Hotspot: what is a mobile hotspot? how to share internet with a hotspot?

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What is a mobile hotspot?

Mobile hotspot is also known as Wi-Fi tethering is a feature enabled in most of the smartphones in the market which many users are not aware of. The use case of the mobile hotspot is very essential when the users don’t have a connection to a wifi router.

When the user turns on his/her mobile hotspot their device acts as a wifi router. in short, the user can share his mobile data with multiple devices like laptops, tablets, PC and other phones. 

The Mobile hotspot will use mobile data from the person who shares it. For example, I turn on my hotspot when my laptop is not connected to a broadband wifi network. I use it mostly when I’m traveling or when the broadband network in the office has some issues.

The internet speed for your connected devices totally depends upon the speed of your network provider. 4G enabled devices should not have a problem tethering Wi-Fi t at a good speed. The range of the hotspot is very less and cannot be compared to the rage of the Wi-Fi router.

How to share internet with a hotspot?

How to share the internet with a mobile hotspot on Android Phone like Samsung, Oneplus, Xiaomi, Oppo, Nokia?

Step 1: First turn on Mobile data on your Android device. Go to  Settings> Wi-FI and Intenet>Mobile Data> Turn on

Step 2: After you have turned on mobile data Go back to Wi-Fi and Internet> Hotspot and Tethering > Wi-Fi Hotspot >Turn On.

Step 3: You can rename your Hotspot name and also change the password to your preferences. Share the hotspot name and password to someone who wants to connect to the Mobile hotspot

Step 4: Connect to a Wifi Hotspot just like how you connect to a regular Wi-Fi network. Go to Setting > Wi-Fi and Network > Select the network and enter the password.

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