How to turn on mobile data on Android for 2G, 3G,4G devices

mobile data network
mobile data network

Mobile data has become the most important feature in any smartphone. Without a mobile data connection, most of the apps on a phone do not even work. Sometimes turning on mobile data can get you stuck for hours and I have been in that situation before. I have listed the step by step guide on how to turn on mobile data on your smartphone. In this article, you would find many tips and tricks to get connected to your mobile data.

As we are getting more connected and more people around the world are getting connected to the internet, mobile data has become a key feature around the world.

The young generation is very well versed in new technologies around the world. Some adults face many minor problems while using a smartphone and they take the help of someone who knows to solve the issue. If you are looking to turn on mobile data and facing some issue then make sure you follow the guidelines written by me.

Turn on mobile by checking your Mobile Network connection

Mobile data would not work if you are not connected to a mobile network so make sure you check your mobile network before turning on the mobile data. If you are using an AT&T network provider then I have written an entire article on how to connect and boost your network. You can use the same steps for other network providers too.

How to turn on mobile data on android this work on 2G, 3G and 4G connection

Step 1: Go to Menu > Settings > Wi-Fi and Internet > Sim and Network > Mobile Data and turn it on

Step 2: Select automatic for 2G/ 3G /4G with this your network provider would automatically connect you to the data pack you have chosen. This also helps you to connect to the best network in your area.

Follow this process and you would be now connected with the internet. If this does not work you can power off your phone and try again. If you are still facing some issue you can call up the customer care number of your network provider to turn on your mobile data.


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