Quora


Quora is a very educated Alternative to Tumblr where you can get thousands of questions on various different categories but also get equally thousands of answers on their site. It is a site of professionals and learners.

You can also earn a bit of money on Quora for answering the questions asked on their site and help some people as well.

Price of Quora

Quora is free to access  

Features of Quora

  • Great community of people
  • Answering various questions and theories
  • Great micro-blogging site 

Pro and Cons of Quora

✅Easy to use ❌Will not find popular celebs to follow
✅Great microblogging site ❌ Non-toxic
✅Get paid for answering questions ❌Can’t post memes or GIF’s
✅Great community  

Review on Quora 

Quora actually holds the potential to be a Tumblr substitute for you and is great at what it says it’ll do.

Rating on Quora

We give Quora a rating of 3.5/5 stars 

5. Koo


Koo is a microblogging site made in India and caters to the Indian audience, it is not directly a Tumblr substitute because Tumblr is a very global app whereas this app only focuses on one country but it still can be used by various NRI’s to know what’s happening in their country.

It currently has some major politicians and actors & actresses on its platform so you can give it a try because it is fairly simple and straightforward to use.

Price of Koo

Koo is free to use. 

Features of Koo

  • Numerous Indian languages options
  • Share Video and Audio 
  • Easy to use

Pro and Cons of Koo

✅Free to use ❌Specific to India
✅Great for NRI’s ❌Relatively new in the market
✅Simple UI 

Review on Koo

Koo is a moderate Tumblr alternative, you can share, create and microblog on the site but not to an extent you can do on Tumblr and for a lot smaller group of community as well. Still, as time goes on we’ll see how Koo can maybe be a Tumblr competitor.

Rating on Koo

Koo gets a rating of 2.5/5 stars 

Final note 

There you go, your 5 best Tumblr alternatives you could find on the internet right now, it is a diverse list that will please different sets of people.

Sanjit Mansingh

Sanjit Mansingh

Sanjit Mansingh is a Journalism and Mass Communication graduate. While studying in this field he quickly realized what he wants to do in his life: Filmmaking. His interest in writing scripts is what made him give a try in the world of content writing. Sanjit's an avid Movie Geek and is an award winning Director as well.

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