How can I change my username on Fortnite (Fortnite name change)

Fortnite display name change

Fortnite is one of the most popular first player shooting games and has millions of users playing its game. Fortnite is developed by Epic games and has been on the top shooting games in the world.  Many new gamers download Fortnite every day and don’t know how to change their Fortnite username. In this article, I will show you 4 simple steps to on how can I change my username on Fortnite

4 step to on how can I change my username on Fortnite?

Step 1: Open epic games launcher

Step 2: Click your username on Fortnite (You will find it in the top right corner) then click on Manage Account

fortnite name change

Step 3: After clicking the Manage account it will take you to the personal details page. Under the Display name enter the changed Fortnite username. 

display name on fortnite

Step 4: Don’t forget to Save changes of your Fortnite username

Wasn’t it easy to change my username on Fortnite. now you can do a Fortnite name change on your own. I hope you liked the steps on How can I change my username on Fortnite. If you have any more suggestions you can comment below.


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