Ubisoft and AMD announced as the new sponsors of Blockchain Game Alliance

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Blockchain Game Alliance

Earlier today, the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) made two major announcements as it named its official sponsors and its new president.

The Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) announced that its new sponsors include some big-name players as semiconductor firm Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), video game giants Ubisoft, digital currency makers Dai MakerDao and VC company Animoca Brands.

Furthermore, the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) also announced that Sebastien Borget will be appointed as its new president.

The Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) that represents blockchain gaming and major events of the gaming industry was formed back in 2019 and currently, it has well over 90 blockchain companies rooting for the revolutionary technology within the gaming industry.

The BGA was formed with two main objectives one is to educate the gaming industry of the underlying potential of the revolutionary Blockchain technology and finding new ways to implement Blockchain while developing new interactive video games.
The second main objective of the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) is that it provides a forum for individuals and companies to share knowledge, network and come up with innovative ideas to collaborate on potential future projects.

Speaking on his appointment as BGA president, Borget said, “I am a firm believer in aligning the interest of game developers, gamers and creators and will continue to advocate true ownership for players and game developers through the involvement of Blockchain Technology.”

In his previous job role, Sebastien Borget was the COO of a decentralized virtual gaming platform, The Sandbox. And also prior to that he has a rich history with the blockchain gaming industry.

Manol Burgel, the former president of Blockchain Game Alliance said, “We are delighted to appoint Sebastien Borget as the new president as he has been active in the Blockchain gaming industry for several years now.”

Safdarali Rizvi

Safdarali Rizvi

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